Cyclists on the Pavement/Sidewalk

Yesterday a lady was walking her dog which was on a leash and a cyclist brushed past her on his bike-telling her to get out of the way. Come on people bikes should ONLY be ridden on the road-tghis includes the beach,as this is for people who want to sunbathe,and generally enjoy the beauty of the caribbean sea.

Sargasso Grass on the Beaches

While investigating a hot lead on a story, the Ambergris Daily noticed that very few places have been keeping up with the awful sargasso seagrass that is washing in.

It appears that Caribbean Villas Hotel has 6 people dedicated to clearing their beach each day, and the best part is that there none of the all pervading sulfur/ammonia smell at their Restaurant on the beach, unlike most other beach restaurants on the island.

So impressed were we that we stopped to take a photo in the early afternoon at their beach.


Motorcyclists without Crash Helmets

Has anyone not noticed that almost all passengers-normally wives girlfriends, and kids do not wear helmets whilst on the back of motorcycles (indeed there can be up to 4 people on one motorcycle). This is a disaster waiting to happen as there is bound to be a crash and one of the kids wives will suffer brain damage and the community will have to pay for their folly through food drives,radio fund raisers etc-some people will donate money they can ill afford.
The town council and the police have to step up to the plate and enforce the laws before it is to late

Jambo’s,Splat’s and Jager’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye July 28

It is a glorious day – again. There are so fluyffy whimsical clouds in the sky. The dogs are already away for the day. I believe they woofed about going to Caye Caulker on the boat-they think I will be jealous but they do not realise that I,like all cats,hate water.

Traveller’s Rum Wins @ Pedro’s on Ambergris Caye

On saturday night Pedro’s held a “Blind Rum Tasting” session betwnn Travellers Liquors and Cuellos owners of The Caribbean Rum brand.
Traveller’s Gold won convincingly over Caribbean Gold
Caribbean White a close winner over Traveller’s White
Traveller’s Coconut Rum won convincingly over Caribbean Coconut
A great evening was had by all and DJ Debbie provide the music -she is without a doubt the best DJ in Belize.

Jambo’s,Splat’s and Jager’s Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

It is a fabulous day and I (jambo) was given roast chicken as a treat,and let me tell you tat it was absolutely delicious. I even shared with Jager but got no thanks for that. The best news was that Splat only got her regular breakfast which comes out of a can which contains something called “meat”.
We are going on a boat to go fishing-the boss always catches the biggest fish and then settles down on the lounge cushions and goes to sleep.

Sunday Funday Beach BBQ at AMBER Beach Bar & Grill at Caribbean Villas on Sunday

The weather has been beautiful, so why not spend the afternoon tomorrow at AMBER Beach Bar & Grill at Caribbean Villas. As always there will be very tasty BBQ, great Drink Specials, Sailing, Kiteboarding, Paddleboarding and DJ Debbie spinning great music all afternoon.

Jambo, Jager and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

It is hot, sunny and beautiful today in San Pedro. Jager and I are hoping we get to spend the day at the beach at Caribbean Villas. The big boss is up and in a good mood, so we are hoping we get to run around and have fun.

Beth and Doctor Susan’s Birthday Parties at Pedro’s tonight

ALong with the blind rum tasting at Pedro’s tonight, it is Beth and Doc Susan’s combined birthday parties this evening at Pedro’s – As both are highly respected and wonderful people we expect that it will be a full house to celebrate these 2 wonderful ladies.

The Blind Taste Test of Rums at Pedro’s

Tonight Cuello’s, who produce the Caribbean brands of Rums are taking on Traveller’s Rums in a Blind Taste test. All are welcome and can vote. Sometime, near the end of the evening we will count the votes, unless we are blind from drinking all the rum. There is also local vodka being tasted. It will be great fun so come down and see if you know your rums.

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