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Largest Boat ever brought inside the Reef

Years ago Carl Allen a property owner in San Pedro owned a 100 foot motor yacht.He wanted to dock it near the beach,and he brought it into where the Belize Yacht Club dock now is.This boat had a particularly small draft but he still had to take off the proppellers and drag it into shore using skiffs and ropes.The boat then resided on the seabed till he decided to take it back to the USA.

This one off experiment was relayed to me by long term resident Dick Davis, he remembers that there was quite a bit of damage to the bottom of the boat.Also long term resident Chris Beaumont, who holds a sea masters certificate, has said it is impossible to bring large or even medium sized boats to the west of the island,as they will get damaged.

The Ambergris Daily would like Mayan Islands Resort ( to reply and explain how they are going to get bigger boats through the reef over places that take no more than 5 foot draft,and how they are going against all public and professional opinions of how they are going to moor these boats.

The Ambergris Daily does not believe in Caveat Emptor.

Charlie’s Weekly Column

Hi, my name is Molly, I’m a rare Ambergris Sea Hound. My mum picked me out 5 years ago when I was a very small puppy so that I could grow up to be a huge vicious guard dog. She says that I didn’t grow very much but that I’m a great doorbell, whatever that is.

I’ve been asked,by Charlie, to write this article about a typical working day – I thought about it for a while and then decided that yes, the world did deserve to know more about me.

I love going to work, we get there via the beach every morning and that’s fantastic as there are coconuts all over the place on the beach. I love coconuts, they are my favourite thing. I love the chase them, roll on them, retrieve them, swim for them, bury them and chew them. Mum says I have OCD (Obsessive Coconut Disorder), whatever that is.

I work in the office at Pedro’s Inn where I help all the tourists find coconuts and tennis balls and make sure that they know exactly where to throw them for me. I also bark at them when they arrive to make sure they feel welcome then I escort them to their rooms and have a good sniff around before they unpack.

There are 2 things about going to work that are a little less fun: first, there’s the V.E.T. onsite (my mum thinks I can’t spell, but I know how to spell vet) and she does horrid things to me like give me pills when I’m sick (followed by a chewy), clips my toenails (followed by a chewy), looks after me when my mum is away (lots of chewies) – mum says this is all good stuff, but I remember that day long ago when she put a thermometer in my, well, you know…..
And the second thing is the big, hairy, trash-eating yeti – aka Jambo but I call him “Dumbo”, let’s face it, he’s a Golden Retriever and has no manners or etiquette like myself. He stands in the pool and drinks the water at the same time, ewwwwww! Every time I see him I bark at him about his lack of poise and grace, even his coconut chasing is messy, not refined like mine.

Charlie and I have a good working relationship, she’s the Alpha dog at work, and as long as I do whatever she says, we’re cool. If she wants my cushion, she can have it; if she wants to finish my water, she can have it; if she wants to eat my breakfast, she can have it. We have a very good symbiotic working relationship due to the fact that she’s not interested in my coconuts.

My day usually ends in the bar where I give the tourists the “sad” face and see how much pizza they can give me – it’s a great game Charlie, Jambo and I play most days. My mum doesn’t know it but we use one of the office chalk boards to keep score daily – Jambo is in the lead this week.

On the walk home on the beach, mum throws more coconuts for me and we often say hello to friends in different bars who are just hanging out there waiting for me to arrive so that they can throw their coconuts for me. I love coconuts.
Once we get home, I see my aunt and uncle who live upstairs – I love them both very much and uncle Paul throws more coconuts for me than anyone else. Mum say’s that uncle Paul is a “sucker”, whatever that is…

Reef Village Re-opened

Jeff Pierce,owner of Reef Village,has come to a deal with the Belize Tourism Board,and for the moment Reef Village has been granted permission to operate.Although it has been stated that all taxes must be brought up to date within a short period of time.

Peter Oberhaus sends report on Tourist Abuse

Readers will remember the awful story of the treatment that was dished out to them by Alexandra Nicholson,and her gang. The San Pedro Sun and other papers refused to publish the Oberhaus’s side of the story as their email had not been stamped by a notary or a lawyer. Well,we at the Ambergris Daily,have just received the original which has indeed been stamped by a notary.

They also informed us that if the Ambergris Daily is sued for bringing their story to the attention of the residents of San Pedro. That they will come back and testify that everything written was indeed the truth. Click the links below to read the PDF’s.


Reef Village closed by the BTB

Reef Village has been closed by the BTB who today ordered the police to put up signs to the effect that Reef Village is not allowed to trade or carry on any business on the premises.

It appears that hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes are owed to the BTB (Belize Tourism Board) and after many meetings with the CEO,Jeff Pierce, that monies were not forthcoming.They took the drastic step of closing down the resort,as it was felt that nobody took them seriously.

Cory McDermott who owns the theatre was contacted and he had no idea that orders from the government organisation had in effect closed his business down.

Having talked to a representative from the BTB the Ambergris Daily was told Reef Village is being held in non compliance on paying taxes on both the timeshares and for vacation rentals.They say the Mr.Pierce is going to pay shortly and they will then lift the stop orders that they have issued.The BTB would not say how much money was owing

Mr. Pierce was not answering his phone and was unable to be contacted.It is unclear if anyone can presently use their condos or villas on the property.

Further details will be released as they become available.

Sanford Health Announces Sanford Children’s Clinic Belize

Sanford Health Announces Sanford Children’s Clinic Belize

Children in Central America will soon have more pediatric healthcare closer to home. Sanford Health announced today its first international children’s clinic will be built in Belize City, Belize. The new Sanford Children’s Clinic Belize will be designed similar to other Sanford Children’s facilities and is expected to open in 2011. It is the second Sanford Children’s World Clinic announced by Sanford Health as part of the initiatives.

Tsunami Skydivers Return for Boogie VII

On February 12 the Tsunami Sky Divers return. Lead by the indominitable Richard Grimm they are coming to San Pedro over 140 strong.

Every year they bring gifts for the San Pedro library which are for the local children to use, and have arranged a poker tournament at Pedro’s which all are invited. Last year over 4000 bzd was collected as half the monies go to the prize pool and half to the library.

Every night while they are here the group goes to different localities to party up a storm.

For all the people who have never skydived it is a marvellous opportunity to take a tandem jump. For a comparatively small sum anyone can go up in the plane and attach themselves to a hugely experienced skydiver (some of the tsunami guys have competed at the world championships and won medals).Then launch themselves out of the plane and freefall for 6000 feet. All of this can be recorded by a videographer for an extra charge.

Anyone who wishes to reserve a tandem jump can contact Rich Grimm or contact Cindy at Pedro’s Inn

Great Flight Ticket Prices from USA to Belize

To Belize, Return, Taxes included:
Los Angeles $435
New York $455
Chicago $438
Boston $477
Miami $418 usd.

best deals we have seen in years

Tax on all Tropic and Maya Airline Tickets

The GOB has finally gone crackers.They have introduced a 5 bzd tax on anyone who flies on their aircraft.This charge is for  a one way or a round trip ticket-so it is better now to buy r/t.This will undoubtedly force more people onto the water taxis which will cut into the airlines profit,and of course then cut into the revenues that the GOB receive.The start date for this is  january 24 2011.

Belize needs less taxation and more help from the GOB to promote the major sources of income which are tourism and local produce.However it seems unlikely that anyone in Belmopan understands this.

Celebrating Carrie Fairweather Belgrave

7 news

Yesterday evening Belize lost one of its most outstanding women, well-known seventy -seven year old Carrie Fairweather Belgrave.Fairweather-Belgrave had been battling pancreatic cancer since the latter part of last year; she lost her fight with the disease at the KHMH yesterday evening around 6 due to respiratory complications.

Most of us came to know and love her on the screen as “Granny Tomasa” in the series “Noh Matta Wat”.


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