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Both Peterson’s Arrested

David Peterson’s wife was arrested after xmas and they have both been charged with mail fraud in Florida.

If you have been defrauded by the Peterson’s,or if you know anyone who has,please email the Ambergris Daily on

Polyclinic update

Over the last few months, The San Pedro Sun has reported on the repairs the San Pedro PolyClinic II has been in need of, namely the major repairs needed to its roof in order to maintain operations. The repairs needed were to be completed at an estimated cost of $40,000.00 BZ, which would include the cost of materials – importation costs as well as stamp duties, labor and overseeing fee and a buffer for unexpected costs; and would provide a permanent solution to the Clinic’s roof problems. With the Ministry of Health initially committing to only $8,000 towards the project, the business community and residents of Ambergris Caye went full force at work to raise the additional funds of $32,000.00.
While the San Pedro Business Association (SPBA) commenced its efforts to raise the funds, Ms. Melinda Guerra, Action Regional Manager for the Central Health Region of the Ministry of Health went ahead and submitted a request to the Government of Belize for the total amount needed for the repairs.
With local entrepreneurs Mukul and Kelly Kanabar of Blue Water Grill, Caliente and Red Ginger restaurants generously offering to assist in the fund raising efforts by matching every dollar pledged by groups and individuals, raising the funds was not a difficult task. The goal was met on Tuesday October 26th at about 5:00pm when a final donation of $5000BZ was made by an anonymous donor and matched by the Kanabars.
In the meantime, while awaiting the commencement of the repair work on the roof of the PolyClinic, the SPBA learned that the Government of Belize had approved the funding for the repairs in mid-December. In an interview with Mrs. Syme of the SPBA, she stated, “in mid-December the PolyClinic’s request to the GOB was approved. The Ministry moved quickly to secure a building contractor and a contract was signed. At that time the SPBA informed the donors of the new development. The majority of the donated funds were returned to the donors as the funds had been collected for a specific purpose which was no longer necessary. A small portion of the donated funds are still pledged to assist in other PolyClinic projects.”
Mr. Vellos, Administrator for the San Pedro Poly Clinic informed The Sun that work has commenced on the clinic as of last week, however the duration of the project is not yet known. The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to offer special thanks to the community of Ambergris Caye, members of the San Pedro Lions, the Business Community and everyone that worked in the effort to collect the funds needed for the repairs. While the funds raised will not be used for its intended purpose, it remains a symbol of dedication of residents to work together for the betterment of the island.

David Peterson/Sapphire Beach

It appears that various of Mr. Peterson’s investors have banded together and have had him arrested for wire and mail fraud.He was detained at the bequest of the US Marshall Service and as further details become available we will publish them.

How did the San Pedro business community allow him to get away with what appears to be questionable business practices for so long? He threatened people with law suits if they even queried his sales techniques and his business plans. His basic theme was to enter into a purchase agreement on a piece of property with a very small down payment, have the seller issue a receipt for payment in full, and then apply for planning permission to build a resort,and then get gullible investors to make deposits.This plan could only lose money for our visitors to the island.

Peterson via. his cronies dominated the widely-read message board with over the top “recommendations” for Sapphire Beach, one of his developments. Despite warnings to Marty Casado(who lives in Oregon full time) the owner of website, Peterson’s paid advertising remained on the website and so did his message board cronies. Mr. Casado’s motives were probably honourable. He simply didn’t want Ambergris Caye to receive bad press. But, it is also possible that the Sapphire Beach advertising revenue also influenced Mr. Casado’s decision making. The end result is likely to be dozens of investors with hard earned money dumped into a worthless project, some of whom were lured by the chatter and recommendations on the message board.

Mr. Casado’s actions in refusing to allow people to post who were against Sapphire Beach/David Peterson doesn’t look terribly good and this paper will be interested in his comments,and if he feels any guilt at all in people losing their monies.

Many people will talk privately on this island but very few will actually come out and say what they really think as it will possibly affect their businesses. We at the paper wish to point out that if we keep allowing imported con-men to thrive in San Pedro we will have no businesses left as no-one will come.We as a community know all the con-men that have arrived on our shores,and we should as one tell them to leave.

Over the next few days this paper will provide details on resorts that are presently under construction that are desperately short of finance/maxed out at the bank and have a 1 in a 100 chance of being a success.

Arrest record of David Petterson

Click on the following link for the record of David Petterson’s arrest

David Peterson Arrested in Florida

Further to our story of today’s date David Peterson was arrested in Florida on dec. 23rd and is currently residing at Pinnellas county sherriffs office. More details to follow.

San Pedro Developer held in USA?

Rumours are reaching the Ambergris Daily that David Petersen,the developer of Sapphire Beach,and a US citizen,a project 8 miles north of San Pedro Town.It appears that this developer has finally upset his investors as they have banded together to find out what has happened to their investments,and he has reputedly had to surrender his passport to the US authorities.It appears that he is not allowed to travel outside of the USA.

Sapphire Beach was started over four years ago and made wildly improbable claims and many local businessmen pointed out that it would be impossible for these claims to come to fruition.Peter Lawrence,owner of Pedro’s Inn, was a frequent outspoken opponent of these claims.He pointed out through the medium of message boards and the generally media that for the prices charged and the amount of developments being started at one time would lead to disaster.A number of message boards banned him and deleted his comments as it was hurting their advertising income.

The Ambergris Daily is trying to get hold of the builder Mr. Sam Gonzalez to see what is going on but to no avail.All development appears to have stopped,and monies are owed everywhere by Mr. David Petersen,and his credit has run out with many of the  local hardware stores here and in Belize city.

Mr. Petersen has approximately six developments in various stages of construction in Belize and Central America,and all projects are way behind their completion schedules.

Hospital Gets Upgrade

7 news | The KHMH Medical Ward – through those walls, and beds pass Belize’s most unwell – and for some time, the battered ward itself had been looking sickly. But not anymore. The much trafficked area was given a face lift through a partnership between the Government and Fabrigas.



The Ambergris Daily heard last night that SAGA has appointed a new vet from Belize who will be coming to the island two days a week to take over from Dr Lauren Henckel who was released from her duties this week with a two week severance package.

SAGA informed the media that while costs have gone up donations have dried up due to the shrinking of the global economy, and also people not being able to afford to keep their pets. This was taken into consideration in their reorganisation which they hope will lead to a more streamlined organisation which will still be able to serve the residents of San Pedro. The animal shelter is being kept open full time and donations are expected to be able to run this.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital, and the San Pedro Animal Foundation hopes that all organisations will be able to work together for the benefit of the animals and their owners by promoting “animal care”. Mr. Forrest Jones director of SPAF has contacted SAGA to see if they need any help in the near future, and personally sees great benefits to the local community when everyone pulls in the same direction.

Competition and prize!

Ambergris Daily offers prizes for anyone who wants to go around the supermarkets and find out how many out of date foodstuffs they have. A prize of 2 pizzas for the person who finds the most! The competition stops friday next week (14th jan 2011).

Rotten foodstuffs for sale in San Pedro

I am sick to death of having to go into our various supermarkets and having to check the dates on all the foods. Of all the countries that I have travelled including Mexico,which at the time you were guaranteed to get Montezumas revenge in the eighties, I have never had to do this anywhere but here.


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