Tsunami Sushi in San Pedro Belize

Overheard in our popular wine bar. A resident who spends six months on the island every year was heard telling the manger that Tsunami Sushi makes the best sushi she has ever tasted and eats there at least twice a week.

Reservations can be made at tel 226-2715 or 226-5600

Ladies Night @ Pedro’s Tonight

Oh Lord ! it is wednesday and that means it is DJ Debbies world famous Ladies Night-which means a lot more drinking and loads of people having fun -see you all there

No Sound Insulation in the rooms at Mahogany Bay Resort,San Pedro,Belize

The Ambergris Daily interviewed a former worker of this soon to be open resort,and has said their marketing is superb the only problem is that the resort itself is lipstick on most people’s favorite breakfast food.

It turns out that there is no insulation between the walls ceilings and floors,so all conversations can be heard from all adjoining units. Added to the flushing of toilets which can be heard by other units (imagine a couple of people who have been drinking till the wee hours and they keep having to go the bathroom but next door people are going to dive the blue hole and have a 5.00am wake up call-not great thoughts but realistic ones.

The person reported that the organization of Mahogany Bay cared little about the resort which treated as an afterthought-the whole message to the staff was sell sell and sell some more. The Hilto Curio was brought on as a major sales tool but now they have to open and it appears that the resort is nowhere near ready to take guests.

The Ambergris Daily is amazed that the Hilton Organisation is happy and giving its name to this type of hotel/resort.



Lazer Tag coming to San Pedro

Across the road from the Caribbean Villas Hotel many people are commentating on what is happening on a lot that has been juggle for probably two hundred years or indeed since time began.

The Ambergris Daily is happy to report that two local entrepreneurs have got together and decided that there really is not much for visitors and indeed the locals to do-especially if they do not fish,dive,snorkel or drink.They are currently building a bar/restaurant and developing an area that will be used for the game itself (basically it is a paintball shoot ’em up game but using lasers).

There will be leagues for teams and one on one battles going to four on four. This is only the start and Phil Rigby and Jason Southwell have many more ideas for different games using actors and contestants playing different games all over the island-for example one that is coming is that the mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped,and a series of clues will be given and the contestants have to find her (no lasers to get the bad guys -they do not leave the game site).

The Ambergris Daily wishes them all the luck in the world and is sure that this venture will be a huge success.

Tsunami Sushi Restaurant at Caribbean Villas Hotel, San Pedro, Belize

Tsunami Sushi is becoming the talk of the to the town as Monica Previt the new restaurant and bar manager for both Amber and Tsunami which are both situated on a real beach at Caribbean Villas Hotel. has invigorated both restaurants with an air of professionalism and that has been followed by all the staff.

Chef Malicio who is originally from Mexico,and learned his trade in Japan where he worked under a number of master sushi chefs. He then worked for the famed Nobu chain and is without a doubt the best sushi chef in Central America.Many visitors to the restaurant say his “eel rolls” are to die for.

Both restaurants with chef “Gloria” running the Amber kitchen are getting rave plaudits and for thanksgiving there are specials on the sushi menu and a surf and turf three course menu and a full traditional three course thanksgiving menu.

To make reservations call restaurant 226-5600 or front desk 226-2715

Is the Hilton Curio Group still involved with Mahogany Bay San Pedro Belize

It is very strange but a person who lives south of MB and has reported that there are no longer and road side signs mentioning MB as a partner in the Hilton Curio Hotels Group.

If anyone is interested in finding out what the representatives of the Hilton Group say when you are booking a room just call this toll free number +1 844 639 4085-ask the questions can you see the reef and is it on the beach both answers to these questions have been yes.

For giggles ask if the rooms are soundproofed more of that tomorrow as a former worker is being interviewed by the AD tomorrow. He/she has figured out that the non-disclosure document is not worth the paper that it is written on.

Belize Immigration changes Border Crossing Rules

The days of being able to pay 50 pesos (around 5 bzd) to go into Mexico are now officially over as the Belize Immigration Dept. are insisting that everyone that is not in possession of a border pass must have their passports stamped in and out of Mexico. If you do not do this you are required to go back to the mexican border and pay a bribe to provide an exit visa.

A totally bizarre decision as it will take a couple of hours getting your passport stamped into Mexico-you would never believe that we have to pay these peoples wages and all they want to do is make normal Belizeans lives a total misery.

The AD’s advice to all Belizean passport holders is to ask for the larger (more pages) in their passports.

No Property Titles being Issued for Mahogany Bay in San Pedro Belize

Unbelievable but the investors of Mahogany Bay ¬†have not been issued property titles for any town house that has been built in Mahogany Bay (some investors have paid in full for their property over three years ago). The owners have been blaming the government of Belize in not issuing the titles. However the Ambergris Daily contacted a reputable realtor,Pelican Properties in San Pedro, and a representative said “yes obtaining property titles are a lithe slow but three months is around normal. The rep was appalled to hear the MB said at least two years and longer,and suggested contacting the San Pedro Town Board to help(although they have really nothing to do with titles). This is obviously not true so one has to ask what is going on-monies have been borrowed -shacks have been built and the monies have been paid stay in banks situated abroad (thought to be in the Turks and Cacos).

The owners have been saying how good MB is for the country but they are using borrowed monies from Social Security-most businesses do not have this type of luxury borrowing facilities,and they would have to almost certainly prove that they are paying the monies back.

The AD wonders what the Hilton organization thinks about these strange affairs.

Mahogany Bay and Beach Club in San Pedro Belize

Mahogany Bay has built their Beach Club around BY Ambergris Bay which is around a 15-20 minute boat ride from the resort. It can only be reached to by boat and there is no swimming pool at the club which is a little daft when one would think that after swimming in the sea a dip in the pool is normally wanted by the guests/members. The launchon  will leave the resort every 30 minutes or so-an impossibly quick turn round but maybe superman will be there to help or they might buy another boat.

DJ Debbie’s Birthday is at Pedro’s Tonight

The day has final arrived it is the most auspicious day of the year according to her-she has invited everyone and there is a huge line up of Belizean stars from the band Sweet Pain, TR Shine,DJ’s Dutch,Six, and Cloud 9.

What a line up and the show starts at 9.00pm

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