Sunday Funday @ Caribbean Villas

Well on sunday,as usual, it will be a fun day and everyone including children are welcomed. There will be the usual bar-b-que with the addition of lobster tails along with ribs chiken and pork. Fish and chips and also grilled fish also feature.

The sailing club is doing a demonstration and a couple of races will be held. The catamarans are there for rent as are the kayaks, and inner tubes are for all guests.

Taxicabs getting Worse in San Pedro

Has anyone noticed that the cabs,and their drivers are getting more and more belligerent in their modus operandi. They drive down Coconut Drive ,and other roadsat speeds over 40 mph on the wrong side of the road.

THe mayor and the town board should have all taxicabs have a governor fitted where they cannot drive faster than 20mph and if they do not like that they can remove their vehicles from the island. They have to remember the guests do not come to San Pedro for the sake of the various taxi drivers associations.

The AD says come on mayor enforce the speeding restrictions that you put in place.

Street Party Tomorrow Night @ Central Park -june 21-Ambergris Caye

Tomorrow night there are bands,steel bands,dancers and much more as the culmination of 2014 Lobsterfest comes to the end. There will be lots of stalls all selling different types of lobster and other dishes. It is one of the best,if not the best,nights of the year as all the entertainment is free. Look out of the Pedro’s stall as the lobster tacos are absolutely delicious. The start time is around 5.00pm and finish just before 12.00pm.

Today’s Lunch Special @ The Beach Bar @ Caribbean Villas Hotel

Caribbean Villas Lunch, Appetizer and Drinks Special


– Baked Lobster tail served with a garden salad and baked potatoes $28.00

– Lobster dip served with home made corn chips $ 15.00


– Rum Runner  $10

Lunch Specials @ Caribbean Villas

Caribbean Villas Lunch, Appetizer and Drinks Special


– Creole Lobster with Rice & Beans and Green Salad $28

– Lobster Dip served with fresh corn tortilla chips and plantain chips $15


– Mai Tai $10

A Precis from The Sociopath Next Door

The AD wonders if anyone sees something familiar-this is a précis from chapter 4

Human beings are both strongly averse to killing each other and strongly obedient towardsauthority. This produces an interesting tension in situations like warfare.Wars are often caused by sociopath leaders who gain control over millions of ordinary, obedient people.Chapter 4: The nicest person in the worldSociopaths commonly put a lot of effort into their physical appearance and into a well-cultivated persona.People who know sociopaths usually fail to see the patterns in their behavior or ignore thewarning signs out of incredulity. [“He can’t be that dishonest…”]A “covetous sociopath” seeks to bring down people around them whom they consider superior.Sociopaths are experts at using threats, blackmail, bluffing, lies, and all sorts of other dirty tricksto control or hurt people around them. They also have a strong knack for sensing weakness inother people and coming up with ways to exploit that weakness.Chapter 5: Why conscience is partially blindMore characteristics of sociopaths:-Very charismatic, magnetic and charming. (The most interesting person at the party. Everyonewants to talk to them or hear them speak.)-Often have a certain “look” in their eyes that can be either hypnotizing or disturbing.-Follow high-risk, spur-of-the-moment, adventurous lifestyles that often attract people who wantexcitement. The sociopath often uses these people for money, sex, to take risks for criminal ends,or something else and then ditches them after they’re of no further use.-Will shamelessly use good looks and sexual blackmail to neutralize enemies.-Are naturally good actors and will feign interest and emotional responses when necessary.-When finally cornered for their misdeeds, the sociopath will start crying or fly into righteousindignation to drive away enemies. It’s always an act.-Sociopaths sometimes self-proclaim themselves to be animal lovers, artists, charity workers, or some other benign type of person so as the reduce suspicion of their true character.-After a sociopath has finally been exposed and punished, it’s very common for several peoplewho knew them to come forward and voice long-held suspicions and strange observations theyhad never before shared. Each person knew that something was wrong with the sociopath, butlacking any knowledge of abnormal psychology and unsuspecting that the sociopath had such analien mindset, the people never were able to understand what was really going on. The commonrefrain is that each person kept quiet about what they knew about the sociopath because “It wastoo crazy for anyone else to believe.”-A sociopath’s behavior makes no sense if you start from the assumption that they think like youdo.The inability to form emotional attachments with other humans is perhaps the biggest hallmark of psychopathy

100 Mopeds for Rent on Ambergris Caye

A new rental company is opening up on front street and they have permission to bring 100 mopeds/scooters on to the island-this could be interesting a bunch of drunk 18-30 year olds drunk on vehicles that can trace over 40 miles an hour-This is a recipe for disaster,and can only lead to major problems.

The Town Board has already given the permits as has the Traffic Committee-so they will be here very shortly.

Motorised Bicyles Allowed on the Beach

There are now motorized bicycles being sold on Ambergris Caye and of course where are they going or are being driven but on the beach. It is almost guaranteed that traffic will say it is not their problem or within their jurisdiction-someone is going to have to get a grip as we will start losing visitors to the island as we start to destroy to what brings them here in the first place.

Lobsterfest comes to Pedro’s

It is lobsterfest wednesday and it is the traditional day that Pedro’s holds its all you can eat pizza.

There will be live music and all are welcome-there will probably be some ringing of the bell-so watch out


Splat’s, Jager’s and Jambo’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

It is a great day for fishing as the sea is calm and the skies are blue-perfect to have a nap on the sun loungers.

I feel quite sorry for Jambo as he just loves going to the Animal Hospital and today is the big day where his nuts are going to be chopped off-at only 17 weeks poor little pup. He will not love going there anymore.

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