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Texas Hold ‘EM Poker in San Pedro at Pedro’s Poker Club

At the present moment in time the only place to play poker is at Pedro’s Sports Bar which is situated at Pedro’s Inn on Seagrape Drive. (more…)

San Patrick’s Day Party at Pedro’s

On March 17th,which falls n this thursday, all good and not so good Irishmen know is Saint Patricks day. Every year Pedro’s celebrate this mega event, as his sainted mother is from Clontarf which is a suburb of Dublin. (more…)

SP Daily and guilty of Plagiarism

Last week a local businesswoman went onto her private facebook page and complained about how badly the carnival painting hurt her business.

The San Pedro Daily managed to get onto the same site as her and her friends were on and printed every word of their printed conversations. (more…)

Reports of Full Resorts up North

Grand Caribe is doing its part in helping boost tourism on Ambergris Caye. They have over 210 guests arriving this weekend and are working 24/7 to ensure that they all receive the true Belize experience. (more…)

Which Vehicles are Allowed to Use the Bridge

Taxis are allowed to use the bridge until 9.00pm, and then people have to use golf carts or the ferry. This is crackers if taxis are allowed during the day they should be allowed at night especially as tourists who are staying north of the island could easily get trapped in town, and have to rent private boats to get back to the resort/hotel that they are staying at. These boats cost ridiculous amounts of money, as the later it gets the more money is charged, and it leaves our guests to the island unhappy which will reflect on their views of tourism in Belize.

Trucks are increasingly using the bridge to transport heavy loads of building materials to Tres Cocos and beyond. This must be damaging the structure of the bridge as it was built and designed to take golf carts and small vehicles. The Town Board must stop all non-essential heavy vehicles from using the bridge, and let it be used for what it was designed for.

The Ambergris Daily would like everyone to think what would happen to tourism on the north side of the island if the bridge was closed for a period of time. It would be disastrous as there are just too many people now staying on this part of the island to rely on the boat ferries which leave a lot to be desired in the way that they are run and operated.

As a last point it would be useful if the Town Board produced weekly figure of how much the toll bridge makes each week. If yesterday is anything to go by, a new bridge should be able to be paid for by the end of this year.

Busiest Day For Tropic and Maya Airlines in San Pedro

Yesterday was absolutely unbelievable at San Pedro’s Airport as Tropic and Maya staff were just emptying the planes of people and baggage and then then turning the planes around and sending them back to the Philip Goldson International Airport.

At 10.00am Tropic’s new terminal was so full that people were lining up outside the building. The planes were running late but everyone who had made a reservation made their international connections. Both Maya’s and Tropic’s staff at the end of the day were absolutely shattered, and some intimated that all they were ready for was a quick meal and bed, as today is also expected to be a very busy day for both of our local airlines.


Best Burgers in Town At Roadkill?

Wade the Gringo is cooking his famous McDonald Burgers both quarter pounders and the Big Mac from 11.00am today at Roadkill.

Sports Report Man Utd vs Arsenal in the FA Cup Today

A match that both sides have to win and it is on live at Pedro’s at 11.00am. There will be many following and supporting the Rif Raff from up North. However the cream from the south should rise and win this game with ease.

Crazy Property Taxes

Last night in Pedro’s ┬áBar a local resident who lives just down the road from Pedro’s and lives in a house valued at a minimum 600.000usd (1,200,000bzd) pays 125usd tax (250bzd). This is total madness and the Town Board has to get a grip and do the job that they were elected to do and in these cases raise the tariffs up to at least 1,500bzd a year which this resident would gladly pay.

Another resident who lives in an apartment valued at 300.000usd pays 275 bzd property tax and also agreed that this was a miniscule amount of money. The taxes have to be raised and have to be used for the good of all residents of Ambergris Caye, not just the favoured few.

Congratulations to The South Neighbourhood Watch

Tomorrow the South Neighbourhood Watch is having a clean up, and all are invited to help. If one goes down to the south of the island it is noticeable that their area is much freer of litter than the Middle Neighbourhood Watch which operates in the Tres Cocos Area and beyond. There there are dumped old refridgerators and old air conditioners just left on the side of the road. This would not happen down south as the SNW would arrange for the trash to be removed, and should be heartily congratulated for teaching all residents,citizens, and children that trash should be taken to the dump.

The Ambergris daily calls on all Neighbourhood Watches to follow the lead of the SNW. It should also be mentioned that it is unlikely that the locals are dumping air conditioners and the suchlike as they basically cannot afford them to start with.


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