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Dean Barrow agrees to tête-à-tête with Amalia Mai

Amandala |

Will Government’s boycott of Channel 5 end this week?
That all depends on the outcome of a meeting planned for tomorrow, Thursday, December 23, between the two parties. Amandala has been reliably informed that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has agreed to have a face-to-face meeting with Amalia Mai, Channel 5 News Director and Chief Executive Officer of the parent company, Great Belize Productions, at his office at the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Belize City location on Coney Drive, a stone’s throw away from the TV station.
The agreement to talk, according to the Prime Minister, was reached yesterday, Tuesday, after Mai wrote him a letter, and former Channel 5 director Stewart Krohn, former president of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), called on the CBU’s behalf, offering to serve as mediator in the dispute between the government and Channel 5/Great Belize Productions.
Barrow said that the parties have, however, decided to talk without CBU intervention.

RIP Michael Fox

News has reached us of the sad passing of long-time resident Michael Fox from liver cancer.  A memorial will be held at The Purple Parrot Bar on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 at 3pm. May he rest in peace.

Daily San Pedro Belize Weather Forecast December 20th

General Situation: High pressure ridge supporting relatively cool and dry conditions…24hr Forecast: Mostly sunny today and partly cloudy tonight with little or no rain over the mainland, and isolated showers over the open sea. Winds: North-northeast at 5-15 knots. Sea State: Choppy.  Outlook: Tuesday and Tuesday night: cloudy spells with isolated showers mainly over coastal areas. Highs: 28°C/82°F Lows: 20°C/68°F.

A plea from the organisers of the meeting on Friday

Would all those who attended the meeting at the Lion’s Den on Friday please send or bring copies of the signed letter to the office of Pedro’s Inn or Pelican properties.

Kangaroo citizens court at Reef Village

A follow-up to the ‘Most devious’ story of December 18th of the Oberhaus’s sad plight;

The following youtube video was filmed on the Reef Village property by Ms. Alexandra Nicholson; (right-click and select ‘open link in new tab’)

Readers may remember the tourist couple who were hounded by Ms. Alexandra Nicholson and her supporters. Ms. Alexandra Nicholson convened a ‘court’ in Reef Village with the help of local dignitaries and demanded money for the unfortunate Oberhaus’s. It is believed that $5000 USD was handed over. The owner of Reef Village Mr Jeff Pierce had no idea this was happening on his property and is investigating this matter. The BTB have been informed of this by the San Pedro Business Association and have been told that the police investigation will happen over the next couple of days.

It is believed that the only medical bills that Jessie could provide to Inspector Arnold were two X-rays that cost $90 BZ. In the youtube video you will see Jessie wearing a neck brace at the meeting, this was the first time she was seen wearing one.

Editors note: We are appalled by this situation and need to stress that we cannot allow our tourists and our guests to the island to be treated in this disgraceful way, we have laws in this country and they should be followed. We cannot allow certain devious citizens to manipulate our guests.

More to follow….

SP Lions Host Annual Christmas Party for Senior Citizens

San Pedro Sun | The San Pedro Lions Club held their annual Senior Citizen party last night. Island residents over the age of 60 were invited to an evening of turkey dinner with all the trimmings, drinks, gifts, raffle prizes and dancing to the music of Rompe Raja. The festive night was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended.

Baby Daniel Comes Home

San Pedro Sun | In an emotional scene at the Tropic Air terminal in San Pedro, family and friends of Ilda, Daniel and Baby Daniel gathered to welcome home a smiling, healthier Baby Daniel Estell Jr. The family was scheduled to arrive Saturday December 18, 2010, but a delay in flight left them stranded overnight in El Salvador. They made it in at 11:00am on Sunday instead, and the welcoming committee was most ecstatic.

After several months of waiting (in the USA) and finally getting a chance at survival in Colombia, SA, Baby Daniel has been through the worst, and can now be closer to everyone at home.
Baby Daniel was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia – a rare liver disorder – that required major surgery and transplants. With his parents by his side, and father Daniel Sr. a match for the liver he needed, both Daniels underwent a successful surgery and the byproduct is a smiling, bouncing and happy baby boy who underwent a most miraculous transformation.

Guatemala takes over SICA presidency from Belize

Caribbean News Now | SAN PEDRO, Belize — Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Thursday handed over the presidency of the Central American Integration System (SICA) to the president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, at the tourist island of San Pedro in Belize.

Barrow in his remarks said that SICA has been the engine in mechanisms that drive development of the region.

He added, “It will be timely for us to reassert at this meeting our ultimate commitment to the integration movement, to enter into the record our revitalized dedication to the development in harmony of our countries and to restate our unswerving resolve to make sure that individually and collectively, we uplift our peoples to improve their quality of life and rid our societies of all traces of poverty and inequality.”

In taking over the presidency of SICA, Colom said he had strong hopes that the role of SICA will progress with the cooperation of all member countries.

He added, “I am certain that with all the presidents of Central America and the situations of Central America, we will continue to build a Central America that is already a little Caribbean.”


Tourists suffer extortion threats from one of San Pedro’s MOST DEVIOUS and are assisted and exonerated by some of San Pedro’s Business Owners

On the 8th of December (a couple of Wednesdays ago) in the evening, Mr. Peter Oberhaus, a tourist from Europe, was driving his rental golf cart back to his rental unit at Reef Village. He heard a voice shouting at him from the direction he just came from, near the Mayan Secrets Spa owned by Ms. Alexandra Nicholson. It was a woman and man. The man claimed that Mr. Oberhaus had struck his wife with the golf cart. Mr. Oberhaus was very surprised because he didn’t see or feel any impact. The woman looked fine. Nevertheless Mr. Oberhaus was very concerned and agreed to report the matter to the police. This he did.

Mr. Oberhaus was then forced to spend 16 hours in a jail cell in the San Pedro Police Station.

Mr. Oberhaus’s wife who was staying at the Reef Village condo was not informed and spent the night alone. Next morning she was able to discover her husband’s predicament. The nightmare was only just starting for this tourist couple….

It turned out that the woman allegedly struck by the golf cart, who is called “Jessie” is an employee of Mayan Secret’s Spa owner Alexandra Nicholson. Ms. Nicholson is a well known island personality who specializes in unsuccessful law suits trying to extort property and money from those unfortunate enough to cross her path. Never being one to let a good opportunity pass Ms. Nicholson proceeded to try and extort $14,000US from the unfortunate (and by now terrified) tourist couple, claiming serious injury to “Jessie”, medical expenses and mental trauma. This is the same “Jessie” seen by many witnesses cheerfully going about her business the next day. A week later the terrified tourists made a payment of $9000BZE on their American Express credit card to Alexandra Nicholson. Of course this was not enough for Alexandra and she proceeded to threaten the Oberhaus’s with imminent arrest and detention in Belize. Ms. Nicholson has had unfortunates arrested at Belize International Airport on at least one other previous occasion, usually in a losing cause.

So, let’s summarize: A tourist is informed he has hit a woman with his golf cart. The woman is fine. The woman’s employer (Alexandra Nicholson) has the tourist locked up for 16 hours at the police station while demanding $14,000US in damages and imaginary and unproved medical expenses. This drags out for one week; the tourist pays $9000BZE to Ms. Nicholson and is threatened with immediate detention without right to leave Belize.

Enter the cavalry.

Fortunately yesterday, Thursday, the Oberhaus’s spoke to a well known hotel and bar owner who is quite conversant with the ways of the devious Ms. Alexandra Nicholson. Within a few hours here’s what happened:

The well known hotelier contacted his friend, Aldo Reyes of Glen Godrey Law Co. a lawyer, in Belize City. The payment for $9000BZE made on the tourist’s credit card was reversed. 

Mr. Arnold, head of the San Pedro Police, after meeting the unfortunate couple and hearing their story, immediately called for Ms. Nicholson and an employee of Reef Village called Byron (who managed with Ms. Nicholson to get $1000 in cash from the unfortunate couple) to be brought to the police station immediately to be interviewed with what he viewed as extortion.

Ms. Nicholson has been released but was informed that Mr Arnold will be investigating all charges against her and her participation in these instances, and also advised not to leave the country.

Mr. Oberhaus after being exonerated by Mr. Arnold thanked all the wonderful people of the San Pedro Business Association, Mr. Arnold,  Mr. Eddie Halliday, Elito Arceo of Seaduced and Peter Lawrence of Pedro’s Inn. Mr. Oberhaus’s wife who is in her mid seventies was crying tears of joy saying “Thank God we can still buy Christmas presents for our grandchildren”.

Ground breaking ceremony held for newly named “John Greif Airport”

San Pedro Sun | A ground breaking ceremony for the rehabilitation and upgrading of the airstrip was held today Thursday, December 16, 2010 on location at the San Pedro Airstrip. On hand for this momentous occasion were Michael Singh (current CEO of Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture), Captain Carlos Salazar, President of the Board of Directors (COCESNA), Mr. Bayardo Paguada, Executive President (COCESNA), Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. (Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture) and Mr. Kenworth Tillett (Belize Ports Authority).

The airstrip’s new name was also announced at the groundbreaking ceremony. What was always known as the San Pedro Airstrip is now going to be called “John Greif Airport”.

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