Zip Lining comes to San Pedro at Caribbean Villas Hotel

The first two zip lines are currently being built from the water slide which is situated at the end of the dock belonging to Caribbean Villas Hotel. They should be completed in early June.

The water park,water slide,floating inner tubes, raft are all available for all visitors to use. There will be a nominal fee and all children must be accompanied by their guardian(s).

Do Foreigners need Work Permits in Belize

A popular,and often  asked question, is do we need work permits as we are from the first world and we really want to stay in Belize but need an income to afford to do so.

The answer is categorically yes but some of the newer unopened resorts do not think that this is the case.They use the excuse we are not open yet and therefore the spa,restaurants etc are not really open and therefore the foreign workers do not need permits.

A foreigner (i.e. someone non-Belizean) can get a work permit,residency or nationality but all take various amounts of time, and during this they cannot work (paid or unpaid) until their application has been accepted by the GOB. People can,of course,without any permits invest in businesses but cannot take part in the day to day running of these enterprises.

The AD trusts that this explanation is as clear as mud.

A few tickets Remaining at Caribbean Villas Hotel

There are a few tickets still unsold for the Guilty Pleasures Cabaret and Burlesque dinner show on saturday night The three course dinner starts at 7.00pm and the show which will be performed on the purpose built stage.

The show previewed at Pedro’s ladies night,and received great reviews. The performers,who are all from New Yorkhave been riding their bikes and using the familiar golf cart form of transport around the island. Their favorite places so far are Paradise ice cream parlor, El Fogon and Tsunami Sushi.

News from Corozal

It appears that the Canadian woman,Francesca Matus and her boyfriend US national Drew Devoursney a former US marine were not all that they seemed. They appeared according to many sources enjoyed the dark side of life in Corozal, and the company that they looked for were people of dubious reputation and ones who did not have regular employment.

They visited San Pedro on a few occasions but hung out in local back of town bars, something that most visitors to the island would not do. According to sources the bar that they were seen in is well known for illicit activities.

Splat,Jager and Jambo’s Weather Report for friday May 26 2017

Well it is a little fuzzy and I am hoping that the grey skies will burn off and we will see the deep blue of yesterday.
On a personal note I want those horrible dogs to go to the beach and leave me and my friends alone.

Update on Mahogany Bay

The Ambergris Daily can confirm that the rumors that there is a  “Cease and Desist”order from the Hilton group on this resort is totally false,and that it is currently in good standing with the Hilton Curio Collection.

People are still asking why it has taken so long to open. Just think of the investors who put their money into the scheme three or four years ago and have yet to see a brass farthing from their investment,and as yet have no official opening date.

Splat, Jambo and Jager weather report for May 24th, 2017

It’s a lovely day blue skies, wispy clouds but still a little rough for diving.

Best news is the dogs has gone to the beach and left the house to myself.

Ladies Night at Pedro’s this Wednesday 24.5.17

Tomorrow night Pedro’s Ladies Night will be featuring part of the “Guilty Pleasures” Burlesque show. They will be performing two segments from the show. The first part will be around 10.00pm.The full show will be at Caribbean Villas Hotel on saturday night.


Mahogany Bay and the Hilton Curio Collection-Is All Well?

Rumurs are circulating around San Pedro that Mahogany Bay has received a “Cease and Desist” order from the Hilton Hotel group. The Ambergris Daily has tied to get to the bottom of this rumor but to no avail.

For readers who do not know of this new hotel which appears to have a problem with their opening dates. They have been opening for the past couple of years but the dates are always pushed back, and no-one appears to know of an actual scheduled opening date and it is not yet possible to book for next year.

A few months ago Mahogany Bay actually had pictures of their Spa site which was actually the one owned,operated and built by Victoria House. This was explained as a small administrative error.

A nearby hotel owner was overheard by the AD to say who on earth would want to stay next to a bunch of sewage ponds.

Splat,Jambo and Jager’s Weather Report for May 23 2017

It is a fantastic day. The winds are dying down and the sea is calm.

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