Social Security to Demolish their Building on Ambergris Caye?

A few years ago the Department of Social Security built their grand offices on middle street,and the managers and architects mad a mistake as they forgot to provide access to they car park which is at the back of the building. Unbelievably the solution that is being touted through their corridors of power is to demolish the building, and design and build a smaller one.

The Ambergris Daily wonders that if this is true who is in charge of the asylum.

Ramon’s Resort to be Re-built without a Bar

Richard Headrick,the owner of Ramon’s,has been visited by a superior being and between the two of them has decided that liquor will no longer be sold at Ramon’s resort. This will be an interesting turn of events as it will be interesting to see how many people will stay in what will become a dry christian retreat in the caribbean.

The Ambergris Daily wonders how many people who book the resort will not realize that it will  be alcohol free resort.

Splat and Jager’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

The wetaher has changed and after the last few miserable days it is great to se the sun and blue skies. Jager is running around like a demented drunken gremlin-she is not meant to run around as she has not fully recovered from her broken leg but will she listen to me – not a chance.

Great numbers for Properties

The numbers are in and it seems that Properties is doing very well since it’s been taken over by Peter Lawrence and his partners, with over 8 properties under offer or sold outright in the month of August. They are actively looking for more listings, and obviously more buyers.

Update to Ramon’s Rebuilding

Richard Headricks is pushing strongly to rebuild Ramon’s Village Resort in the same style that I was previously. Local businesses are up in arms about this, as they believe that by building a major fire hazard (which is un-insurable in Belize) will have a very negative effect on the island.

The insurance companies are looking at raising their rates for buildings near Ramon’s, because obviously if high winds happen and there is another fire, buildings within a half a mile in any direction are gravely at risk. For example, Pedro’s Hotel on the night of the fire had pumps going from the swimming pools wetting down their buildings as hundreds of burning embers were floating into the premises.

The AD states that it is 1 thing to buy a clock and use it for advertising their resort (which they said they would never do), but to put other major businesses at risk for the sake of saving a few pennies is without a doubt riding roughshod over the local populaces wishes.

Jager and Splat’s weather report for San Pedro Ambergris Caye

Well, the sun was shining for about 5 minutes this morning around 7:00 am. Unfortunately it has decided that 5 minutes was enough for the day and seems to have gone away again.

Property of the Week – Grand Caribe H9 – 3 bedroom beachfront

Some of the most stunning views of the Belize Barrier Reef can be had from Grand Caribe Unit H9.

gh9locationpanorama-666x3583 bedroom 3 bathroom oceanfront unit with over 2400 square feet of living space and two fantastic verandas and the stunning views they offer. These are the best ocean views available from Ambergris Caye. Grand Caribe is Belize’s pre-eminent resort and residential condominium development.

Unit H9 is a beautifully appointed 3 bedroom 3 bathroom ocean front unit with well over 2400 square feet of living space. The unit occupies the 3rd and 4th floors and there are spacious verandas on both floors offering the most magnificent views on Ambergris Caye. This luxury unit has many owner’s extras added such as custom tiled floors and great bathroom extras to add to its opulence.

The furniture package includes top of the line appliances large and small, electronics including flat panel TV’s, ornaments and all linens, drapes, towels, cutlery, crockery and more.

Useful Grand Caribe information:

  • Under 2 miles from San Pedro Town.
  • Gorgeous Buena Vista area
  • Finest residential resort in Belize
  • Over 2400 square feet, many owner’s extras.
  • Easy road or water access to town.
  • Fantastic investment…the 3 bedroom oceanfront units have wonderful rental income potential.
  • Asking $895,000US furnished, Offers are most welcome. REF GH9

Rebuild at Ramon’s Village Resort in San Pedro Belize

The rumors are abound that Ramon’s Village is going to rebuild their Tiki Hut-style buildings, to the horror of many island residents. The reason so many people are worried is that the insurance companies in Belize will not insure straw built buildings, and because Richard Headricks has a number of businesses in America, he can force his insurance companies there to take which is a very very bad risk.

Just imagine that the wind was going North instead of South, and the flying burning embers (of which there were thousands) headed towards town. There could have been a major, major disaster, and we as a community must do our best to avert this.

The Ambergris Daily calls on the mayor and the planning committee to ensure that the iconic Ramon’s Village is rebuilt where it can be insured by a Belizean company, which protects all buildings and businesses within a mile of their location. We also wish Ramon’s all the best in their rebuilding program, and look forward to it’s reopening.

Caye Chapel Under Offer

Caye Chapel has been put under offer by Yumi a registered British Virgin Island Company. The price is believed to be 30 million dollars with a non-refundable deposit having been paid already. The closing is scheduled for december 14 of this year.

This is great news for the tourism industry in Belize as we will finally have an operational and well maintained golf course.

Jager’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

Well it’s overcast at the moment, with a nice cool breeze blowing – which makes me happy because sometimes it gets a little warm with this fur coat I wear around all the time. That crazy damn cat is strutting around like she own’s the place (as usual) and I know she’s enjoying the weather as much as I am. I think the rain is over for the day, so I expect the sun to come out for a bit this afternoon like it did yesterday.

I’m just happy that my cast and lampshade have come off, although I keep getting shouted at whenever I try to run around to celebrate… Humans are weird

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