Lunch Special for Sunday at Caribbean Villas

Lunch and Appetizer: Sunday Bar B Q

with ribs/chicken/lobster/pork chops and of course, Fish and chips
plus other delicacies

Drink: Bloody Mary 12 bzd

Jaeger, Jambo and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Hot, sunny and beautiful it is as I sit on my balcony and survey my kingdom. Those vile creatures that I live with have gone off to the beach to frolic and play, which is fine by me as I prefer my own company anyway. I will be enjoying the fine day by lounging around and napping – what could be better?

Lunch Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas for Saturday June 28

It’s another gorgeous day on the Beach and here are the specials for the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas (and the World Cup is showing on the TV!)

Lunch: Club Sandwich $ 23 BZ
Appetizer: Chef Salad $ 18 BZ

Drink: Margarita $ 10BZ


And don’t forget that tomorrow (Sunday) is the Family Fun Beach BBQ featuring great food, cold drinks, sailing, Live Music with Keith and Raul and a ton of fun… Come spend the day with us!

Beach Bar-B-Que at Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye

The traditional Bar-B-Que which happens every sunday with live music that does not deafen everyone with a square mile with great food including grilled lobster and now the world famous beer battered fish and chips. All are welcome and for the wine lovers a wine cooler has finally been installed which means the wine will,now, always be chilled.

Andy runs the sailing club every sunday and if parents want their kids aged 8-14 to learn to sail,introduce them to him and he will help arrange the free lessons.

48 Rooms Being Added to Caribbean Villas Hotel on Ambergris Caye

Over the last few and the next few months the new owners are adding 48 more hotel rooms. There will be 12 on each floor with an elevator in the middle. These rooms are  in the traditional hotel style but priced at a very reasonable rate which will allow more people to visit Isla Bonita during the peak seasons. All rooms will have their own balconies and all will have a view of the Caribbean Sea. The scheduled opening date is november 1.

The Beach Bar is and has been extended and will become a full blown restaurant by the end of november. The good news for guests is that the restaurant and bar will be closed by 9.30pm so as not to disturb the traditional tranquility of the resort. The restaurant opens and will open at 7.15am for breakfast,and continue throughout the day.

All of the “old” caribbean villas units are presently being upgraded,as scheduling permits, and all these rooms will have new windows,new beds,upgraded bathrooms,kitchens and sitting rooms. All units will be repainted.

Overall CVH will be providing a minimum of a  further 15 full time jobs to the local populace and with the builders and carpenters and general handymen earning good salaries which will be spent in the local market place. Incidentally all people being employed are paying their social security dues.

When this stage is finished the owners have yet to decide whether to develop anymore of the property . It is situated on one of the best beaches on Ambergris Caye,and one of its prime features is no sea wall which is ideal for children,swimmers and everyone else who like wandering into the sea.

LIve Music @ Pedro’s Tonight

Live music and the legendary Alex behind the bar-with the wanker away -priceless-for everything else there is………

Splat’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

It’s a beautiful day out there today and you should all take advantage of it… the sun is shining and it’s Friday!

Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas

It’s a beautiful day! Here are today’s specials

Lunch: Combo of Lobster & Fish Burrito with a side of green salad $25

Appetizer: Lobster Dip with fresh tortilla Chips $15.00

Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri $10.00

Mayor to move Stallholders/Vendors from Central Park

The Ambergris Daily has been campaigning for years to get rid of the stalls which inhabit central park and front street in general. On the morning show he stated that they will all be moved to an undisclosed location but it is believed to be the newly refurbished “Old Football Field.

If this happens it will be a very good thing for all the people in San Pedro as the park will be able to be used by all rather than just a few. It will also help all the she shops that pay rent, taxes,social security and trade licenses and that for years have been undercut by these vendors.

Splat’s,Jager’s and Jambo’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

The sun has disappeared and the skies are grey but it is still jolly warm and humid with virtually no breeze.

The boss is going to Brazil which is a country somewhere south of here -possibly near Dangriga (which is a long way away),and apparently he is going to need sweaters and strange things like that

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