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San Pedro Developer held in USA?

Rumours are reaching the Ambergris Daily that David Petersen,the developer of Sapphire Beach,and a US citizen,a project 8 miles north of San Pedro Town.It appears that this developer has finally upset his investors as they have banded together to find out what has happened to their investments,and he has reputedly had to surrender his passport to the US authorities.It appears that he is not allowed to travel outside of the USA.

Sapphire Beach was started over four years ago and made wildly improbable claims and many local businessmen pointed out that it would be impossible for these claims to come to fruition.Peter Lawrence,owner of Pedro’s Inn, was a frequent outspoken opponent of these claims.He pointed out through the medium of message boards and the generally media that for the prices charged and the amount of developments being started at one time would lead to disaster.A number of message boards banned him and deleted his comments as it was hurting their advertising income.

The Ambergris Daily is trying to get hold of the builder Mr. Sam Gonzalez to see what is going on but to no avail.All development appears to have stopped,and monies are owed everywhere by Mr. David Petersen,and his credit has run out with many of the  local hardware stores here and in Belize city.

Mr. Petersen has approximately six developments in various stages of construction in Belize and Central America,and all projects are way behind their completion schedules.

Hospital Gets Upgrade

7 news | The KHMH Medical Ward – through those walls, and beds pass Belize’s most unwell – and for some time, the battered ward itself had been looking sickly. But not anymore. The much trafficked area was given a face lift through a partnership between the Government and Fabrigas.



The Ambergris Daily heard last night that SAGA has appointed a new vet from Belize who will be coming to the island two days a week to take over from Dr Lauren Henckel who was released from her duties this week with a two week severance package.

SAGA informed the media that while costs have gone up donations have dried up due to the shrinking of the global economy, and also people not being able to afford to keep their pets. This was taken into consideration in their reorganisation which they hope will lead to a more streamlined organisation which will still be able to serve the residents of San Pedro. The animal shelter is being kept open full time and donations are expected to be able to run this.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital, and the San Pedro Animal Foundation hopes that all organisations will be able to work together for the benefit of the animals and their owners by promoting “animal care”. Mr. Forrest Jones director of SPAF has contacted SAGA to see if they need any help in the near future, and personally sees great benefits to the local community when everyone pulls in the same direction.

Competition and prize!

Ambergris Daily offers prizes for anyone who wants to go around the supermarkets and find out how many out of date foodstuffs they have. A prize of 2 pizzas for the person who finds the most! The competition stops friday next week (14th jan 2011).

Rotten foodstuffs for sale in San Pedro

I am sick to death of having to go into our various supermarkets and having to check the dates on all the foods. Of all the countries that I have travelled including Mexico,which at the time you were guaranteed to get Montezumas revenge in the eighties, I have never had to do this anywhere but here.


San Pedro Animal Foundation

The San  Pedro Animal Foundation was created to provide low-cost or free spay and neuter services and low-cost medical services for animals in need.  After working for one year for Saga Humane Society, I began doing similar work in Sarteneja with the Peace Corps.  This program has been a great success and has shown me that there are many ways to help a community’s animals.  This kind of work is the reason I came to Belize.
The San Pedro Animal Foundation was also created to help in situations where Saga could not, whether it be because of lack of a doctor of veterinary medicine, lack of equipment, or lack of money.  Although donations have come primarily from my friends and family abroad, we also have collected donations in our clinic in a donation can.  San Pedro Trivia winners at Pedro’s and Road Kill Bar have also frequently donated.  No large fundraisers have been performed out of respect for Saga Humane Society.  Competition was never our goal.
Due to recent events, the San Pedro Animal Foundation money is being used rapidly.  See our most recent blog as an example at  Another way that San Pedro Animal Hospital will attempt to help the community is with a monthly low-cost vaccination clinic, details to be announced soon.
We are offering to help Saga Humane Society directly as well.  I am personally offering to help with the spays and neuters, as I have in the past, and Pedro’s will offer to hold a fundraiser,as has been done very successfully in the past.  These offers will be presented to a Saga Humane Society director through one of our San Pedro Animal Foundation directors.
This is a very small island.  When we all find a way to work together good things happen.  When we continue to attempt to compete everyone suffers, including the animals.

Letter from the Oberhaus’

This is in return to previous articles about Alexander Nicholson from December 18th and January 1st.

Please read the Oberhaus’ report! Please note they are in their seventies.


The Toll Bridge

When Barry Bowen lent the town money to build the bridge it was under the condition that once the money had been paid back that traveling across the bridge would be free. This obviously has not happened as the bridge is still collecting monies in vast amounts everyday. It was also said that taxis would never be allowed over the bridge, this has obviously changed and now the bridge tolls are collecting even more money.

Has anyone noticed that it always the same people collecting the money? They never take a day off and work incredibly long hours. When you buy a ticket the ticket distributor always tries to only give you the return half of the ticket. What happens to the half that takes you over the bridge? While it would be wrong to write that people employed by the town board are doing very nicely out of running the office, it would behoove the town board to actually print weekly reports of how much the bridge actually makes.

After all it is the peoples of San Pedro’s monies, and accountability should be provided by the Town Board.


Hello and Happy New Year to all the humans on my island – Ambergris Caye.  I know you all know who I am, but just in case you forgot, I’m Charlie, and I have ruled San Pedro as the Alpha Female for the last 10 years.


Crocodile Confiscated

San Pedro Sun |

On Thursday December 23rd at around 10:00am, Vince Rose and Cherie Chenot-Rose of ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) received a phone call from the San Pedro Police Department informing them that the Police had confiscated a small American Crocodile. According to information received from the police, a man was seen walking in the San Mateo area, with the crocodile. The man was informed by the police officer of the risk he runs by having the crocodile in his possession. The police then took the crocodile and placed it in the care of the ACES team.
According to Biologist Chenot-Rose, the croc appeared to have been a captive animal as it was suffering from a condition called Belly Rot – Brown Spotting Disease, which is prevalent in ill kept crocs. The croc measured 40 inches (3ft 4in) and weighed about 10 pounds. There was a mark where it appeared to have been hooked in the back. The ACES team administered medical attention to the confiscated crocodile and held it under observation for 12 hours after which it was tagged and re-released into a small canal on the southern end of the island near the Port Authority.
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