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Man shoots brother in jaguar hunt

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BELMOPAN, Belize, Tuesday December 28, 2010 – The hunt for a jaguar that was killing a family’s cattle in Belize has ended in tragedy with one brother being fatally shot.

Cesar Cak, 18, died on the spot after being shot in the chest and abdomen by his oldest brother, 25-year-old Ricardo.

According to police, Cesar, Ricardo and another brother, Augusto, left their home and went to a pasture about a mile away in search of a jaguar they believe had been killing their chickens, ducks, pigs and cattle.

They spotted the animal in the wee hours of the morning and pursued it into the bushes. The three split up, taking different trails, and it was while on their separate searches that Ricardo fired his gun, hitting Cesar.

The teenager died on the spot. 

Although the shooting has been viewed as an accident, police are carrying out investigations into the incident.



December 24, 2010

This morning patients at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital received a special gift package from the personnel and staff of the hospital. Chief Executive Officer Francis Longsworth told us more. Francis Longsworth; Chief Executive Officer, KHMH

 “We did this last year to try and bring some Christmas cheer to the patients that have to remain with us over the Christmas. We understand that it is very difficult for them to be in the hospital at Christmas time and not everybody has a lot of family and friends coming to visit them. Definitely the atmosphere is different than being at home with your family. It was just a little initiative we started last year to try and chair up the patients.”


Middlesex Bridge Officially Opens

The Guardian | The Middlesex Bridge on Mile 21 of the Hummingbird Highway was inaugurated on Tuesday, December 21. The reconstruction of the Middlesex Bridge cost a total of $2,832,800 and was financed by the European Union and the Government of Belize through a grant from the 9th European Development Fund’s (EDF) Belize Rural Development Program (BRDP). The Hummingbird Highway is of major importance for the agricultural, industrial, tourism and social development of Belize. 

The inauguration of the Bridge was presided over by Ambassador Marco Mazzocchi Alemanni- Head of the Delegation of the European Union and Hon. Anthony Martinez, Minister of Works. Minister Martinez said that Middlesex is the gateway to the south. He said that it used to be one of the worst bridges in the country and posed serious risks because of its deteriorated condition and for being a single lane primary bridge. According to the Minister, the bridge would have collapsed eventually.

The reconstruction consists of a reinforced concrete structure with a total width of 9.63 meters and a carriageway of 7.3 meters provided with new metal vehicle parapets. Other ancillary works include the rehabilitation of both approaches to the bridge and the installation of erosion control measures, road and bridge safety furniture such as handrails, guardrails, road markings and warning signs.

The Ministry of Works was responsible for the design and oversight of the project and the construction was executed by CISCO constructions.


Love FM

Six local organizations received Protected Areas Conservation Trust grants this morning for their conservation efforts around Belize. Sharon Ramclam is the Executive Director of PACT.

Sharon Ramclam; Executive Director, PACT 

“We have made investments in over $599 thousand in new grants for local organizations to implement programs and projects in support of protected areas management in Belize. There were six grantees today. Each of these organizations will receive in some instances just under a $100 thousand and then in the case of Friends for Conservation and Development and Friends of Swallow Caye they will receive $100 thousand each.”

The programs that the organizations are advocating for according to Ramclam range from investments in several marine reserves.


62 million In European Financing

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Three financing agreements totalling 62.3 million Belize Dollars in European Union Grant Funds were signed today in Belmopan by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Head of the European Commission Ambassador to Belize, Marco Mazzocchi Alemanni.The money is for the period 2010 – to 2015 and will be used on Rural Development, paving of the road from Orange Walk Town to San Lazaro and paved roads for Patchakan to Xaibe, Calcutta to Xaibe – Xaibe, and San Roque to Xaibe .

The overall objective of the third agreement is to contribute to poverty reduction and improve the standard of living for sugar dependent communities in Northern Belize.

Guatemala takes over SICA presidency from Belize

Caribbean News Now | SAN PEDRO, Belize — Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Thursday handed over the presidency of the Central American Integration System (SICA) to the president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, at the tourist island of San Pedro in Belize.

Barrow in his remarks said that SICA has been the engine in mechanisms that drive development of the region.

He added, “It will be timely for us to reassert at this meeting our ultimate commitment to the integration movement, to enter into the record our revitalized dedication to the development in harmony of our countries and to restate our unswerving resolve to make sure that individually and collectively, we uplift our peoples to improve their quality of life and rid our societies of all traces of poverty and inequality.”

In taking over the presidency of SICA, Colom said he had strong hopes that the role of SICA will progress with the cooperation of all member countries.

He added, “I am certain that with all the presidents of Central America and the situations of Central America, we will continue to build a Central America that is already a little Caribbean.”



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Twenty five Belizean students graduate today and receive their Masters in Education with a specialization in Teacher education. Information Officer at the Ministry of Education is Arlette Gomez.

Arlette Gomez; Information Officer, Ministry of Education

“Two years ago the Ministry of Education along with the University of the West Indies embarked on this to train teacher trainers. We enrolled twenty five Belizeans in the Master in Education program with a specialization in teacher education. We have a lot of teachers in Belize but we don’t have a lot of teacher trainers and these people will now we equipped to train our teachers on pedagogical methods and other areas of training. They graduated today at the Princess Hotel in the Princess Room where the Minister of Education gave the key address. We had two representatives from the University of the West Indies who are here to address the graduates. What they will be doing now is that they will be placed in the teacher education institutions around the country where they offer the degrees in primary education and or secondary education, whichever one the teacher in. they will be facilitating the  courses for those programs.”


Customs Officers Detained for Moving Major Figures

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Three customs personnel are being held by Ladyville police tonight – after they were busted with a hefty sum of US dollars last night.Last night at around 8:00 pm, the Anti Drug Unit set up a roadblock at the Burrell Boom junction. Our information suggests that the ADU has information that one of the customs officers was carrying cash he had picked up from the home of a known drug dealer in Corozal Town. Our information suggests that he was supposed to carry the money to Belize City and deliver it to another suspect individual.

But the ADU nabbed the customs officer before he got to Belize City and found twenty-two thousand US dollars in his pocket. And while one officer had the money, the other officer and a customs guard were also detained. All three remain in police custody tonight. The matter is under review by the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Anti Drug Unit. The customs department has informed us that at this time – they are cooperating with police but not investigating.

BATSUB: The Short Goodbye

7 news | The British government of Prime Minister David Cameron says it must downsize the already minimal contingent of British Forces in Belize. The formal announcement came today in the form of a press release issued by the Belize Ministry of Defence. The exercise to reduce and close some military bases worldwide came shortly after the UK conducted a Strategic Defence and Security Review of its national security and defence priorities. Britain is facing tough economic times, and with both its regional and international security commitments spread thin across the globe, the UK public expenditure has been placed under tight scrutiny. Whilst the training base known in Belize as BATSUB won’t face closure, its operations will be significantly scaled back from 70 soldiers to a skeleton staff of less than 10, effective next January. The BATSUB Commander told us more today at Price Barracks:..

Lt. Col. Rob Lindsay, Commander BATSUB

“In January 2011 BATSUB will be identical to what it is at the moment, but sadly we will be reducing throughout the duration of 2011 and then in 2012. At the end of that process I would expect a British element between 6 and 8 soldiers and a locally employed element of just over 60 locally employed civilians. At the moment we are going to go through a reduction, but the key thing is that BATSUB will continue to exist, we will continue to train out here and at a strategic level government to government and the General who was visiting over the last two days had an extremely good office call your Prime Minister yesterday. At a strategic level the two governments are working hand in hand and a strategic partnership that we have had for many years between our two nations is going to continue.”

Commander of Belize Defence Forces, Brigadier General Dario Tapia says the downsizing of BATSUB’s operations will have minimal impact on the BDF, but expressed concern about losing Helicopter support for his forces.


Ship with Christmas Cargo Broken Down At Sea

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Tonight a number of local importers are at the pinnacle of frustration because a Ship full of their Christmas cargo has been broken down at Sea about five miles from the Port of Belize City for over a week. The problem is they can’t get their containers off the vessel – and many of them contain Christmas stock. We have confirmed that the Vessel named “ConeEast” is carrying about 90 containers which are destined for Belize. According to information from the internet, the vessel has a deadweight of almost nine thousand tonnes and the port does not have a tug that can haul it in.
As we understand it, the ConEast had engine problems coming into the Channel into Belize. The shipping agent today told us that part has been stuck in US Cusotms and is expected to be cleared tomorrow, so he expects that by Thursday it will be repaired.

And though we are told the engine does work of and on, the steering is unreliable and it cannot try to approach the pier at the port as there are justified fears that the ship could hit the pier and cause it to collapse. The agent today told us that the size of the vessel does not make it practical to offload it by barge….

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