Poker Run Tonight

Don’t forget there is a Poker Run Tonight starting at 6:15 pm at AMBER Beach Bar and Grill at Caribbean Villas, with stops at Roadkill Bar, Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s Bar and ending at Pedro’s Inn.

It’s 25 BZ per hand to play and all the money goes in the pot. At the end, someone will walk away with lots of money as we are expecting a large crowd tonight. Come join the fun!

Pictures of The Brand New House Facing Holchan

Just think if you have a small amount of money you can contact and you can put in and offer on this relatively inexpensive house. The interior design, has been done by Julie Babcock and without a doubt she has made it the best decorated house on the island.

If the house is not sold, it will be available for rent.

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Pedro’s has karaoke tonight and couple of the guests staying there have got incredibly good singing voices. One, Ursula, has been professionally trained. With Alex and Ruben behind the bar it has all the makings of a great night.

Splat, Jager and I am Jambo 2 Weather Report for Ambergris Caye July 31st

After I did the weather report yesterday, the skies opened and the rain came down. One of our guests said it was raining cats and dogs and I rushed out to find some playmates. I got very wet and pissed off. The boss had to try and explain to me what figuratives of Speech are all about. Anyway, I think its stupid.

Today is fantastic, blue skies and I think the ruffians are going back to the new house.

Splat Here

Totally overcast a very strange day-who knows what is going to happen later-I am going back to sleep-the ruffians are going down to the new house which Julie say will be ready later on today-I will provide pictures tomorrow.

Larry Addington R.I.P.-former owner of Caye Chapel

Larry died very suddenly last week and was buried a few days ago. A self made gazillionaire who may in the end have lost everything was a wonderful chap who used to drink in Fido’s on a friday night with a small group from Caye chapel-albeit a good few years ago. Only those who knew him knew that he had tons of the old lucre.

So cheers to you

Atlantic Bank loses its Corresponding Bank in the U.S.A.

A rumor which started circulating a few weeks ago was confirmed yesterday,and that was the Atlantic Bank will no longer be able to deal in US dollar transfers. As most people know this happened a few months ago with the Belize Bank, and it is extremely annoying for the people who live here-it really does not affect the people who do not. It will certainly hurt all the people who have been guilty of money laundering or those whom have been avoiding tax in the USA.

A spokesman for Pelican Properties said that as the majority of their sales are done in in US dollars but the monies with the exception of taxes and property taxes are kept and transferred in the USA without ever coming to Belize.

Further rumors are that First Caribbean Bank,formerly Barclays,are also under investigation.

Cyclists on the Pavement/Sidewalk

Yesterday a lady was walking her dog which was on a leash and a cyclist brushed past her on his bike-telling her to get out of the way. Come on people bikes should ONLY be ridden on the road-tghis includes the beach,as this is for people who want to sunbathe,and generally enjoy the beauty of the caribbean sea.

Sargasso Grass on the Beaches

While investigating a hot lead on a story, the Ambergris Daily noticed that very few places have been keeping up with the awful sargasso seagrass that is washing in.

It appears that Caribbean Villas Hotel has 6 people dedicated to clearing their beach each day, and the best part is that there none of the all pervading sulfur/ammonia smell at their Restaurant on the beach, unlike most other beach restaurants on the island.

So impressed were we that we stopped to take a photo in the early afternoon at their beach.


Motorcyclists without Crash Helmets

Has anyone not noticed that almost all passengers-normally wives girlfriends, and kids do not wear helmets whilst on the back of motorcycles (indeed there can be up to 4 people on one motorcycle). This is a disaster waiting to happen as there is bound to be a crash and one of the kids wives will suffer brain damage and the community will have to pay for their folly through food drives,radio fund raisers etc-some people will donate money they can ill afford.
The town council and the police have to step up to the plate and enforce the laws before it is to late

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