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Valentines Day in San Pedro

For all of you who have forgotten it is Valentines day and we at the Ambergris Daily have found that all the good restaurants are fully booked. So for all of the men folk that have no idea of dates and things that are important to their wives/girlfriends. Let us tell you that, even if you have not realised it yet, you are truly in the dog house.

Charlie’s Review of Estelle’s

Well I am back again and I need to tell you all about Estelles which is a restaurant on the beach next to central park right in the middle of San Pedro.

This is one of my favourite restaurants and we all go almost every sunday. We, Lady Boss and Dumbo, and the real boss all get out of bed have a little breakfast, and after the real football game which is broadcast from the UK get ready to go for our sunday stroll. This sunday we saw Peter and Lady coming back from town. Peter found Lady as a small puppy in a gutter when she was only a couple of weeks old, and he brought her to Lady Boss and now she is a very good looking healthy happy chum of  mine.

We always walk past Ramons Village which has one of  the nicest beaches on the island. I saw lots of our guests there relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. For those of you who do not know the Queen of England owns all the beaches in Belize and that means they can never be made private which is very good news for yours truly.

Then to Estelle’s where the bosses have the ribs which are the best in San Pedro. Dumbo and I take turns in helping the bosses get rid of the bones. It is very strange that they eat the meat and leave the best part but it is not for me to reason why.

Estelle’s is open wed to monday 7.00am til 7.00pm-closed on tuesday

San Pedro’s Finest Poker Players Hammered

After waiting all year our finest  San Pedro poker players stood up to the skydivers and were firmly put in their place. The skydivers came, they saw and goodness me did they conquer. The evening started to the sounds of the bagpipes as one of Rich’s mates dressed up in a skirt, and  to thunderous applause  walked into Pedro’s playing Amazing Grace.

Unfortunately I was too under the weather  (I cannot write pissed, as it is rude to do so) to get the names of the eventual winners but they split the top two places and the Kerry from the unfriendly message board came third and a further skydiver came fourth. It was one of the best nights ever at Pedro’s, and many thanks and kudos to all those that helped came and supported the event.

Pedro’s and Rich Grimm raised 3900bzd for the library and the money will be handed over tomorrow morning with all the school supplies that the skydivers bring down every year.

Lala the Spoilt Shih-tsu from Seaduced -Update

For those of you who have been following the story of Lala will be happy to know that she is on the mend and will be going home sometime today.

Her exploratory surgery resulted her in being speyed and she was diagnosed with gastro-enteritis and peritonitis. The underlying cause is unknown but the infection is under control, and she is well on the way to recovery.

The San Pedro Animal Hospital will be a lot quieter place without her periodic temper tantrums.

Cold Front in San Pedro

It is absolutely freezing here in San Pedro. People are wearing wooly jumpers and long pants with socks and hiking boots.

There are rumours that we are going to have snow, and if this is the case the Ambergris Daily will have a snowman building contest with huge prizes. There will also be a prize for the  person who spots the first iceberg.

So for all of you who are stuck in the USA and beyond please have a kind thought for those of us who are truly suffering here in San Pedro.

Charity Poker Tournament Tonight

Do not forget that the poker charity tournament is tonight and starts at 7.00pm. at Pedro’s

Everyone is invited to come and play or just drink. Remember half the money goes to library.

See you all there.

Pepperoni’s blame Pedro’s for Liquor License Raid

For years Pepperonis have been operating without a liquor license and they were, just recently, raided by the authorities and have got themselves into trouble.

Through the grapevine they are accusing Pedro’s of reporting them which is not the case. However the Ambergris Daily would like to point out that if you sell or allow alcohol to be drunk on commercial premises it would be a good idea to follow the laws of the country.

Paella Night a Success

Pedro’s guest chef Hugo from Aji cooked two different paellas last night, and was wolfed down by the waiting crowd. He cooked a meat special with shrimp and a shell fish special. Unfortunately there was not one speck of rice left.

If anyone wants to try Hugo’s paella visit him at Aji at Bella Vista which is open everyday from 11.00am till late.

A New Sueno del Mar? Royal Caribbean Hotel

Reports are being received by the Ambergris Daily of  the Royal Caribbean hotel selling off its huts to prospective purchasers for prices between 85,000usd to 135,000usd. According to people in the know it is very unclear on what they are selling as the land is definitely not part of the deal, and there appears to be no lease on the land which is owned by a seperate company. Therefore where can the huts be placed or moved to?

We at the Ambergris Daily do not see what protection potential purchasers have. It could in our opinion end up being another Sueno del Mar where the bank or the suchlike end up with the property, and all who thought they were owners lose out or even worse end up with the original owner.

More next week as it dfinitely seems that there are more questions than answers.

The CAMA Lounge

The CAMA lounge is reputedly opening, this weekend, on the north side of the bridge. It will be owned and operated by David and Alexandra Hauptli (nee Nicholson).

Readers of the Ambergris Daily will remember that David and Alexandra formed a gang that relieved the unfortunate Oberhaus’s of 10,000usd. It seems incredible to us that this couple now want tourists to visit their bar. I wonder if their employee Jesse who made a miraculous recovery from her non-proven injuries will be working there.

Our advice is for everyone to give their business a wide berth and avoid going there at all costs

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