Ladies Night at Pedro’s Inn Tonight

Another great night at Pedro’s as it is wednesday which means the only place to be is at DJ Debbies ladies night. If you get there before 10.00pm you can try the best pizza in Belize.

Sports Illustrated Models Arrive in San Pedro

Six models and their entourage arrived yesterday and are currently doing photo shoots at various locations, The group flew in on Tropic Air and it took 3 planes (caravans) for 24 people and their photographic equipment to get here.

Looking forward to the publicity that Belize will receive from this popular shoot.

Mahogany Bay and Beach Club and Hilton Hotel tie up in Belize

Mahogany Bay has hired or maybe hired 100 people for the opening next month of their hotel. The people selected are in training-for what we do not know as according to Hilton Hotel group it is not opening until march 5 as the resort is currently under refurbishment-interesting use of words as the hotel has never actually opened but they have great on-line reviews.

Now the Beach club has moved and can only be reached by boat. The AD has hired its local investigative reporter to find out how long a boat ride it is-it looks from the air around 15 to 20 minutes in a decent boat. Interesting that it is again situated on the west side of the island. At least it is situated well away from the sewage ponds,as noone can swim in the water around the resort.

Interestingly enough they charge almost double what Victoria House charge who have a beach facing the reef,and one can swim in the sea with no fear of catching anything unhealthy.-more tomorrow.

Hopefully we will be able to print the non disclosure contracts,and also the current employment contracts

Caribbean Villas Hotel in San Pedro Installs Fiber Optic Wifi Cable

Finally after years of offering a sub standard wifi service (compared to the rest of the world) Caribbean Villas Hotel has installed the fastest available wifi service in Belize. The guests are appreciative and it is hoped by the staff at the resort that the only complaint that guests have had over the past years has finally been dealt with.

Can Anyone Believe this Article about Mahogany Bay Hotel and Beach Resort

The Ambergris Daily has had its chief investigative reporter check out the hotel by the sewage ponds in San Pedro.He could not find the beach part as it is currently home to multitudes of mosquitoes,and he was advised not to go there.

However our intrepid soul talked to a number of people,and he was informed that all employees must sign a total non-disclosure contract and are informed that if you break the terms of this contract and if you are a foreigner you will be deported, and if Belizean you will go to jail.

The reporter was outraged that this could happen in his homeland. He also found that this was to be true as a foreigner showed one of the undesirable units. This person then went to eat at Kyoto (the restaurant at Mahogany Bay) and was unceremoniously thrown out and told that he was banned from the property forever. The unfortunate salesman was taken by members of the human resources dept. to the airport and was told to leave the country which he did.

The Ambergris Daily cannot believe that this can happen in Belize-this fairly cheap built hotel is not a national security matter and workers should not be treated this way.

Fundraiser for Polyclinic December 10th, 2017

We would like to raise $60,000 for the Polyclinic
please read letter below.
Letter – PolyClinic fundraiser1 (1)

San Pedro Animal Hospital -Update

Innes has just completed 6 months in the hospital and has proved a great catch for all the pet owners in San Pedro, She is originally from Croatia and then worked in Ireland and came to Belize 6 months ago. She is currently the only full time vet on the island and is a total peoples person and her love of animals is obvious to all.

She,of course, has a work permit and is hoping to stay for at least 2 years. The AD is very pleased that we have a very on the island and for all those who need her services the phone no. is 610-3647. When not working she is seen on the beach with her dog Toby. She also is available 24 hours a day but the clinic’s hours at 9-5 mon-fri,9-12 on sat.

Jager,Splat and Jambo’s Weather Report for San Pedro Belize

The weather is fantastic -it is going to be an absolutely marvelous day to do nothing except lie by a pool or lie on the beach. This is the type of day which made us move to San Pedro.

The boss appears to be going away for a couple of days as he has two suitcases already packed and waiting to go downstairs. We will (all of us) when he comes back on monday. He is going to a couple of places called London and Auckland. I personally have not heard of them but I suspect they are close to Pl;aya del Carmen.

Hilton Curio Hotel Executives arrive in San Pedro

It has been reported that the executives have turned up to see the buildings of Mahogany Bay situated on the canals, and built on recently reclaimed land. The AD wonders if this construction would be allowed in Mexico or the USA,as we believe that a certain time period for settlement has to be allowed for. The avid AD readers,and most locals, know that the construction is different to the way most hotel are built on the island. Although the furnishings are of a spectacular quality it reminds the AD of the proverb,”You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

The AD went to see the beach club, a true haven for mozzies and it will take months and months to make it useable which will make their opening date of october 1 a very difficult proposition.

The AD will take bets on the opening date being changed yet again,and indeed is starting to believe if it will ever happen-does Reef Village ring a bell,and that after many years is making a resurgence as it is far better built and a group of very determined owners who took the developer Jeff Pierce, to court many times. They have won every case and there are more to come.

Coco King in Caye Caulker

Wow Charlie and Jimmy of Ragamuffin fame have developed there property which is north of the Split and on the lee side. It is incredible,great beach,sun loungers chairs,huge pool, some shaded areas,restaurant and bar over the water with good food-cheaper and better than the Lazy Lizard at the Split. Free inner tubes a raft in the sea and much more.

To get there there is a free water ferry service from the fuel dock-if you do not eat you have to pay to return (a great idea).Also cushions cost extra as does the pool-well worth a visit.

A brilliant idea and well done to both of them.

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