Poker Run on Saturday feb 15

It is that time again and the poker run will start at Caribbean Villas at 6.15pm. As usual there will be around 1000.00bzd in the pot and as we all know you do not have to understand how to play poker. There are 5 bars involved and everyone has a great time.

Water and Sewage up North -Never Will Happen

Read this and believe the Ambergris Daily says it will never happen-just look we have had a sewage pipe from the bridge to Richies supermarket for over 2 years and it has never been hooked up.

We need 12 million bad for roads which will provide just over 6 miles and a bunch of misguided people believe that there will be 50 million bad spent on northern properties who now all,or the majority have, RO systems,huge cisterns to catch rain water and inaerobic sewage systems which provide grey water for the gardens etc.

If the GOB will not help with roads there is no chance of anything else happening-you read it here first

San Pedro Scoop spends the day at Caribbean Villas Bar-B-Que

Two weeks in succession the San Pedro Scoop reporter has been enjoying the fantastic beach sitting by the pool and drinking iced diet cokes. The reporter observed another very successful run event which happens every sunday, and also presumably that it was very well attended.

The band at CV is without a doubt the best on Ambergris Caye, and their style and vast repertoire makes it the place to be on a sunday afternoon.

Elito Arceo to Challenge Manuel Heredia Jr. For Area Rep.

Thank goodness at least there is a viable alternative to Manuel Heredia who is a three time elected representative for South Belize and Ambergris Caye. The election will be in 2 years time.

Finally Elito Arceo has thrown his hat in the ring and he is popular within both parties and understands tourism which are present incumbent seems to have a problem with. As we all know Ambergris Caye is the prime destination point for tourism in the whole of Belize and raises the most monies for the GOB in direct and indirect taxes. However the return of these monies in any significant amounts has not been forthcoming.

The AD says it is embarrassing watching the tourists who love it here complain of two things and that is roads and trash. The mayor is doing his best but with limited resources-without a doubt it is time for the GOB to stand up and deliver roads and monies to keep the island clean.

The locals also know that the police need more policemen/women and that we need transportation-at least 4 trucks. How can Manuel not see this.

Hopefully Elito will make these issues to get him elected and then carry them through to an ultimate conclusion to where everyone gains.

Wanted Man in USA Returning to Ambergris Caye

Grant Ice,at the request of the police forces in the USA, was picked up by the SP police and handed over to the US marshall service in Belize. He was then transported to the USA where it was discovered that the court services knew where he was all along and that the judge ruled that he had not absconded from any jurisdiction and therefore is free to go back to Belize.

It is expected that he will be here on feb 15 and it is a given that there will be  number of drinks being thrown in his direction.

Elsa Paz to rerun for Mayor of San Pedro

Can anyone honestly believe it? The Ex-Mayor Elsa Paz wants to challenge the Honorable Danny Guerrero the mayor of San Pedro in the forthcoming UDP elections. Let’s see what Mayor Paz’s last 8 years brought…


She built the horrible yellow building on Middle Street with all our money, which is still empty and apparently the bank is looking at Foreclosure. The disaster of a Clock in the middle of Front street which causes traffic jams daily. The monuments to herself all over the place that look like tombstones and empty coffers left to the incoming Town Board. All she wants is to use our money for her personal gain.

Look at what Mayor Danny has done:

Improved all the living conditions in local areas like San Telmo, San Pedrito, San Juan, San Matteo etc. For the first time in living memory the Mayor treats locals, expats and tourists alike. He has launched many initiatives – ie. Rubbish clearing, Trying to improve the roads (which we wish he had gotten more help from Central Government on, in particular Tourism Minister Heredia). The police force bares no comparison to what we had to put up with under Mayor Paz.

The Ambergris Daily says if anyone votes for Elsa Paz they are just putting their personal interests (and looking for freebies) that will take San Pedro back to the dark days.

BZSA to recommend boats to be handed back to the Original San Pedro Sailing Club

Word is coming from the Belize Sailing Association that Tammy Peterson is going to be asked to give back the Optimist Sailboats that were sponsored by various people and businesses here on the island. This means that the original San Pedro Sailing Club will have 14 Optimist to use for training the children of the island. Tammy’s sailing club will have 12.

The Ambergris Daily is still very worried that Tammy’s club does not have a licensed instructor as recommended by BSZA, and operating out of the Holiday Hotel causes huge safety concerns due to the heavy boat traffic in that area.


Beach BBQ, Sailing and Live Music at Caribbean Villas tomorrow

Tomorrow don’t forget that there is a Huge Beach BBQ at Caribbean Villas Hotel on the beach. BBQ available from 12:30 on. The Band starts at about 1:30 and there is sailing all day. All children between the ages of 8 to 15 are invited to come out and learn to sail for free.

Splat & Jager’s weather report

Another beautiful day, and I think I will just stretch out on the lounger and just go to sleep because there is a nice breeze which is keeping my tummy cool. The dog is off to Caribbean Villas thank god.


Strange Behaviour at Superbowl Half-Time Show

Did anyone think it was strange that in the middle of the most macho game in the USA -the half time  was provided by a bunch of Woolly Woofters.

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