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Charlie Sheen to buy an Island in Belize?

Rumours have reached the Ambergris Daily that representatives of Charlie Sheen, the star of the tv sitcom series two and a half men, are visiting Belize. They, according to a reputable realtor, are looking for an island to purchase, and to develop. It was implied that the development would reflect Mr. Sheen’s hedonistic and polygamist lifestyle.
The star is currently in a polygamous relationship with a former porn star and nanny. His ex wife is very unhappy with this situation and is currently trying to have the custody of their children reviewed by a californian judge.

Yesterdays Immigration Article

The Ambergris Daily would like to point out that Mailboxes only charge 50 cents for a photocopy not 2bzd as stated

Trivia Contest at Roadkill Bar Tonight

Come one and all to the Roadkill bar tonight and challenge the brilliant reigning champions (me, Laurie and friends).

Starts at 7.15ish -great fun and the money prize for the winners is always handy.

Shrimp prices Raised

The price of shrimp both in San pedro and on the mainland is going higher as it appears that there is now only one working shrimp farm  in Belize which is owned by the Bowen family, and that is going through a period of reorganisation.

It is understood by the Ambergris Daily that there will be no 5 lb boxes of shrimp available for the next couple of months, and the price will be significantly higher. The good news is that after months of uncertainty the Bowen shrimp farm will remain open.

Red Tape & Bureaucratic Apathy in San Pedro Immigration

Last fall – around November or so – Immigration suddenly instituted a new policy that heedlessly and needlessly inconveniences foreigners who want to renew their 30-day tourist visas.  Immigration has decided that it needs its own copy of the Treasury receipt for its own records. (more…)

Who has to Follow the Parking Rules in San Pedro?

Certailnly not the town board as one of their members left a golf cart over night on the left hand side of front street which meant that on monday morning (March 1) it was on the wrong side. The traffic officials said we will not give parking tickets to the town board, as way of an explanation, was that they are too important and can basically park vehicles where they like. The town administrator said well the person in charge of the golf cart would not pay the ticket so she said there was no point in issuing one in the first place.

The offending vehicle was finally moved after 10.00am. If this vehicle had been a rental or indeed belonging to an individual a parking ticket would have been issued immediately. This just appears to be one law for them and one for everyone else. Well at least we should be happy in the knowledge that they are all working so hard for the benefit of all of us here in San Pedro.

While the Cat is Away the Mice Do Play-Or do They?

We are hearing at the Ambergris Daily that one of our least favourite people is asking her friends who live north of the bridge to check up on her husband while she is away visiting north of the Belizean border.

It appears the husband is suspected to have employed a young lady to help with the running and upkeep of his house. We at the Ambergris Daily believe that it is purely a working and platonic relationship and no-one has to worry or indeed gossip about this situation.

Indian Night at Pedro’s this Friday

Cindy’s bar night is as everyone knows is on friday nights and this week she has decided to have an Indian night. The regulars know the drill as she asks for most people to book in advance. Remember the food comes from Belize City and only so much is purchased. There is always vindaloos,madrases, tikka massallas, rogan joshes, and much much more.

So come down to Pedro’s and have great food that is not often available in San Pedro.

Football Today at Pedro’s

Chelsea play Manchester United live to day at Belize time 2.00pm. It is a game Chelsea must win to stay in the premier league race. If they lose it becomes a two horse race between the mighty Arsenal, who proved on sunday that not all cups are worth winning, and the cheating,whinny Man Utd.

Why do Vegetables Cost More in Belize

Yesterday I prepared a salad and it cost over 60 bzd for two. This is a crazy price when you see what was in the salad.

1. lettuce


3.avocado (small)

4. new potatoes

5. boiled eggs

6. cherry tomatoes

7. onion

8 whole roasted chicken

9. fresh bread

The meal itself was absolutely delicious (even though I say so myself) but when one sees that the ingredients just across the border in Chetumal cost less than a third than they do in San Pedro. Why are healthy foods so much more expensive here is it taxes or is it just basic greed of the importers who make it difficult for others to bring foodstuffs across the border. We at the Ambergris Daily do not know the answers, and will publish any email from our readers that can explain these anomalies.

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