Lunch specials at Caribbean Villas today

It’s a beautiful day  down on the beach! The Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas has got the world cup games on the TV, are the starting point of the poker run tonight at 6:15 and the lunch specials are Lunch: Club Sandwich $25, App: Cheese Dip $10, Drink: Rum Punch $10

Busy weekend on Ambergris Caye!

It’s a busy weekend on Ambergris Caye. Today, enjoy the World Cup games and Lunch on the Beach at Caribbean Villas. Tonight, Pedro’s Inn has Live Music with Raul (If you haven’t seen him yet you should!). Saturday with the July Poker Run starting at Caribbean Villas at 6:15 pm, with stops at Roadkill Bar, Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s bar and ending at Pedro’s Inn. It’s $25BZ to enter and the winner takes the pot! And then Sunday, join us on the Beach at Caribbean Villas for Sunday Family Fun Beach BBQ with Live Music, Sailing, Great Food and tons of fun.

Splat, Jager and Jambo’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

It is a Beautiful day – the Sun is shining and anyone who has any sense should be headed down to the Beach. Those silly dogs are all excited by the World Cup games… Young Jambo seems to favor France, while Jager is pulling for Germany for some reason – although they are both cheering on the host Brazil team in their matchup with Columbia this afternoon. Me, I don’t really care – I will be napping i’m sure.

World Cup and Lunch at Caribbean Villas

World Cup all day on the Big Screen! Come down and enjoy lunch on the beach and the games, the specials are
Appetizer: Cheese Dip: $10.00
Main: Fish Tacos – 4 for $25
Drink special: Mango Colada $10

Special for Caribbean Villas for Thursday

Lunch Special : Chicken Tahini Wrap $ 23.00 BZ

Appetizer: Seafood cevich- choice of corn or plantin chips $ 18.00 BZ

Appetizer: Cheese dip $ 10.00 BZ

Drink : Run Punch $ 10.00 BZ

and of course the regular menu is still in operation

Happy Canada Day!

It’s a beautiful day eh!

The Specials at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas are:

Drink: Vodka Stress

Lunch: Coconut curry lobster served with coconut rice and fresh garden salad $ 28 Bz

More Schools for Ambergris Caye

It is being heard on the grapevine that a group of teachers (5) are contacting the Belize  Board of Education to start  a high school in august 2015. They are highly qualified -well funded and it will be for profit as they need to earn money. However they are quite prepared to follow all the rules that are laid in law and hope that they will have an operating high school for 14 year olds in operation.

Interesting that some people want to follow the laws of Belize.

Lunch Special at CV on monday

Lunch: Lobster Tostadas served 4 for $20

Drink: Island Stumbler $10

Plus all the usual fare with one of the best breakfasts in town

Sunday Family Fun at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas Hotel!

It’s Sunday – that means Family Fun Beach BBQ at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas! Come on down and enjoy this beautiful day at the beach. Have some delish BBQ, enjoy the Live Music by Raul and Keith, go sailing for a bit and then wash it all down with a frosty beverage or two…

The Most expensive City in the World

Well I am in it everything is over priced -just paid 20bzd for a really bad beer-and yes the writer is in Rio de Janiero,acting as a roving reporter for the Ambergris Daily-thank goodness that chap in Indianna is picking up the cheques or at least some of them. Having landed yesterday morning the spend is in excess of 2500usd which includes hotel rooms for a couple of nights.

Rio is absolutely packed and last night was mayhem as I was privileged to watch Columbia beat a toothless Uruguay but with the player of the tournament James Rodriguez scoring the best goal I have ever seen was well worth seeing those dentist go home. There were a few fights but not much too report. With Brazil winning (very fortunately) earlier in the day against Chile. Rio was buzzing and the sounds of flamenco/sambas and god knows what else was going until at least 3.00am -the writer decided to go back to his inexpensive(sic) hotel room.


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