Splat’s, Jager’s and Jambo’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

Jambo here again. Everyone tells me I am really cute-what does “cute” mean. Anyway the otehr two are away with Splat and Jager on a hunt for lizards-I am not sure what they are.

Anyway it looks like a great day and we are only two days away from Lobster season -whatever that is -hopefully food as I like eating at the various restaurants that the boss takes Jager and I to.

Bicycles in San Pedro

Has anyone got fed up with cyclists riding on the beach,on the footpaths (sidewalks) on the wrong side of the road-overtaking on the inside track. Traffic should take note and confiscte peoples bikes till they pay their fines. Someone will get extremely badly hurt and it will be caused by a cyclist.

Brazil to be Handed the World Cup by FIFA and the Referees Association

Yesterday Belize came to a stop as Brazil played Croatia-this was a match for Brazil to go out and win comfortably-unfortunately Croatia had not read the script as Croatia went ahead and then their goalkeeper let in a very soft goal. With the score 1-1 and the game heading for a draw the referee had to have been told by the big wigs in FIFA to get a goal for Brazil. He promptly awarded the softest penalty ever seen in the world cup finals. The referee smiled as he had done his job-suddenly Croatia attacked and stuck the ball in the back of the net. The referee looked around gesticulated at his linesman and he waived and between them they disallowed the goal for an infringement. The referee smiled again and Brazil scored an added soft goal in the final minutes.

The AD says with 16 players in their side (one referee and four assistants) -it should be impossible for them not to pick up the trophy on july 14.

Phone Call Charges in Belize

How many times have you heard -please can I use your local land line to make a local call and it is of course to a 6oo plus number. Please let them know that this is not a local call and can cost up to 2 bzd a minute-just look at the phone bill at the end of the month-WARNING

Lunch Special at Caribbean Villas Hotel today

The special for lunch today is

Tequila Sunrise 10bzd

Popcorn Shrimp with Coconut rice or fries with vegetables 23bzd

plus the regular menu

Andy Raises Money for the San Pedro Sailing Club on Ambergris Caye

Andy who is commodore of the San Pedro Sailing Club based at Caribbean Villas is raising money by giving up drinking alcohol for a month (stupid prat). He is looking for pledges -he already has just over 3000bzd and if he drinks he will match all pledges-as all monies go to helping any child who lives on San Pedro under the age of 14  learn how to sail-a pretty good charity.

please email your pledge to

Trivia @ Pedro’s Tonight

As usual on a thursday night Pedro’s holds its weekly trivia contest -with teams of up to 5 people a great night is had by all and for further entertainment watch Pedro and Forrest argue.It is very funny as they are always on the same team.

Don’t forget some team will take home all the money.

World Cup Starts Today @ Pedro’s at 2.00pm

The world cup starts today with Brazil vs Croatia-this is a game played in every country and it is unlike the world series which is played in only one country and is far more boring than cricket. It is being shown In Pedro’s sports bar and to be fair every other bar as well but the only one with air conditioning.

Splat’s,Jager’s and Jambo’s weather report on Ambergris Caye

Jambo here -the others are still asleep -so I have got on the computer to tell everyone how cute I am and I will love anyone forever if the come to Pedro’s and share their,something called, pizzas with me-these are the best thing in the world for a growing pup-actually Jager agrees with me on this-I really love her as she is my big sister.

Oh yes weather -the sun is shining and the boss is going to take us both to the beach and Jager is teaching me how to swim.The boss keeps throwing coconuts for me to chase (great fun) but he expects me to bring them back-that seems dumb to me and the says why did anyone call me a golden retriever. I do not understand the word retrieve.

Daily Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas

As always there are some great daily specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas. Today is:

Coconut Curried Shrimp served with White Rice and a Garden Salad for $23BZ
Mai Tai Cocktail $10BZ

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