Karaoke and Helen Leaving Party at Pedro’s Tonight

Come and have a free drink at Pedro’s as it is our favorite Korean who is yet again leaving to go back to school. For those of you who do not know Helen she has visited San Pedro to work with ACES many times over the last few years and she loves to party. The one good thing about Helen is 3 drinks and she is blasted. All are welcome and Raul as usual will be doing the Karaoke which starts around 7:30pm.

The Questions to Ask When Buying a Property on San Pedro

If you are buying with a Share Certificate, which is fine, Please ensure that there are only a number of shares issued. For example, Bermuda landing and Bermuda Beach have issued 10 Shares per apartment leading to a total of 100 shares. So all the shareholders have equal right to the property. The same can be said for B building in Banana Beach. What has appeared to have happened in other areas of Belize, that the developer had held back certain shares which means that he/she can then borrow on property that has already been sold. Obviously to ensure that this does not happen, one should check with the real estate company that you are dealing with and get it in writing. And also, get a background check which can easily be done on the corporation. Yet again the real estate company can do this for you. As one can see it is normal due diligence.

Splat, Jager and Jambo Weather Report

The Boss has promised to take us to Caribbean Villas Hotel and it is not even Sunday. He is apparently going to sun bathe and that means that he better ensure that the sun lounger is strengthened. The weather is great and it looks like it is going to be a fabulous day.

Overheard in the hour bar in Belize City

Kevin Bowen the owner of the hour bar was saying goodbye to one of his guests who had been moaning that he wasn’t making enough money. Kevin said, “why do you go find El Chapo and you can collect the reward.” The parting guest immediately replied that it would be much easier to find El Chapo than finding Coca Cola in Belize. Kevin was stunned and then burst out laughing. The whole bar found it very amusing.

San Pedro Catholic Church Welcomes LGBT Community

In the words of Pope Francis of a few months ago, “who am I to judge”. The catholic church in San Pedro is welcoming all people of the LGBT Community. What great news for all and the Ambergris Daily applauds the Catholic Church for its foresight.

Splat, Jager and Jambo Weather Report

Overcast, humid and muggy. It might rain it might not. It might get better it might not. Who cares we are in Belize.

Hot Property of the Week

Just Take a Look at This…


Dr. laurie Droke of San Pedro Animal Hospital, Belize

The Veterinary Association and the Belize Agricultural Health Administration met and decided that they would renew Dr. Laurie’s Veterinary License. This license had been suspended (not in writing) for 6 months. She had been informed by a phone call and this was all to do with one complaint from a Ms. Julia Torres who ran the Belize Yacht Club for a number of years and who had a very checkered reputation.

Her complaint was that her dog had fallen off her golf cart and the leash had got tangled in the wheels, thereby strangling the dog and nearly killing it. She was distraught and arranged for an emergency visit at 9pm at the San Pedro Animal Hospital. The Vet arrived to find that Julia expected everything to be done for free (she had been informed that there would be fees). She demanded that the vet work on the dog but the owner, who arrived, insisted due to her reputation for none payment around town that money be paid. Her bodyguard and friends tried to intervene but to no avail. her husband arrived with the money and the dog was saved. They left the clinic around 3am the following morning. Over the next year she did nothing but complaint about having to pay for this service, culminating with a letter to BAHA and the Veterinary Association. She was backed up by a friend of hers, Tina Auxlileu who had never and has never visited the clinic, who also wrote to BAHA and the VA.
SPAH is delighted that Dr. Laurie’s license has been reissued, but calls on both organizations to make it easier for fully qualified vets to be able to work in Belize. Especially on the island as it is very expensive to live here and to get suitable professional people who are taking a huge downgrade in salary to in part volunteer their services. There is no doubt That all animal owner who live on Ambergris Caye are much happier that the San Pedro Animal Hospital exists with a 24hr vet service as they value their pets as family members.

This is no way to detract from the work that SAGA does. They do a fabulous job in helping keep the animal population on the island down to a reasonable level. The San Pedro Animal Hospital has offered to do 3 spays/neuters a month free of charge to SAGA while they do not have a resident vet.

Splat, Jager and Jambo Weather Report

Just a quickie today. it is very hot. The sun is yellow, the sky is blue and the boss is taking his boat somewhere south. The dogs apparently are going, thank God, and there for I can just sit on my personal sun lounger on MY balcony and watch the world go by. If anybody is interested I would like a saucer of milk.

Cyclists on Pavement

What is it with cyclists? The town built pavements for pedestrians and wheeled modes of transport. cyclists seem to demand that riding their bikes on the beach and complaining about people sun bathing on the beach, and woe betide anybody who is walking on the pavement. cyclists think they have the rule of the roost. Will the transport guys please issue tickets to these cyclists, which by the way are foreign and local.

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