Belize Sailing Club Expanding

Rumours are that the Belize Sailing club which everyone knows is situated at Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye is looking at purchasing 5 more laser sailing boats, 2 more catamarans, a number of windsurfers for the “aficionado”. More kayaks, more kiteboards and paddle boards. With out a doubt the Belize Sailing club will and already is the premier destination for anybody who wishes to participate in the above mentioned sports.

Rumours on Tsunami Skydivers return to Belize

Hot off the press… it appears that Rich Grimm who brought the skydivers to San Pedro, is bringing a jump plane back to Belize, so the fool hardy can jump out if it and into the Blue Hole. They will then be met by dive boats and continue on to do the 3 tank Blue Hole Scuba Dives.

Caribbean Villas Hotel and Pedro’s Hotel will be hosting this event, which will start in late January into early February. They may be some tandem jumps available but these will be strictly limited.

The Blue Hole Jump video has been viewed over 1 million times. This is huge news for Belize, and San Pedro in particular, because the advertising value of this event will go viral and it costs the country nothing.

Further news as it develops.


it appears that star island, the resort beign built for years by Scott Malik is no longer happening. No one knows what has happened to poor ole Scott, because the resort is now being called Maya Island Beach Resort and it is being run by someone called Scott Smith who bares an uncanny resemblance to Scott Malik.

The Ambergris Daily does not suspect for an iota that these people might be the same. It believes that there are many doppelgangers around and this is pure coincidence. Maya Island Beach Resort is going to open any day and maybe even in November. This must be good news for all the investors over the last 10 years. The Ambergris Daily is the only paper in the world that believes in coincidences.

Property of the week

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2 for 1 Pizza’s at Pedro’s Saturday and Sunday Nights

Due to popular demand Pedro’s has announced that once again for Saturday and Sunday night have 2 for 1 Pizzas.

Plaudits to Mayor and Town Board

While driving around San Pedro one still sees rubbish lying around the roads, but it is far better than it was last year. There is much less which either means people are becoming more aware, which indeed maybe true, but the Ambergris Daily notices that the Mayor’s clean up crew are always out working.

Poly Clinic Problems in San Pedro

A few months ago with great fanfare it was announce by the GOB that the poly clinic would be opened 24/7. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, 2 of the 6 doctors are on maternity leave. One doctor is on holiday. This obviously leaves a short fall of doctors and the government and health ministry do not appear to want or understand that we need at least 3 more doctors on the island.

The Ambergris Daily understands that it is very costly for temporary doctors to come to San Pedro as housing is not included. Pedro’s Hotel has offered free rooms to temporary doctors to alleviate some of their costs.

Karaoke and Pedro’s Tonight

Raul will be there with his entertainment all are welcome!

Charlie’s Birthday

Yet again a year has gone by and amazingly Charlie died 2 years ago. No doubt Peter will buy everybody a drink and sing a song on the karaoke in memory of Charlie.


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