Coldwell Banker Sales Associate makes deal with Belize Court on drug Charges

Matt Hoy a sales associate of Coldwell Banker real estate agents in San Pedro was charged with drug trafficking and was in court yesterday afternoon. His common-law wife Sarah Brodie was also charged and was also in court.
The lawyer for the case was a Mr. Hamilton did a deal with the magistrate that Hoy would take responsibility for the drug dealing but would plead guilty to a possession charge with a 4200bzd fine. This he did and left the court with his wife as free people.
The Ambergris Daily wonders what would have happened if these people had been local Belizeans who could not afford a lawyer,and not able to pay the fine immediately-would they have gone to jail,as the locals would very probably have done.
The Ambergris Daily also wonders with his drug record in Toronto and now down here if that is the last dalliance with the drug culture.

Belize Celebrates England’s Win in the 2016 Euros Football Championship

England smashed the mighty Wales team,2-1 with the winning goal being scored in the 92 minute.

Chocolate Mud Wrestling @ Ladies night Tonight at Pedro’s

DJ Debbie and her team are bringing the ancient sport of chocolate mud wrestling which dates back weeks and months.
All entrants win prizes and the first show will start at around 10 ish Belizean time tonight.
The music as usual will be what everyone except Pedro likes.
Do not forget women do not pay an entrance fee and everyone is welcome.
2-1 rum drinks from 8.0pm till 10.00pm

A list of all Events at Lobsterfest in San Pedro

Lobsterfest starts today june 15 at Amber Beach Bar @ Caribbean Villas Hotel

Finally the lobsters are upon us and almost everyone on the island will be having lobster for lunch or dinner.
Meanwhile the Amber Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas Hotel where Keith Denisito and the boys are playing in the band.
There are lobster and drink specials and dancing on the sandy beach.

Sundancer Realty Company Rumored to Offer ex Coldwell Banker Employee a Second/third chance

Renee Castaneda owner of Sundancer Real Estate company is rumored to be offering the now unemployed Mathew Hoy a job in the real estate market in San Pedro.
It is well know that all reputable real estate companies will not deal with Sundancer or its principles as there always appear to be problems involving clients monies etc. etc.
The Ambergris Daily says if this is true -“Birds of a Feather”.

Caribbean Villas Hotel and Pedro’s Hotel Announce Skydiving Packages

Skydiving is returning to Belize as Caribbean Villas Hotel and Pedro’s have done a deal with the most famous of all skydivers to have visited Belize,Rich Grimm. From December 15th to May 1 there will be a permanent Cessna caravan,jump plane, stationed in San Pedro.
There will be a number of instructors who will operate tandem jumps the landing zones will be the blue hole where a dive boat will meet the jumpers and they will the carry on with a 3 dive day,Caye Caulker and north of the bridge.
The Ambergris Daily says that this will be a great boost to tourism in general for Belize and are delighted to welcome back Rich Grimm and his team.
To book jumps just contact Caribbean Villas at or Pedro’s at
already they have had serious inquiries from drop zones around the world and from bucket list adventurers.Check the videos on

House Hunters Party at Lola’s Tonight

Come and watch Raquel and Kristen’s starring rolls in house hunters tonight. Party Starts at 7:30pm -come and cheers for them-remeber it could be very embarrassing for some.

Why do the news outlets not report on the Canadian Drug Dealers arrest.

It is amazing that Matthew Hoy and Sarah Brody who were arrested on Thursday and bailed on Friday has not been reported on the local press or any of the news programs. When local people are caught, the press bang the drums and say it is a disgrace but when foreigners are caught, they are strangely quiet. They all have the information and Photographs. This could almost be determined as racist against the local people. It would be interesting to know their opinions, especially in San Pedro.

Pablo Escobar, El Chapo and the “Drugs R Us Gang” in San Pedro

This is a competition for the eagle eyed readers to spot which drug gang currently resides in San Pedro.
The Ambergris Daily would like to point out to others who would like to follow in their footsteps.

1. HOA’s and apt owners do not want to rent to drug dealers-in fact they will throw you out by invalidating the lease of said apt..
2.The local dealers do not like foreign competition and have friends on the police force.
3. The police and the GOB do not like dealers,and they have thing called jails and prisons.
4. Amazingly parents when their children are caught breaking the law do not seem to think that they have done anything wrong other than causing a little bit of mischief,and all that should happen to them is a gentle warning that they have been naughty.
5. There is a reason that selling drugs is so profitable.
6. Lawyers are very expensive and love dealers getting caught.
7. To avoid prison you have to surreptitiously leave the country forfeiting bail and having an arrest warrant issued.
8.Getting a well paid appointment/position in a company is impossible.
9. If you do go into the drug business do not do what the “drugs r us gang” did,and tell everyone what they were doing-dumb and dumber knew better than that.

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