Live Music tonight at Pedro’s Inn

Friday Fun at Pedro’s Inn tonight! Of course we’ve got live music by the country’s best band – Gino and the Shackshakers! Where else can you come see a live performance by a man with 4 platinum singles? It’s always a fun night so come on down.

Burglary’s and Crime in General Down in San Pedro

Has anyone noticed that burglaries and crime in general has become alot less prevalent since the new Chief inspector and his assistant have arrived in town.

It surely has nothing to do with the removal of Chief Inspector Robinson and Corporal Andrews gang of appointed marauders -the police are now more friendly and there appears to be a better attitude to members of the public. We at the AD feel sorry for Belize City where it is rumoured that these sorry excuses have been posted.

Charlie Jambo’s Jager and Splat’s Weather Report

It is already really hot and the sky is blue and Splat is fighting with Jager-so situation normal.

Peter Lawrence Found Innocent of All Gambling Charges in San Pedro

Yesterday the local magistrate in San Pedro threw the last charge that the police had levied against Peter Lawrence for gambling without a license from the gaming board.

The people who paid money to make sure that these charges were pressed have to be extremely unhappy as their monies were spent unwisely.Obviously tCapatain Morgans casino who has been ver supportive of Lawrence being imprisoned for the length of his natural life have to be also extremely disappointed and no doubt will try to continue their ludicroiusly profitable poker game where the only winner is the house.

Lawrence was unavailable for comment as he and his legion of supporters were to busy drinking copious amounts of red wine and ridiculous amounts of jager shots. His lawyer Aldo Reyes was heard to say that justice had prevailed.

Dr. Laurie Away Jan 17-28th

Please call San Pedro Animal Hospital before this Thursday if you are in need of any refills of medications for your pets.  Dr. Laurie will be away and unreachable in the Galapagos Islands January 17-28.  During this time the animal hospital will be open for grooming except for Jan 21st to 24th, during which time we will be closed.  If you have a veterinary emergency while Dr. Laurie is gone please call Animal Medical Center in Belize City, Dr. Sheila Schmeling in Corozal, or Saga Humane Society here in San Pedro.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Dr. Laurie will be back seeing patients full-time at 9am on Tuesday Jan 29th.

Corporal Andrews and three other police officers under criminal investigation by the Belize Police Force

Yet again our outstanding police force has come to the forefront of criminal enterprises. At 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday, a local resident who is over 65 years of age was arrested. Corporal Andrews and his merry band of 3 uniformed police officers demanded entry into the home of this longtime resident. They then produced a piece of paper that he was not allowed to read, and said they were there to search the house for illegal liquor.

They found some and were going to arrest him, but he produced a receipt for the alcohol that he had purchased at Belize International Airport the previous week. They then discovered countless pairs of sunglasses and said they were illegal, until the produced the importation receipt with all duties paid showing by Belize Customs.

As the police are searching this relatively large apartment and are in every room, they find a small bowl, which you can buy from any street vendor for $20 Bz… they then arrest him for the smuggling of Maya artifacts. As they were reading him his rights, he noticed that his ‘hidey-hole’ had been disturbed and discovered that $5,000 US was stolen from it, but he was bundled into the car and then thrown into a jail cell. The police refused to allow him to make a phone call, but he managed to get the cleaner to call a friend who is a Belizean citizen. This pillar of society arrived at the Police Station and was not allowed to see his friend.

The friend then called attorney Aldo Reyes, who had this person released at 2:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday without any charges being laid against him. Inspector Robinson was contacted and reiterated that 5 police were on duty that evening, 1 in the station and 4 involved in the raid. It is interesting to note that she has been on public record as saying that there are no more than 2 officers on duty between the hours of midnight and 7 AM.

As the story unfolded, it appears that a minor criminal who had worked for the small apartment complex that our victim lives in, knew where the victim stashed his money and this person has a long criminal history but seems to be very good friends with the police.

The victim has contacted the mayor, the area rep and the Belize Police Internal Affairs department and all of them want the victim to press charges against Corporal Andrews and his associates. Mayor Danny was particularly appalled with the attitude of the San Pedro Police Force on this matter. Inspector Robinson, as usual, backs her officers not withstanding the the fact that he was arrested at 2:30 AM.

Needless to say, nobody knows where the money is now…

Trivia Quiz tonight at Pedro’s Inn

The weekly Trivia Quiz will be happening tonight (January 3rd) at Pedro’s Inn starting at 7:30 pm. Last week we had lots of teams and it should be a good one tonight as well. The Quizmaster promises to make the quiz a little easier tonight, so come on down and show us how smart you all are!

Buying Condos on the Never Never

There is a condo developer trying to sell condos usd with a 100,000  usd down and then telling their customers that after 5 years of rentals they will be given their title to their condo unit which cost 500.000usd. Amazingly some people have fallen for this glib line and have blindly handed over huge amounts of monies to a system which is nothing short of gross swindling.

Reputable realtors say that renting out a unit may give a very small profit but in reality one should only expect ones maintenance fees,insurance and general upkeep to be paid for-obviously there are exceptions but they are very few and far between. A profit of over 400,00usd in 4 years is impossible and all it means is that the buyers will still owe this amount of monies plus a ludicrously high interest payment. It would probable be better just to give the apartment back and thereby losing 100,00usd in the process.

The Ambergris Daily abhors this type of scam and it should be ruled illegal in Belize.

Elcetricity Prices Rise 17.5% on Jan 2013

Bloody hell the UDP have after holding prices down due in part to the last elections have allowed BEL to raise prices a stunning 17.5%. This is going to raise the prices of all basic commodities and is going to be a burden on all citizens.

Belize Mills are raising the prices by 1bzd a sack which will of course raise the price of bread.

At this time Bowen and Bowen have yet to make a decision on their products.

All hotels who by law cannot claim back their GST payments will have to look at their prices as one of the main outgoings is electricity for air conditioners.

This has been in part due to rising costs of natural gas and oil in Mexico which is where we get 80% of our power.


Vet or No Vet?

When you take your pet in to the vet in San Pedro and they say, “Sure, just leave him with us and we will take care of it” be sure to ask if the vet is actually present in the clinic that day.  Obviously if they say no your pet will be treated by someone who is not a real doctor.

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