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Trivia Thursday night at Pedro’s – Guest Quizmaster

The incomparable Forrest Jones is tomorrow nights quizmaster at Pedro’s Inn. All our welcome and Cindy the muppet is going around saying that she will win all the money . Please will someone prove her wrong.

Remember all are welcome and the show kicks off at 7.00pm promptly Belize time.

New Mexican Tourist Taxes on Coming to Belize

Last week the Mexican Immigration started charging all who cross their Chetumal border 20usd and 160 pesos which must be paid at the bank. The bank issues a receipt and this is handed over to the immigration authorities. The 20usd is handed over at passport control.

According to our sources this is in retaliation to Belize immigration charges for Mexicans entering Belize.

Property Taxes in San Pedro

Every year the town board cries that it is broke. Every year the town board collects less and less. Last year less than 40% of what was due was collected. The town board then goes to Atlantic Bank and borrows monies against future collections. This cannot go on as the people/citizens/residents who pay tax will just simply stop and then San Pedro, as an entity, will cease functioning.

The mayor and her board have to start taking people to court and not just 50 but everyone, and they will collect approximately 10,000,000bzd which is owing to them and us as a community. It is their job to do what they were elected for, and everyone who owes monies are equally guilty of evasion.

The Ambergris Daily would like every concerned citizen to go to or write to the Town Board or email us asking for an explanation of why they are not looking after the town.

Sapphire Beach and the Petersons -Update

David Peterson, his wife, Deirdre and his son David jr. are in court  for a hearing on March 11 in Tampa Florida. They will be in front of  Judge James Whittlemore. They then go for trial on April 4 in front of the same judge both David jr. and Deirdre are out on bail but David sr. is considered a major flight risk. Absolutely no surprise there it is expected that David sr. will be sentenced to approx. 20 years when he is found guilty.

Nothing is happening at Sapphire Beach, and it is unlikely anything will as it will probably be sold to pay off the Petersons legal debts.

If anyone is upset with the Petersons they can write to the judge and make their views known. This will only help when the three of them are sentenced. Remember this lot and their sales staff have hurt the tourism of Belize considerably as it is obvious that most if not all of their investors and their friends and acquaintances will not visit this country again.


February 15, 2011

Five years after being constructed, the Boca del Rio Bridge in San Pedro has been completely paid off. J

Jorge Aldana reporting…..

“The Boca Del Rio Bridge, located on the northern part of San Pedro Town was built exactly five years ago, on February of 2006 amongst major opposition from residents on northern Ambergris Caye. The bridge was built at an estimated Belize $750,000; an interest free loan granted to the municipality by the late Sir Barry Bowen. The monies for the repayment of the loan were expected to be generated from a $10.00 toll, collected from motorist wishing to use the bridge. It is the most expensive toll in the entire county, and for the already economically challenge residents of San Mateo who live across the bridge, it has been of a lesser benefit to them. No report has been compiled as to how much money was generated over the past five years at the toll but the good news is that the bridge has been paid off. Yes, the entire loan was paid off since last year. Love News confirmed that since the last quarter of last year the loan was paid off in full. The bad news is that there is no indication if the toll price at the bridge will be lower. Back in 2006, the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Elsa Paz indicated that as soon as the bridge was paid off, the toll price would reduce. Well there has been no official word from the Town Council when and if the charge will reduce to accommodate the residents living across the bridge. As it is now, residents in the San Mateo Area, an area with no infrastructure, are not allowed to ferry material in vehicles over the bridge even though the bridge is open to public vehicular traffic. Even though the bridge was designed to accommodate golf carts, cyclists and pedestrians only, large vehicles have been allowed to ferry materials for the construction of private homes and resorts. So with the bridge already paid off what can the residents living over the bridge on northern Ambergris Caye expect? While Mayor Paz decline to comment, she indicated that already the bridge is in need of major repairs. She said that those repairs will be in the tune of over Belize $300,000. No indication as to which part of the bridge needs repair since just last year, the bridge went through major renovation that took over 8 weeks to be completed. According to the San Pedro Town Council, a detail report as to how much money has been collected during the past five years at the bridge will be compiled and ready as part of the Town Council Financial report and will be presented at a public meeting at a date yet to be announced. Again Mayor Paz declined to comment.

26 San Pedro families oppose $6 million development plan

Twenty-two families in San Pedro are saying that a $6 million tourism beautification project, which proposes to build a multipurpose pier and sunset boardwalks, is threatening to displace them and take away their livelihood.
San Pedro Town Mayor Elsa Paz explained to The Reporter on Wednesday, February 16 that the project, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, will in no way displace those families. The families vociferously objected to the project when it was first presented to them last November; and after hearing their complaints, the officials modified the plan.
The new plan for the upgrade factored in the residents’ interest and guaranteed that their livelihood would be preserved. For example, the boardwalk would cover areas which the protesting residents presently use for vending, fishing or parking their boats. All who fish or do other business in the area each have their own pier.

Paz explained that the new multipurpose pier would replace those piers, but they would maintain their individual spaces. Despite these measures of good faith, she said, many of the interested parties remain opposed to the idea. She added that they are trying to reach a compromise with the residents even though the land, which the residents have claimed as theirs, is actually a government reserved area.
Despite assurances from the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr. and other officials, the residents maintain their stance because they say none of these promises have been made to them in writing and so they seriously doubt that the project will benefit them. The interested parties who oppose the project say they have been using, or in some cases living in the area, for more than 40 years.
Others also say they don’t see why any “beautification” is necessary, because the tourists have always been attracted to San Pedro because of its natural beauty and its quaint, quiet village charm.


When it comes to caring for our pets in San Pedro, something that is commonly overlooked is a yearly check-up by a veterinarian.  This is also known as a physical exam in veterinary terms.  We tend to look at our pets and say, “Well, he looks fine to me this year!”, and that is the extent of it.  While this may seem very practical, it is not necessarily the best way to protect our pets’ on-going health.

So, what can a veterinarian tell by looking at your pet that you can’t?  Well, first of all, we are going to check to see that he or she is up to date on all vaccinations.  This is an important part of any yearly exam, but not the ONLY important part.  If your pet is up to date on his shots then great.  Next we take what we call a “history” for your pet.  How is his energy?  His appetite?  Vomiting? Diarrhea?  Is she drinking more water or urinating more than she used to?  Is he itchy?  Does he have problems with fleas or ticks?  What about his joints?  Is he an older dog?  If so, then maybe a lack of energy that you have attributed to “old age” is actually from joint pain.  Joint pain is generally very treatable. These are examples of some of the topics that may need to be discussed.

The next step is the actual physical examination of your pet.  Believe it or not the single most important aspect of your pet’s health is his weight.  Is he underweight or overweight?  Pet’s who are of the optimal weight live longer and are healthier than pets who are overweight.  Underweight pets typically have an underlying medical disorder or are being underfed.

Next we look in his ears with an otoscope.  If he has been shaking his head he may have an ear infection you were not aware of.  Then we check his eyes.  Eye problems can also be a sign of more serious underlying diseases.  Next the teeth.  You may not realize that the health of your pet’s teeth can affect his overall health.  Dental disease leads to infections and painful teeth that cause an animal to eat less, as well as cause him to have a poor quality of life.  In geriatric animals, euthanasia is sometimes the only alternative when pets are not healthy enough to undergo anesthesia to treat painful, infected or rotting teeth.  Your veterinarian can discuss ways for you to maintain the health of your pet’s teeth so that he never has to suffer from painful dental disease.

There are many more aspects to the physical exam, but the final important example is your pet’s skin.  Parasites like fleas and ticks are difficult to control and can lead to skin problems as well as serious secondary infections from the bacteria they carry.  At your pet’s yearly check-up your vet can assess your pet’s skin and offer advice for controlling itching, allergies, infections, and parasites.

Right now, at San Pedro Animal Hospital, we are offering a special promotion.  With any yearly check-up you will receive a FREE mini-panel for your pet.  What the heck is that? you might wonder.  A mini-panel is a small blood test used to screen healthy pets.  It checks the inside of your pet the same way your vet checks the outside.  With just a few drops of blood we can check the health of your pet’s liver and kidneys while you wait!  Liver and kidney tests are especially important for older pets or for pets who take medications. The panel only takes 15 minutes to run, and it also checks for diabetes, which pets can develop just like people.  San Pedro Animal Hospital is the only hospital in Belize who can run blood tests using a machine made specifically for dogs and cats, rather than for people.  This means results are not only quick, they are accurate.

So bring in your pet today for his yearly check-up.  You know he hasn’t seen a vet for at least a couple of years, and now you can get a thorough physical exam, including a blood test, for only $50.  This is a $150 value, and we only have 11 tests available before they expire on March 26th.  Isn’t the health of your pet worth $50 once a year?

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health, please come by San Pedro Animal Hospital or call us at 610-DOGS.  Office hours are Mon-Sat and we are available for emergencies after-hours.

Breaking News-Royal Caribbean back on MLS

The Ambergris Daily has been informed by Sunrise Realty that the Royal Caribbean Casitas/Huts are being put back on the MLS website today.

The Ambergris Daily tried to contact other members of the MLS but to no avail. It appears that the group spokesperson, we are presently unsure who this is, will issue a statement at sometime in the future until then nothing will be said by the group.

We think that there maybe some dissension within the group but at the moment that is only speculation.

How Many Realtors and Agents are there in San Pedro

Well we at the Ambergris Daily have absolutely no idea, and we asked a few realtors and they also had no idea.

Remax are advertising in Canada and North America for agents to come down and work in Belize. Unlike other realtors they demand that they provide a police report from their country of origin. They only have one Belizean employee, and  that seems that that will be sufficient for them.

There are so many people who have just appeared in Belize and they immediately become realtors and agents, and start talking as professionals who know everything about the island and Belize in general. With little or no backing, and no knowledge they are asking people for millions of dollars and we at the Ambergris Daily see little or no protection for the buyers. We are not saying that people will not get what they purchase but we say there is a risk, where there should be none.

The Ambergris Daily talked to a realtor and what seems to be a good idea is that all realtors must have been in Belize as a resident for 5 years and any agent for 3 years and must be bonded through an insurance company. This would be easy to set up and with the help of the more professional realtors can be taken to the various lawmakers who can write the law and take it to the House of Representatives to be brought into law.

Also a true escrow has to be set up where people are totally protected. This the MLS could look into and we are sure at The Ambergris Daily work something out that will make sense for all.

The benefits should be obvious to all the current professional realtors costs will go up slightly but they will get a bigger slice of the pie, and therefore make more money. The realtors that cannot cut the mustard will fail and disappear into the wilderness. The agents will have to be professional and will now have some ties to the community and their agency will have to back them up with all the correct paperwork. Obviously this is very simplistic and a lot more thought will have to be given but it has to start somewhere.

We as a community, and the realtors as a whole cannot allow people just arrive on the island and give us all a bad name.

The Oberhaus File

Concerned citizens have put a file together regarding Peter Oberhaus and how he was defrauded out of 10,000usd, and it is going to be handed over to Ministers Singh and Heredia on feb 26 here in San Pedro. It is expected that both ministers will take a few days to peruse this and then they will make their decisions and their wishes about what they expect to be done.

We at the Ambergris Daily hope that the correct decisions will be made and that all participants in this disgraceful incident be taken to court, and that the court rule against them.

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