Jambo, Jager and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

The weather today seems as confused as young Jambo does most of the time. It does not appear to know if it’s coming or going as they say. One minute the sun is shining, and the next minute the rain comes down. Poor Jambo is concerned that he won’t get his afternoon run along the beach today if this situation does not improve.

Mormon’s riding bicycles on the sidewalk

An intrepid reporter for AD was driving along Coconut Drive this morning and witnessed 2 Mormon’s riding their bicycles on the sidewalk, instead of in the street where they should have been riding. When asked why they were riding on the sidewalk, they replied “Because it’s safer”.

Safer for whom, the AD asks? It certainly isn’t safer for the pedistrians that use the sidewalks for their intended purpose! The AD wonders if the Traffic Department officers that are active along our island streets ever issue tickets for activities such as this, and if the answer is no then why not?

Jager Jambo and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Jambo is a happy puppy today as the sun has made an appearance after a few days of rain. He is bounding around the property like a crazy animal – oh wait, he is just a crazy animal! As for myself, I believe I will prowl around the grounds today surveying my kingdom and enjoying the sunshine.

Karaoke, Beer Pong and Free Rum tonight at Pedro’s Inn

It’s Friday, that means another FUN night at Pedro’s Pub at Pedro’s Inn! They have got the amazing Raul Gutierrez with the best Karaoke and Vocals starting at 7:30PM! Pedro’s Beer Pong tables are ready to go with a 5 for $20BZ Beer Special. Special AND FREE Rum Drinks from 6:30PM-7:30PM! It’s always a great time so come on over.

Trivia Night at Pedro’s Inn tonight starting at 7:30

Don’t forget that tonight is Trivia Night at Pedro’s Inn with quizmistress Cindy. The fun starts at 7:30 pm so come down, show us how smart you are and win some money!

Central Park vendors

The Mayor, Area Rep and everyone in power has promised that with the new park at the old football field that all vendors either situated on the beach or in Central Park would be relocated. Also, each vendor is only allowed 1 table and 1 person to operate under the trade license issued by the Town Board. If we look at Central Park, and indeed some of the vendors on the beach it appears that they bring all their rubbish from home with them, and scatter it all around.

The AD says this is simply not right. We are a tourist destination and surely to God we can keep vendors and their wares off the beach, out of the Central Park and back to the new 6 million dollar area. Also, we really don’t need whole groups of people around every stall. Please remember that these people pay no taxes, and are in direct competition with the Gift Shops that pay rent, proper wages to staff, Social Security, Business Taxes etc… whilst the stall holders pay absolutely zero and do nothing but complain. The Town Council should support the tax payers.

Unemployed Fisherman in San Pedro

Every week in the Police Report the AD reads so and so residing in San Mateo, San Pedrito or San Juan with the job description of unemployed fisherman has committed a crime. AD says how can you be an unemployed fisherman? All you need is a piece of wood, a piece of twine and a hook to catch fish! Maybe it is a euphemism for drug dealer or crook or burglar or scam-merchant. We think that this might be a politically incorrect sentence, but lets face it, we have a lot of riff-raff on this island and we should ask the Government to clear this lot out.

The AD has repeatedly said that people who live here, or that have moved to the island should be able to prove their source of income and if they can’t they should leave – like Mayor Guiliani of New York cleaned up that city by having a zero tolerance attitude.

Jambo, Jager and Splats Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Rain rain rain… Jambo has just come upstairs and decided to have a shake. Of course, due to the rain he was very wet and obviously made me the same. He now has a scratch right along his nose – that will teach him as he is now whimpering under the table. The weather is really overcast and rainy so I’m going back to bed.

Jambo, Jager and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

The wind is blowing and the sky is a bit overcast today – Jambo is sad because he thinks he won’t get to the beach today if this keeps up. Of course Jager doesn’t care because she is usually off in her own world anyways… and me? I’m just going to nap anyways so it really makes no difference at all.

Problems with Central Park

The Mayor agrees that Central Park should be for tourists and locals alike, not the personal property of stall-holders who monopolize everything and pay little or no rent, definitely no taxes and the Ambergris Daily advises that maybe they should go and check how many are actually legally in the country.

Also, stalls that are on the street should be moved or given traffic tickets, and every body should be moved to the 6 million dollar park on the old Football pitch.

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