How A Real Estate Company Should Or Should Not Handle Their Client’s Money

At Ambergris Daily we wondered “What standards should a real estate office adhere to it comes to holding their client’s money in escrow?” Certainly as a minimum standard the real estate company should handle the funds per their client’s wishes. So, if the clients say “Pay so and so $70,000US because we owe them for the land purchase you brokered and we are already past due” then the real estate company should do that promptly, especially if the request was made formally in writing.

We also believe that if the clients wants all of their funds returned to them then that request should be carried out without delay. This must be complied with INSTANTLY especially if the real estate office has already been paid their commission for any work they have done and both sides of any deal are happy.

There should never be a delay of weeks or months when such requests are made by their clients. If such delays have already occurred then we think it’s both alarming and newsworthy and we know it’s a public duty to expose it before others suffer the same fate.
There are other obligations that the real estate company has to their clients but the following list DOES NOT APPLY:

1. Lying to their clients about non existent matters in order to delay release of clients funds. (Lying/Misrepresentation).
2. Spending clients funds for personal needs/wants. (Theft).
3. Delaying of closing of a sale because their clients funds are missing or misappropriated causing great anxiety and suffering on both sides of the sale. (Obstruction, Dereliction of Professional Duty).
4. Lying to their close friends about alleged future sales in order to try and borrow money from them. (Lying/Misrepresentation/Betrayal of Trust/Fraud).
5. Refusing to prove to their worried peers in the real estate business that they still hold the funds and that said funds are safe. (Obstruction/Lying/Lack of Professional Courtesy).
6. Attempting to make a deal with their clients such that the money is released over a period of years instead of immediately. (Cover-up)
7. Calling their own clients insane and liars behind their backs because clients get angry when they realize their money is missing. (Slander/Libel).
8. Falsifying signatures and/or contracts in order to “prove” to their clients that any delay is necessary (Forgery/Fraud).
9. Threatening to sue those who would expose such scandalous and criminal behavior. (Threats/Blackmail).

Sundancer Realty In Trouble?

sundancerlogoIt appears as per the Rumor Mill that Sundancer Real Estate Company has mislaid some monies entrusted to them by their clients. Allegations are flying around that the figure is in excess of $200,000US. It is alleged that their peers in the real estate industry on Ambergris Caye have requested that Sundancer (a) show the funds still exist in the Sundancer bank account and (b) return the funds to their clients without delay. Neither request has yet been complied with.

Ambergris Daily has some advice for the wronged clients if the rumors prove to be true. Hire a very fierce and competent Belize lawyer to relentlessly pursue their claim until they are repaid in full. The real estate industry on Ambergris Caye enjoys a good reputation and Ambergris Daily salutes them if it is true that they are putting pressure on Sundancer Realty to right this terrible wrong. Ambergris Daily also notices that Sundancer is no longer on the Ambergris Caye MLS website. They were a founder member of the MLS and for them to suddenly resign or be ejected leads us to believe that the Rumor Mill is to be taken seriously.

Ambergris Daily informs the MLS that Sundancer has yet to remove the MLS banner from the Sundancer website.

Jambo’s weather report for Ambergris Caye

I was woken this morning very early to a rain storm blowing through, but happily that has ended and the Sun has come out again, which means I will be able to spend more time at my favorite place in the world (the beautiful beach at Caribbean Villas Hotel!). I can’t wait!

Karaoke Night tonight at Pedro’s Inn

It’s Karaoke Night tonight at Pedro’s in with DJ Raul. Pedro’s will also be doing Beer Pong (5 Beers for $20 BZ) and Flip Cup all night. Come on down and join the fun!

Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Some sunny, some rainy, some sunny, some rainy…

San Pedro Poker Run tonight

San Pedro Poker Run Tonight, starting at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas at 6:15 pm, with stops at Roadkill Bar, Lola’s Pub, Wayo’s Bar and ending at Pedro’s Inn Sports Bar. Come on down and win some $$$$

Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Splat here. Those noisy monsters have gone for their morning walk along the beach, so I can finally enjoy some peace and quiet. The sun is shining, and there is a strong breeze blowing in from the water – it’s a great day all around.

Tequilla Tuesday at the Beach Bar at Caribbean Villas

The sun is shining, so why not enjoy the day down on the beach at Caribbean Villas! The Lunch Special is Fish Tacos ($23 BZ) and it’s also Tequilla Tuesday – try out a Blue Margarita (or any other Tequilla cocktail) for $10 BZ

Jambo’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

Jambo here, and I can’t tell you how happy I am today! The sun is out and it’s an absolutely beautiful day today. I’ve already been down to my favorite spot this morning (the Beach at Caribbean Villas!) and I can’t wait to get back there this afternoon. Jager and I had lots of fun eating coconuts, running in the water and cashing those goofy cats there.

Karaoke, Beer Pong and Free Rum at Pedro’s Tonight

It’s Monday, that means Karaoke by Raul, Beer Pong (5 beers for $20 BZD) and Free Rum (from 6:30 to 7:30) tonight at Pedro’s Sports Bar at Pedro’s Inn. Always a fun night, so come on down and join in the Fun!

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