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Why is Belize so Expensive?

The Ambergris Daily has received a letter from a guest to Belize that stayed in on of our 5 star resorts. (more…)

Alexandra and her Gang

Alexandra Nicholson and her husband David Hauptli are no longer a couple-please see yesterdays San Pedro Sun.

As readers of the Ambergris Daily know Alexandra is a useless member of our AC society and is always looking to make extra money for herself and her various male friends.

Her husband has revealed that he is no longer responsible for her personal debts.

Sapphire Beach owes 1,000,000usd on phase 2

It appears that Sapphire Beach owes 1,000,000usd on phase 2 of their project. This means that anyone who has invested in this Ponzi Scheme is almost bound to lose money.


Jambo and Charlie’s Weather report for April 1

Well it is very hot and getting hotter. Dumbo and I went out for a quick no. 1s and it is sweltering and the humidity is going to rise. The sea is calm and the water getting warmer by the second. We will obviously be going out later to retrieve coconuts but at the moment it is time to go back to sleep, and wait for swim time.


Why do We Allow Supermarkets to Sell Out of Date Foodstuffs in San Pedro

It says it all in the title. We as residents and citizens that we allow the various large supermarkets to sell goods that are out of date before they reach their shelves. (more…)

Tax on Consuming Fish for Belizeans

All Belizean/citizens and residents will now have to pay a tax if they eat fish in a restaurant. This is to support the tourists in making sure that they will have enough fresh food to eat while they are in Belize.

Coming Back to Punta Gorda

Coming back from Livingston, Guatemala the first place one reaches in Belize is Punta Gorda. (more…)

UDP Council Announces New Rules for the Bridge

It has become evident to all that the bridge is taking more traffic and  more weight than it was designed to, and therefore the Town Council have decided that they are going to restrict vehicle movements.

In future if you own a red vehicle you can traverse  the bridge at any time. However if you have a blue car you can only use the bridge on the odd weekdays. All other colours are only allowed to use the bridge between 10–12 am and 5-7pm.

The town council assure us that with this mandate the bridge will last far more than the 10 years than it was originally designed for.

Jambo and Charlie’s Pizza Report

The bosses are away and we are both in the sports bar and telling everyone how svelte-looking we are. Most people seem to agree with us as we are dining on Walter’s fabulous pizza.

Please come down to Pedro’s Pizza when Laurie and Peter are away and feed us as we are both very good looking and deserve to be fed as much pizza as possible, but please do not tell either of them that you have done this as both of us are apparently on diets!

Marooned in Livingston, Guatemala

We got picked up by our friends who were in a very small boat which took us to the very big boat where we were going to stay for a couple of days. While we lifted up the anchor, everyone on the quay and the riverbank were waving to us and we were waving back saying bye bye. As we ventured out of the harbor Lorie looked behind and saw that our little boat was full of water and sinking being dragged sideways by the big boat. Peter promptly blamed everybody exempt himself for not hauling the boat up on its davits.

Anyway he opened a couple of beers and Pedro didn’t give a shit. Fortunately two very nice Guatemalans who had provided us cases of beer help us through this marooning in Livingston.

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