Tropic Plane hit by a Car in Placencia, Belize

A Tropic Plane was hit by a car,when trying to take-off in Placencia on its way to Punta Gorda. The car ran the yield sign and for those who do not know the layout of Placencia -there is a road that crosses the runway and there are huge signs saying watch out for aircraft-it is unsure whether the barriers were in operation or not.

The plane’s wheels hit the car’s windshield and destroyed most of the car and the plane landed and crashed at the end of the runway. Deputy prime minister Faber and Minister Hulse were onboard and the good news is that no-one was hurt either in the car or the plane.

The Ambergris Daily congratulates the skill of the pilot who showed great skill in landing the plane and ensuring that everyone was safe and sound. We are not sure what to call the driver of the car but a f—–g idiot comes to mind.