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Maya Island Air to Fly Daily to The USA

Maya Island Air has leased a 737, is currently arranging to fly it from New Orleans to Belize International, and then onto Fort Lauderdale. This is to be a daily flight, and it is hoped that they will start before easter.

Without a doubt this is the most exciting news that the tourism sector has had in the last few years because this is really going to bring another 1000 people a week to Belize. Over a decade ago there was a bi-weekly flight from Louisanna, and the flights were stopped, but now with the problems in Mexico we believe that it will be a very popular route.


Get your Free Planes at Belize Intenational

A few months ago a Beachcraft twin engine King Air was impounded by the Belize authorities. This plane had been involved in the smuggling  illegal narcotics from Honduras to Mexico. The plane was kept at the Belize International terminal, as the authorities had to decide what to do with it and the owners, for obvious reasons, could not be found.

Last week a couple of Mexicans turned up and told the BAA (Belize Airport Authority) that they were to take the plane on a test flight. The unnamed person at the BAA handed over the keys and off went our two jolly Mexicans on their flight.


Tourism up in San Pedro

It appears that the amount of tourists that arrived in San Pedro in january of this year is far higher than last, and many of the restaurant owners are rubbing their hands with glee. On monday night almost every restaurant on front and middle street appeared to be full with even queues forming at some of the more popular eateries.

Many hotels are saying that their bookings are far higher for february and march than they have been for years. The tour operators are also highly optimistic, and they too are anticipating a bumper year.

This will be very welcome to both the banks and their customers as loans will obviously start to be paid back, and this releases more money into the community which will lead to further job opportunities by the opening of new businesses.

Tropic Airlines to start New Route

Tropic Airlines are planning on starting daily direct flights to Guatemala City from next month. This will be a huge boost for the tourism industry, especially in San Pedro, as it will allow many people to visit the island for a weekend break which up till now was almost impossible.

We at the Ambergris Daily congratulate the far sightedness. and business acumen of Tropic Airlines.

Independent Mayor to run next March in San Pedro

Rumours have filtered through to the Ambergris Daily that an independent candidate will run against the PUP (People United Party) and the UDP (United Democratic Party) representatives next march.

Details are very sketchy but it appears this person who is a San Pedrano will only run as independent candidate and will not have any say on the election of councillors who will come from the UDP and the PUP.

We at the newspaper hope that this rumour is indeed true, and will offer our full support to this as yet unnamed candidate.

Big Daddy’s Closing in San Pedro

We reported last month that the iconic Big Daddy’s night club was rumoured to be closed. Well the mayor, and her family who own the establishment have confirmed that when they receive planning permission that they will demolish the present building. In its place they will build a number of apartments.

We at the Ambergris Daily hope that the apartments will be built without disputes with the local planning board and that there will be plenty of room to park all the vehicles of the prospective owners. We also take this opportunity to congratulate the mayor and her family on their fiscal responsibilty on managing to build two apartment buildings in this present economic recession.

Splat Returns

Those of you who follow Charlie’s weekly animal column will have read Splat the cat’s outlook on life. Unfortunately when we arrived back from Cuba Splat was nowhere to be found, and had not been seen for over 36 hours which led to searches being organised but all to no avail.

This morning at the ungodly hour of 6.00 a.m. there was a loud screech and suddenly there was Splat leaping over the fence, running up the stairs and heading straight through the front door. Without a pause she hopped onto the couch and jumped onto the top of the fridge, and started her breakfast. After her repast straight to the bedroom where she curled up and went to sleep.

Well they say it is a dogs life. After this I am not so sure.

Superbowl Party at Pedro’s Inn

Two 60 inch TVs will show the Superbowl at Pedro’s – great prices on drinks specials, fabulous superpunchbowl! bet on the score squares – $5 and 10$. You can go to Pedro’s at anytime to bet on the squares. They are kicking off the fun-filled afternoon at 4pm. Be there and get a square.

Apologies to Readers

The intrepid reporter is back from Cuba,and has to apologise for the spelling mistakes on the articles written whilst on his travels to Cuba. Internet service in Cuba is very slow and very difficult to use.

Fo all those wanting to go to Cuba, and for those that do will find that it is not a cheap or budget place to visit. However it is well worth visiting and the people are very friendly, and Havana has fabulous restaurants.

Playa del Carmen vs San Pedro

Playa del Carmen has become so expensive to visit in the last couple of years. When they were building the pedestrian road on 5th avenue it used to be a game to see how many friends or enemies you would meet just walking up and down. Unfortunately, this has come to a  stop with budget hotels charging close to or over a 100usd per night. The restaurant prices have all risen significantly and it seems a couple need around 500usd for 24 hours.

This has happened for a couple of reasons: firstly the Mexican drug mafia has moved in and they charge a serious amount of money to businesses for protection. The police also do not appear to have clean hands, and do very little to stop any major crime as the drug gangs just threaten their families. With over 32,000 deaths in Mexico due to drug and criminal warfare, with beheadings, mass executions, and general killing this is affecting their tourism dramatically and their way of life.

In San Pedro we have none of this and we should thank our lucky stars that this does not happen here. However we will have to watch that we do not allow the drug gangs and the various criminal gangs to takeover our little town. We as a community compared to Mexico offer our children a better future and we need to keep it this way.

The Ambergris Daily believes that we should have more communication with the police and the government to protect our freedoms and our way of life which is greatly envied by the countries on our borders.

We as an island community cannot lose this and it is up to everyone of us to protect our and our guests’ liberties and enjoyment. Let Playa del Carmen be our wake up call, and make sure that we do not end up treading the same path as they have done.

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