The Battle between Sailing Clubs

There now appears to be 2 Sailing Clubs for children in San Pedro. One operates outside the Holiday Hotel without a professional trainer and is run by Tammy Peterson. The Ambergris Daily considers it very dangerous that young children sail in the busy waterways of downtown San Pedro. It also appears that some of the sponsors of the sailing boats used there are upset that their boats have been taken away from Caribbean Villas. Sunrise Realty and others are considering legal action to get their sponsored boats back, as they bought them with the idea of their children, and all other children being able to use them. Also, the children from this club have been told that they are not allowed to even talk to the children of the other sailing club, with threats of not being able to compete at various Regattas, and even having their school funding being stopped.

The Ambergris Daily thinks this is insanity to use children and charitable causes as weapons against others.

On the other hand, the San Pedro Sailing Club, operating out of Caribbean Villas Hotel, is open to all children on Saturdays and Sundays if they wish to sail or not. Over the next few weeks various other beach games and activities will be made available under the supervision of Andy Milner, Forrest Jones, Cindy Vigna, Amanda Syme and many others. These children are allowed to talk to any children and this club exists for positive reinforcement and enjoyment of sailing. Andy Milner is the only person who is qualified to teach sailing in San Pedro, and if you spend 5 minutes with him you will quickly learn about his passion to teach every child in San Pedro how to sail… otherwise his conversations are a trifle boring!

He is ably assisted by Forrest Jones, who is retired from the US Navy and a very experienced sailor. Anyone how knows him realizes that he is one of the most respected residents of San Pedro.

Realtors with Dodgy Pasts

Which company has a Dodgy realtor working for them? Yet again one of our Real Estate companies is employing people who are wanted criminals in the United States. The Ambergris Daily asks the question, would you really want to give a $1,000,000 to someone who can’t even return to their native land without getting immediately arrested?


Caribbean Villas Hotel opens under new management

Caribbean Villas Hotel opened it’s doors under new management and direction this weekend. Yesterday a vast number of people turned up to party the day away at Catamaran Beach Bar. Live music by Bamboo Chicken Band, Keith Cameau and Yancy De Veer rocked. Glora and Walter from Pedro’s did an outstanding ┬ájob on the BBQ. The sailing was excellent for members of the San Pedro Sailing Club and thank’s to Lola’s Pub a large screen TV showed all the great NFL action through the afternoon.┬áThis will be a weekly event, and BBQ will be the specialty of the day. It was simply delicious.

Interestingly, in our point of view, none of the traditional media turned up to cover a story like this – I guess the change in ownership of a majorresort is not newsworthy.

Special thanks to the Honorable Mayor Danny Guerrero who came, and who will also be bringing the Town Board with him next week. So if you want to chat with anyone from the Town Board, come to Caribbean Villas next Sunday!

San Pedro Sailing Club appoints new Commodore

After months of decision making, the San Pedro Sailing Club is proud to appoint Graham Verralls of Ambergris Villas Management as the new Commodore. He is going to take the Sailing Club to a new level and hopes that by the end of the year there will be over 20 sailing crafts in the fleet. This Sunday $500 Bz was raised by a raffle at Caribbean Villas Hotel.

The San Pedro Sailing club is a charitible organization that will teach any child aged 8 to 14 to sail for free. It does not matter if you are white, black, brown or any other – the offer is open to all children on the island with professional expertise provided by Andrew Milner and Forrest Jones. Anyone interested in learning to sail can contact Andy at 632-4101 or call Caribbean Villas Hotel at 226-2715

Splat and Jager’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

Time to go back to bed and snooze the morning away as it is rainy and ugly this morning. The Head Honcho keeps complaining about the state of the roads, but what do I care when I can just go snuggle back into bed and sleep. It’s a Cat’s world folks, you all are just living in it!

The road North – the reality

It appears that early next year we will be constructing a road to the runway, which is situated 11 miles north. It will be concrete and from our understanding it is 99%, and we are just waiting for the Mayor to come out and tell us all about it, but the info from Belmopan is that the deal is done. This will obviously push all the real estate prices up in that area, and yes the property taxes will rise – look at how much benefit this has for the area.

Which Real Estate company rips off it’s customers on Ambergris Caye

Word is reaching the eager beavers at the Ambergris Daily that a prominent Realtor on the island have defrauded to client out of $500,000. It appears that this client bought an island with planning commission. Needless to say, planning commission had not been granted due to it’s position in an ecologically protected area due to the wildlife in the area. The money has of course been spent, and the client is now going to court. Wonder if anyone can guess which real estate company it is? We will print all of the details when we get the court records.

Splat and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Finally the sun is shining and the sky is blue. The weather is beautiful, as it should be in our little island paradise. Jager is very happy and Splat is basking in the sun.

Grand Slam of Fishing in San Pedro

A guest at Pedro’s Hotel had the distinction of hitting the Grand Slam of Fishing yesterday, landing Permit, Tarpon and Bonefish in one day. Richard was very pleased with himself and regaled the bar with stories of his historic feat last night.

Well done Richard!

Sad Bastards Thanksgiving Lunch and Saturday Thanksgiving Poker Run

Don’t forget it’s our Sad Bastards Thanksgiving Lunch today at 1:00 pm. We still have a few spots open so if you’d like to join us give us a call 226-3825. Also, we’ve got live music tomorrow night at Saturday is the Thanksgiving POKER RUN! It starts at Roadkill Bar at 6:30 with stops at Luna Loca, Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s Beachside Beernet and ends at Pedro’s Inn. Lot’s of people in town so it should be a big one – come win some moolah for thanksgiving!

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