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Heavenly Belize, No Doubt About It

Ambergris Today | Over 250 amazing aerial photographs of a beautiful country – Belize – on your iPad and photography book “Heavenly Belize”!

Most people who come to Belize will agree that it is a country of astounding and diverse beauty. But few visitors – and most Belizeans for that matter – are fortunate enough to view Belize through the eyes of a soaring hawk or frigate…or a brilliantly plumed scarlet macaw.

That’s the extraordinary vantage point employed by author/photographer Marius Jovaisa in Heavenly Belize. Using an ultralight aircraft originally designed for National Geographic assignments in Africa, Jovaisa travels the length and breadth of the country, capturing images ranging from towering jungle covered mountains and ancient Mayan cities to the 400 foot deep Blue Hole at Lighthouse Reef.

Whether you are a first time visitor to Belize, or “born and raised” here, these never before published photographs will give you a deep appreciation of this refreshingly unique nation.

Boat owners battle waves to anchor vessel

Ambergris Today | Large waves pound the coast of Ambergris Caye as boat owners, who are caught off guard by the high surf, try to anchor their boats. Minimal damage was done strictly to water crafts and piers. September 25, 2010. Tropical Storm Matthew – San Pedro, Belize.

Chicken Drop at Pier Lounge, San Pedro, Belize

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Video

Trans America | Underwater at Hol Chan Marine Sanctuary in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Fish, coral & a Spotted Eagle Ray.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Video – Ambergris Caye, Belize

Centrobasket 2010 – The Wins, the Losses and the Sad Truths

2010 Centrobasket Championship

2010 Centrobasket Championship – The Belize National Basketball Team did not qualify for the next tournament on the road to London 2012. But is this reason to hang heads? This is not the first time that Belize will not make it to the Olympics in the discipline of basketball. However, this is the first time that we know we can do it, and I believe that fact alone is reason to celebrate.

Belize played its first game against Trinidad and Tobago on Monday July 5 and defeated them by the score 80 to 71. Milt Palacio and Alex Carcamo top scored for Belize with 16 points each, while Richard Troyer added 14 points. The second game was against Mexico, which is a team we definitely can beat and some would argue that we had already beaten them in their country a year ago. The team came out flat in a game that everyone expected them to be fired up for. Going in at the half, Belize was lucky to be down by just one point after a couple of sloppy periods. Unfortunately for Belize, our struggles continued in the second half and it was clear that the team was having an off day. On that day team Belize might not have been able to beat one of our Belize District teams in the Balling for Life Tournament. In the end, Mexico shot 45% from the field while shooting accuracy was 35% and the final score was 85 to 63.

Belize’s Wednesday game against Cuba was postponed to Thursday due to concerns about the court condition. After the loss to Mexico, the team understood that if they had any hope of qualifying for the playoffs and continue their journey to London they must defeat Cuba. That, of course, was a daunting task. Cuba defeated Mexico by 20 points and it is a very good team. On Thursday our players laced up their sneakers and went to work. By the end of the half, Belize had taken a nine point lead. The relentless pressure continued in the second and at the end of the game the score 78 to 94 in favour of Belize. Team Belize never seemed to be in trouble at any point and defeated the Cubans easily.

Alex Carcamo had his best game and led all scorers with 23 points while Richard Troyer had 21 and Milton Palacio had numerous assists. That game was certainly an eye opener for the rest of the teams in the tournament. The consensus was that if Belize played the way they did against Cuba they can beat any team. Belize had a rest day on Friday and went up against one of the favourites, Puerto Rico, on Saturday. (more…)

In Transit Belize – Today I have an extra special treat – an interesting guest post from Peter Bragiel who does In Transit site. He has a delightful and interesting take on how we measure travel experience and shares what he knew of Belize before coming here – his path to get here and how he felt during his time here in various parts of Belize. He has also provided some video footage for your viewing pleasure. Thanks Peter.

Text and Video clips by Peter Bragiel

How do you measure a travel experience? Does it depend on the place, your state of mind, the people you meet, what you learned, or all of the above? No two experiences are alike, and I can attest to that. Here is my brief story of how I got to Belize, and fell in love with the place.

All I knew about this country called Belize before I visited was that it was small, it was home to the second largest barrier reef, and the people speak English there.

Rewind to last year. I’ll try to make a really long story short, my name is Peter, I grew up outside of Chicago, currently live in LA and produce/host an independent travel web series called inTransit. My web series focuses on taking long distance journeys and highlighting the destinations we visit along the way, on a budget.

So, last year I was gearing up for my overland trip from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal via Public Transportation. The concept of the show is to travel on a whim with no plans or itinerary. Just pack up and go, figure it out as it comes. Just after Valentines Day, we packed our bags and hopped on a greyhound bus to Tijuana, Mexico. I had no idea what we started, but I was determined to finish whatever mission it is we set. Our mission was simple, take buses, boats, whatever means possible all the way down to Panama and shoot good footage along the way. Starting off in the ghost town of Tijuana, a shadow of its glory years, down to the unexpected street celebration of Carnival in Mazatlan, I had already lost my wallet with my driver’s license and credit cards in a dusty town called Caborca. Lost? Who am I kidding? It was probably stolen. No worries though, I still had my passport, cash, and my cameraman’s debit card to transfer funds into. Cool.

At this point my Spanish is horrible or in Spanish, “horrible.” I took a couple courses in high school, but was confident enough that if you make the attempt, people will appreciate it. Instead of staying “Puedo” I’d say “es possible” over and over. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I tried. So you can imagine a gringo like me with expensive equipment and a gringo buddy traveling through Mexico pointing at things with our fingers and camera trying to get by. We actually became accustomed to it. We went on our journey doing just that, it was rhythmic. Every day was the same, wake up in an unusual place, and try to get by, film, and make the best of it.


Skydive the Blue Hole

Reef Radio Team wins Ambergris Caye Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge

Ambergris Today – It was an impressive start to the Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge 2010 as 35 teams entered this year’s race, now in its sixth year. The kick off was at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 24 and the final leg of the race ended at Central Park the next day Sunday, April 25. It was an all amateur race this year and taking the top prize was Reef Radio’s Ranza Boys. Here is a video and picture highlight of this year’s Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge.

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