Sunday Funday Beach BBQ at AMBER Beach Bar & Grill at Caribbean Villas on Sunday

The weather has been beautiful, so why not spend the afternoon tomorrow at AMBER Beach Bar & Grill at Caribbean Villas. As always there will be very tasty BBQ, great Drink Specials, Sailing, Kiteboarding, Paddleboarding and DJ Debbie spinning great music all afternoon.

Jambo, Jager and Splat’s Weather Report for Ambergris Caye

It is hot, sunny and beautiful today in San Pedro. Jager and I are hoping we get to spend the day at the beach at Caribbean Villas. The big boss is up and in a good mood, so we are hoping we get to run around and have fun.

Beth and Doctor Susan’s Birthday Parties at Pedro’s tonight

ALong with the blind rum tasting at Pedro’s tonight, it is Beth and Doc Susan’s combined birthday parties this evening at Pedro’s – As both are highly respected and wonderful people we expect that it will be a full house to celebrate these 2 wonderful ladies.

The Blind Taste Test of Rums at Pedro’s

Tonight Cuello’s, who produce the Caribbean brands of Rums are taking on Traveller’s Rums in a Blind Taste test. All are welcome and can vote. Sometime, near the end of the evening we will count the votes, unless we are blind from drinking all the rum. There is also local vodka being tasted. It will be great fun so come down and see if you know your rums.

Saturday Night At Pedro’s Rum Contest

Caribbean Rum and Traveller’s Rum are inviting people to do a blind taste test at Pedro’s. There will be Dark rum, white rum, coconut rum and vodka, so come and have a couple of shots and tell us which you prefer.

BBQ at Caribbean Villas Hotel on Sunday July 26th

The popular BBQ which is held every Sunday at Caribbean Villas Hotel with the best Croquets in Belize. If you haven’t tried them you should. The music Provided by DJ Debbie is simply great and everybody comments on how she manages to get the right tempo for the beach.

Splat’s,Jager’s and My name is Jambo Too Weather Report on Ambergris Caye

Jambo here. I have escaped and the boss and I are going for a private golf cart ride. I think the boss feels sorry for my as Jager was nasty to me and that cat splat backed her up. Life is not fair all I deed was grab their pieces fo roast chicken and wolf them them down. I mean, I’m just a puppy and a hungry one at that.

The weather is not so great. Cloudy over head, humid but still the guests can get a sun tan.

Who Says Catholics Have Got It Wrong


Warning about Purchasing Puppies in Belize

Over the past 6 weeks the San Pedro Animal Hospital has been diagnosing and treating an increasing number of puppies for Parvovirus infection. While in a normal year the SPAH encounters 2-3 cases of Parvovirus, the number this year has already climbed to five-times this amount. Over the past six-weeks alone, ten cases have presented with more expected to develop.
It is believed that Parvovirus has come to the island through the increasing number of puppies being brought over from the mainland. As the number increases, Parvovirus is likely spreading between the dogs and puppies on the island.
Parvovirus is a very contagious and potentially fatal virus, which puppies are very susceptible to. It can exist for a long time in the environment, and even a brief exposure is enough to make a puppy sick. Parvovirus attacks the gastrointestinal system, and the immune system of the puppy. The infection leads to serious dehydration and secondary infections by bacteria.
The early signs of parvovirus are vomiting, diarrhea (which may be bloody) and lethargy. Early treatment is the best chance the puppy can have for surviving. Delaying treatment by even 2-3 days very much reduces the puppy’s chances of survival.
Proper vaccination is the most important method of protection owners can take. The Parvovirus is a portion of the DHLPP vaccine, which all puppies should be receiving. The first vaccine is usually given at 6-8 weeks of age, and then repeated every 3-4 weeks until 15 weeks of age. The initial vaccines offer some protection, but puppies are not completely protected until they receive all the vaccines. This vaccine is then repeated yearly for the dog’s life.
Until a puppy has received all his/her vaccines, the puppy should not be going to public places, and interacting with other potentially unvaccinated dogs
The SPAH strongly encourages everyone with a young puppy to get their dog vaccinated early, and to ensure they receive all their boosters. As well, if you have a young puppy, watch for signs of illness, and seek early treatment from a veterinarian. In this way, we can all do our part to rid the island of this deadly disease.

Next Poker Run on Saturday Aug 1

The next poker run which will start at Caribbean Villas Hotel at 6.15 pm on saturday august 1. All are welcome and,of course,no-one actually needs to know the rules of poker,and a capacity for alcohol is possibly far more important.

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