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Sports Report-

It has been pointed out to the Ambergris Daily that since we have been reporting on Arsenal Football Club that they have lost every game that they have played.

We humbly apologise to the millions of Arsenal supporters around the world and take full blame for the defeats that the mighty reds have suffered and will not be writing about them anymore.

Joe Parker from Idaho

This person sent the most disgusting and abusive email that the Ambergris Daily has ever had the misfortune to read. He works in in or at Alert Automotive in Coeur D Alene in Idaho.

The email has been turned over to the authorities and the immigration department are awaiting Mr. Parker’s arrival, when ever that maybe, so that they can interview him.

Weather today March 16 in San Pedro

Looking out of the window there it is cloudy but a lot warmer than yesterday. The sea is calm so it is perfect for diving. We expect the sun to break out in the afternoon but we would like all visitors to be aware that even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds it is still possible and likely to get sun burned. So please remember that if you have fair skin use sun tan lotion.

Sapphire Beach Further Updates

At Ambergris Daily we have been somewhat sceptical about the legitimacy of the Sapphire Beach development. (more…)

Weather Today in San Pedro

The weather today looks and feels like rain. The skies are overcast and the sea is calm which is good for diving but absolutely useless for sunbathing. The weather reports say that it will get better in the afternoon but this writer has his doubts.

House Owners Stopping Locals from using Docks

It is becoming apparent that various people who own houses, and docks facing the reef are refusing to follow the laws of Belize and allow locals,residents and tourists to use their docking facilities. The dock in question is just north of Grand Caribe and next to the restaurant Aji. (more…)

How Many Places are There to Buy Vegetables in San Pedro?

A few weeks ago it was reported in the Ambergris Daily that vegetables here on the island are very expensive compared to the mainland where the price is at least half and then half again if one shops in Mexico or Guatemala.

Well yesterday Charlie and Jambo, travelling in a golf cart, went from the bridge,around front and middle and back streets and then down to Mr. Joe’s which is by Pelican Reef Villas. Between them they counted 35 places to buy vegetables, and they agreed which is highly unusual that they must have missed some as they did not visit San Pedrito or San Juan. This includes supermarkets, street vendors and vegetable shops. There are three new vegetable shops that have just opened on front and middle streets.

For the first time in ages we have more shops selling vegetables than hardware. However as we have a population of 17,500 approx, it means that for every 500 men women and children there is a place to buy vegetables. The Ambergris Daily thinks that this is far too many as it proves that we as residents of the island are paying too much for our produce.

One final point Charlie and Jambo contrary to popular belief do not actually like vegetables.

Unbelievably Brilliant Police Work by Corporal Hernandez and the SPPD

I am a homeowner at Blue Reef Island Resort. We spent our spring break there with another family from Atlanta this week. On Friday night our three 18 year old boys spent their last night in town. (more…)

Texas Hold ‘EM Poker in San Pedro at Pedro’s Poker Club

At the present moment in time the only place to play poker is at Pedro’s Sports Bar which is situated at Pedro’s Inn on Seagrape Drive. (more…)

San Patrick’s Day Party at Pedro’s

On March 17th,which falls n this thursday, all good and not so good Irishmen know is Saint Patricks day. Every year Pedro’s celebrate this mega event, as his sainted mother is from Clontarf which is a suburb of Dublin. (more…)

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