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Sueno del Mar Update

Suen del Mar has been put up for auction by one of our local banks. This is seriously bad news for the investors and shareholders of this project. (more…)

Weather in San Pedro Today

Having looked out the window it is slightly cloudy, windy and sunny.

Oil Should We Allow Drilling on the Reef

We, as a commmunity,  should catagorically tell the government to leave our reef alone. We as acommunity should rise up and tell them that we do not want short term gains but we want our chidren and theirs to enjoy the benefits of the reef for years to come. (more…)

Wet Willies – Do Not Go

On wednesday which is the famed ladies night a lady was attacked by a couple of local hoodlums. Fortunately (we say this as it could have been far worse) she just received some bruising and cuts around her face. (more…)

Get some tail at Pedro’s Inn Lobsterfest promotion

March 16th, 2011 – San Pedro, Belize – Just in time for the 2011 San Pedro Lobsterfest Celebration, on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, Pedro’s Hotel is pleas ed to announce it’s ‘Get Some Tail at Pedro’s Inn’ Lobsterfest Special Offer: (more…)

Weather Today in San Pedro

Around 3.00am the heavens opened and the rain came bucketing down. It came in waves for about an hour. For the people who live and operate businesses up north it must have been very welcoming as most have been buying water which has to be shipped from town and pumped into their cisterns. This of course is a very expensive way to do things and leads to water shortages in some of the resorts.

To the Ambergris Daily’s knowledge there is only one resort with a major reverse osmosis system that makes drinking water out of sea water and that is Grand Caribe. This ensures that they at least will never have problems with their water supply, and that will obviously keep their guests happy.

Having looked out of my window there are some clouds and we suspect there will be a little rain but we think that later on today the sun will make an appearance. The sea is a little rough but Amigo’s del Mar are sending all their divers out, as they consider it safe to do so.

Saint Patrick’s Day Party at Pedro’s Tonight

Do not forget that today is Saint Patrick’s day and tonight is Pedro’s St.Patrick’s Night party.

There are prizes for those who arrive in costume. (more…)

Student Teachers from University of North Carolina

For the third year in a row Professors Dennis Kubaski and Susan Catapano have brought 18 student teachers to San Pedro from the University of North Carolina which is based in Wilmington. This is San Pedro’s sister town in the USA. (more…)

Mel Spain -Dead Eyed Dick

Mel Spain who, in the past, has served on the town council and also has run under the PUP banner as a contender to be the area representative for Belize South.

On sunday morning her son saw that her boat was being stolen by three of our nefarious locals. She grabbed her licensed .38 handgun and rushed off to see her boat being towed away. She fire one shot and took out the bad guys engine and they jumped out and swam away. The police have subsequently arrested all three of the criminals and they are currently awaiting trial.

The Ambergris Daily congratulates Mel Spain and the police in ensuring that these morons were captured. We also wish to send a message to the courts that boat theft should be treated very severly, and the sentences should be harsh in the extreme.

Brackets for March Madness at Pedro’s

Remember to all you basketball fans Pedro’s has brackets and they are only 20bzd to enter. All monies go to the eventual winner. The brackets must be brought into Pedro’s before 12.00am Belize time tomorrow which is St Patricks Day.

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