Specials for The Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas Hotel

Lunch: Caribbean Lobster chips served  with fries and tartar sauce $ 28.00 BZ
Appetizer: Lobster Ceviche $ 15.00bz
Drink special : Cran Barrel $ 10.00 BZ

A Quote for a certain Female in San Pedro

 A member of Parliament to Disraeli: “Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.

That depends, Sir,” said Disraeli, “whether I embrace your policies or your mistress.


Lunch Special for Caribbean Villas – Today

Caribbean Villas Lunch, Appetizer and Drinks Special


– Lobster Thermidor with seasoned veggies and chiplote mash potatoes $ 30.00 BZ


– Water melon cooler  $10

Street Party Tonight @ Central Park

The Lobsterfest street party is on tonight and with all the entertainment provided it is bound to be a fabulous evening.

Splat’s,Jambo’s and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Well it is Splat here. I cannot believe it Jambo goes to SPAH and his nuts chopped off and he is so happy and full of vim and vigor. He will not stop chasing me, and his tail does not stop wagging.Everyone keeps saying he is just so handsome-if you ask me he is just bloody annoying.

Back to the weather it is cloudy and overcast-well it it is the last night of lobsterfest and it always rains-as the boss says,like night follows day-whatever that means.

Live Music @ Pedro’s Tonight

The uisual friday night at Pedr’s with live music and Karaoke


Sunday Funday @ Caribbean Villas

Well on sunday,as usual, it will be a fun day and everyone including children are welcomed. There will be the usual bar-b-que with the addition of lobster tails along with ribs chiken and pork. Fish and chips and also grilled fish also feature.

The sailing club is doing a demonstration and a couple of races will be held. The catamarans are there for rent as are the kayaks, and inner tubes are for all guests.

Taxicabs getting Worse in San Pedro

Has anyone noticed that the cabs,and their drivers are getting more and more belligerent in their modus operandi. They drive down Coconut Drive ,and other roadsat speeds over 40 mph on the wrong side of the road.

THe mayor and the town board should have all taxicabs have a governor fitted where they cannot drive faster than 20mph and if they do not like that they can remove their vehicles from the island. They have to remember the guests do not come to San Pedro for the sake of the various taxi drivers associations.

The AD says come on mayor enforce the speeding restrictions that you put in place.

Street Party Tomorrow Night @ Central Park -june 21-Ambergris Caye

Tomorrow night there are bands,steel bands,dancers and much more as the culmination of 2014 Lobsterfest comes to the end. There will be lots of stalls all selling different types of lobster and other dishes. It is one of the best,if not the best,nights of the year as all the entertainment is free. Look out of the Pedro’s stall as the lobster tacos are absolutely delicious. The start time is around 5.00pm and finish just before 12.00pm.

Today’s Lunch Special @ The Beach Bar @ Caribbean Villas Hotel

Caribbean Villas Lunch, Appetizer and Drinks Special


– Baked Lobster tail served with a garden salad and baked potatoes $28.00

– Lobster dip served with home made corn chips $ 15.00


– Rum Runner  $10

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