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Why do Golf Carts Cost so Much to Rent

It really is very simple as a standard brand new golf cart costs around 20,000bzd delivered on the island. (more…)

Sending Emails to the Ambergris Daily

We at the Ambergris Daily will not answer emails unless the sender includes his or her name. Furthermore we do not consider any email private and confidential unless stated.

Sports Report Barcelona vs Arsenal

Plain and simple the referee robbed Arsenal.

Barcelona vs Arsenal-Today at Pedro’s

Today is the day. Live at Pedro’s is the game the whole civilised world has been waiting for. Will the crown prince take the kings crown. Well at 1.45pm we will begin to find out how far the Arsenal have progressed. It is going to be the best game of the season, and Arsenal have a real chance of winning and upsetting the odds.

It is suspected that if Arsenal win, the bell at Pedro’s will become red hot as the celebrations will carry on for hours.

Sunday with Charlie, Dumbo and Guests

Well this sunday we all woke up together and Lady Boss disappeared off to the hospital and Big Boss turned on the TV  to watch Liverpool vs Manchester United. He was very happy with the result as Man Utd. lost which helped our team Arsenal in the fight to win the English Premier League.

We had coffee and Dumbo,myself and Splat had breakfast, and then it was time to go off on our sunday jaunt to Estelles. Lady Boss then shows up with Cyrus and Bella who had decided to stay at the hotel in the San Pedro Animal Hospital for a few days. (more…)

Docks-Who is Allowed to Use Them

We were asked to find out the laws on docks, and who is allowed to use them. Well the short answer everyone is allowed to use them between the hour of 6.00am and 6.00pm. Anyone can tie their boat up to the north side of the dock and leave their boat after 6.00pm one can only load and unload but no waiting period is allowed. (more…)

Carnaval has Arrived in San Pedro

Carnaval has arrived and for the next few days people will be throwing paint at each other. For the children it is great fun and they generally keep to the beach around central park. However on tuesday as the day progresses more and more adults join in, and with the help of copious amount of alcohol throw paint indiscriminately over business signs,golf carts and people who are not involved which leads to arguments and fights.

The Ambergris Daily ask all who participate in the ritual paint throwing not to cause damage and be aware that all tourists, and some locals do not want to be painted. So please respect everyone and abide by their wishes.

Who was Baron Bliss- the Answer

Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss (16 February 1869 – 9 March 1926), was a British-born traveller who willed some two million U.S. dollars to a trust fund for the benefit of the citizens of what was then the colony of British Honduras, now Belize.

The Bliss Institute (a performing arts centre that was previously a museum, research centre and library in Belize City) was part of the benefits from this endowment, as were the city’s Bliss Lighthouse (where Bliss’s tomb is located), the Bliss School of Nursing and various other medical facilities around the country.

Belize celebrates Baron Bliss Day each March 9 in his honour.

Bliss’s early personal history as well as the origin of his “Baron” title is uncertain. He styled himself “Fourth Baron Bliss of the Kingdom of Portugal“; there is some speculation that the original Portuguese title was Barão de Barreto. He was born into a wealthy Suffolk family and was rumoured to have been disinherited for keeping a hansom cab waiting. He subsequently made a substantial fortune speculating in petroleum shares. Unfortunately, he contracted polio and decided to travel the world in a luxury yacht. After spells in theBahamasTrinidad and Jamaica, he arrived in Belize harbour, where he found a climate which suited him. He was extremely fond of the local people, and despite the fact that because of his physical infirmity he never set foot on Belizean soil, he bequeathed the bulk of his fortune for the benefit of the people of British Honduras.


A San Pedro Realtor Speaks Out

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article on Mayan Island Resorts. I wish to remind Ambergris Daily that since the day I opened my real estate office 10 years ago I’ve been actively steering clients away from horrible developments that I know have a high chance of being doomed to failure. I’ve never listed a pre-construction development on Ambergris Caye where I know the land proposed for the development is still not fully paid for. I have never listed developments further than 7 miles from San Pedro Town because I feel sure that travel issues will make the units difficult to sell and almost impossible to rent in the future. Finally, I’ve never listed developments that are not on the main body of Ambergris Caye.

Over the years I have noticed that if a development has boat access and no road access in most cases it is already doomed to fail. All of the successful Ambergris Caye condo/villa developments have relatively easy road access as well as boat access and of course, most (but not all) of the failed / bankrupt developments have non-existent or difficult road access.

All I can do is steer my little client base away from the high risk stuff. As a real estate broker on Ambergris Caye I understand the need to protect potential investors from the bad developments and dishonest developers. I want to guarantee to my buyer that their new home will be built and that they’ll get free and clear title/ownership with no strings or catches attached. No other option would be acceptable to me as a buyer and I won’t treat my clients any differently.

Presently, any wannabe developer can plunk a deposit down on a piece of land, say they’re going to develop it and then start taking money on condos and villas that might never exist. It’s an appalling situation and it has led to far too many buyers losing money especially when put under pressure to buy with high intensity sales techniques and bloated promises of investment income. It is time for a board of respected developers, real estate brokers, bankers  and town council officials to be set up to scrutinise proposed developments not just for their building plans and environmental impacts but also to determine, based on location, construction prices, sale prices and finally, again, LOCATION, “Can this development succeed or is there a reasonable likelihood of it failing?”

Ambergris Caye has great condos and villas and developments. There will be future great developments too. We have to find a reliable mechanism to stop the BAD developments from ever taking a single dollar from an unsuspecting buyer. We should not allow investor monies to be sucked into the scammer’s wallet. I agree with Ambergris Daily, real estate brokers do need to step up to the plate to protect their clients from the crap, I know some of us do but clearly we’re not yet in the majority, there are not yet enough of us to ensure that bad developers never be allowed to sell a single imaginary or half built, half baked condo or villa on our island.

It’s a problem alright.

Cordially Yours,
Chris Allnat

Last Flight for the Skydivers in San Pedro

Rich Grimm the intrepid figure that has brought the skydivers to San Pedro for many years has said that this will probably be the last year that he arranges for his group to visit San Pedro.

There are a number of reasons for this, and the main ones appear to be increasing bureaucracy under this present government, which makes bringing the plane and necessary equipment more and more difficult. The landing area opposite Reef Village is getting smaller as various land owners develop their properties.

We hope that he will change his mind and decide to come next year but it does look unlikely.

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