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The Trials and Tribulations of Living with a Vet

At 3.00am this morning my cel phone started to ring, and of course it was impossible to find. Well, after finding the phone I called back and found that it was Janet from Seaduced and her dog LaLa was being violently ill.

Dr. Laurie got on the phone and told her to bring Lala to the San Pedro Animal Hospital immediately. After a while Laurie came and woke me up and I had to come and help her put in an IV into Lala’s arm. Dr. Laurie got back to bed at 6.00am, and will have to do an emergency operation this morning which will hopefully go well.

Even though I say so myself we are lucky to have a 24 hour on call veterinary service here in San Pedro. The one bad point is that I have to help and learn how to be the vet’s assistant which at this time in the morning definitely interrupts my hangover.


As a veterinarian in San Pedro, I have to say that one of my least favorite sights is a dog with advanced heartworm disease passing through my clinic door.

THe Reaper Skydivers Poker Cup on Sunday

Remember all are welcome on sunday at Pedro’s to play in the “Reaper’s SkydiversPoker Cup” which is to be held on sunday night at 7.00pm. This is a Texas Hold EM poker tournament and the best player may win.

All are welcome and half the money collected will be donated to the library. The entrance fee is 200 bzd and half of that goes to the library. Last year the tournament raise nearly 4000bzd for this worthy cause.

Please come and support -we will see you on sunday

Paella Night at Pedro’s

Tomorrow night is Paella Night at Pedro’s where with the support of Premium Wines who have donated a few bottles of the old spanish vino. So for 25 bzd  one gets a plate of paella and a glass of wine. It should be a tremendous night especially as Cindy, the worlds greatest bartender is once again putting a stint behind the old woodwork.

If you wish to book call Pedro’s at 226-3825

Escrow Safe or Not?

Having written only a few days ago about the escrow situation in Belize. It has come to light that Coldwell Banker has lost a clients money. This is not good for one the buyer and two for us as a community as we keep allowing charlatans to operate with impunity and hide behind well people should buy from us, as we are professionals or the famous “caveat emptor”.


Crooks at Coldwell Banker in San Pedro

In the past two years Coldwell Banker situated on Coconut Drive have had two people whisked off back to the jolly old USA , by the US Marshalls and the FBI in two seperate cases. This does not leave a warm fuzzy feeling as once can be seemed as an accident but twice is almost unheard of. RJ  Cover is awaiting sentencing in Bucks County in Pennsylvania. It is understood that he will receive a very long sentence as he has pled guilty to over100 counts of fraud.



Tomorrow night is Trivia Night at Pedro’s Inn – can anyone beat the reigning champions The Fantastic Four. They came from nowhere last week and beat the Sneaky Ninjas by just one point. The winning team should be taking home quite  a lot of money this week as attendance is high! The quiz mistress has apparently changed the format slightly this week so everyone is in for a nice surprise! Be there at 7.30pm. There are rumours of Pedro buying the winning team a round of shots too.

Booking Tandem Skydiver Packages in San Pedro

The tsunami skydivers are taking bookings for skydiving packages which will start from this sunday febuary 13th until february 20th.

The prices are 225usd for the jump itself and 110usd for the video, which is optional. Bookings can be made,in advance at the Sunbreeze Hotel or at Pedro’s Inn. Once they start jumping bookings will only be taken at the Sunbreeze where one goes through the foyer to the large tent where there is a booking desk.

Without a doubt seeing our favourite island from 12,000 feet, and then launching oneself from a plane with only a piece of silk is one of the most incomparable feelings that one can imagine.

Paella Night at Pedro’s

Friday night at Pedro’s will feature Hugo as guest chef at Pedro’s. He will be cooking his two paella dishes, and Pedro’s are expecting a large crowd.

Hugo comes from Argentina, in has a restaurant in Alicante, Spain which his family run and a restaurant in San Pedro called Aji. His particular style of cooking has made him one of the best chefs on the island and the event is not to be missed.

Pedro’s takes reservations and the gourmet paella will be served from 7.00pm on this coming friday night.

Skydivers Start to Arrive

Rich Grimm was spotted, last night, at Pedro’s Inn playing poker. His poker play over the last few years has improved dramatically, and he considers all the money that is on the table as his very own bonus.

This is the biggest year ever for the skydivers, and with over 200 individuals arriving over the next few weeks is a very welcome boost to the island economy. During the next couple of weeks Rich has 7 full days of partying where very night they go to a different bar/restaurant. This shows the new arrivals what the island is like, and many of his jumpers have come back with their families to show them how great “Isla Bonita” really is.

Rich deserves a huge debt of gratitude from the business owners of San Pedro, as he does more for tourism on this island than any of the paid advisors/marketeers employed by the government agencies. The Ambergris Daily believes that one year he should be made person of the year in San Pedro.

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