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Charlie’s Poker Report at Pedro’s Inn

Well it is a longtime since I wrote a report, and so tonight went in the poker room. To my absolute disgust there was no-one eating pizza. (more…)

San Pedro Vet Leaving April 13

Dr. Laurie Droke is leaving San Pedro on april 13 and returning on april 27th. The San Pedro Animal Hospital will remain open for grooming but obviously no vet services will be offered although repeat prescriptions can be filled. Anyone needing to see her should try and make an appointment before she leaves.

Dr. Laurie is going back to learn new techniques and procedures at an animal hospital based in San Fransisco. The good news for SPAH is that by continuing her ongoing education that she becomes an even better vet than she already is.

The Deadliest Job in the World

Last night when the Ambergris Daily was drinking with around a 100 British soldiers who over the next few months will be going to Afghanistan, and their job is far more dangerous than any TV show like The Deadliest Catch.  (more…)

Property Taxes in San Pedro

It is said that the San Pedro Town Council only collects 40% or so of new property taxes every year. (more…)

Tacklebox/Pedro’s and Bar 1755 join together

These bars and hotel joined together and decided to give half price drinks to the soldiers who are fighting for freedom from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The soldiers were seriously grateful as they drank to excess but were polite to all of the guests in all three bars.

The Ambergris Daily congratulates all three establishments in supporting our active troops.

Weather today in San Pedro

San Pedro looks like having a great day as the sun is shining and the sea appears relatively calm which means it is a fabulous day to go diving. Also a tremendous day to go to the beach and sunbathe.

Liquor Licenses

Who is in charge of making sure that all establishments that sell liquor/beer and wine have licenses. Well the answer to this is the San Pedro Town Council Liquor Licensing Board. They acknowledge that many businesses are selling beer that do not have licenses but are powerless to do anything as the police will not work with them in stopping the illegal shops/bars etc.

The Ambergris Daily asks the Liquor Board to give a list of all businesses that sell liquor which do not have the required licenses to the San Pedro Business Association. This organistaion We are sure will be able to help them.

How Many Illegal People in San Pedro

It is becoming to be a problem in San Pedro that we are having many people move from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras etc. They are moving into the poorer parts of town (San Juan, San Pedrito and San Marcos) , and some get jobs in construction but others just seem to survive without any visible form of income. (more…)

Deputy Mayor Removed in San Pedro

Pablo Ico has been fired from his position as deputy mayor. No further information has been broadcast but it was made known that the Town Board was very unhappy that he awarded himself 25 golf cart licenses.

Road to be Extended in San Pedro

The Town Board has sent a letter to the general public saying that they will be extending the road  from Victoria House going south. (more…)

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