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Tastes of Thailand to Re-Open

John Jones the owner of Tastes of Thailand is considering reopening his restaurant in september of this year. He just has the large problem of persuading his wife, Tippia, to uproot from the UK and comeback to the kitchen here in San Pedro. She has intimated that she is prepared to do this.

The Ambergris Daily will hang out the flags when they return for, as many of you will recall, the food was absolutely first rate, and totally different to anything else that is prepared the island.


This is a very sad subject but it is very important to know what to do.

The first thing you do is call one of the two vets here in San Pedro to make sure one of them is available. (more…)

Sapphire Beach Update

The Ambergris Daily has been contacted and told today that Sapphire Beach is up and running. It was stated that it is not a doomed project and building work is continuing under local builder Sam Gonzales. It was also stated that Mr. Gonzales  has not been paid for work during the recent legal proceedings.

Paul Kammeyer of Belize Shores Realty contaced us and said everything is hunky dory and everyone  involved on the building side is going full steam ahead. He informed me all the owners are happy and there is a new investor who, athough unknown, will putting a large amount of capital into the project. Paul is hoping to handle all the sales for this and will have more information on the principals of the new company next week. Unfortunately Belize Shores Realty web site has been down since at least  february 15.

The Ambergris Daily called the title deed dept in Belmopan and was informed that David Peterson still owns the project, and that a lending institution in Belize has a caution on the properties that comprise Sapphire Beach. Yet again we at the Ambergris Daily do not have a warm fuzzy feeling inside of us.

To end this we truly hope that someone will come in and takeover this project, pay all outstanding bills, pay off the mortgages and give people what they have paid for. However we have our doubts if Sapphire Beach will find their fairy godmother.

Are Timeshares being built at Reef Village, San Pedro

When are Reef Village going to build their timeshare building. They have been selling the timeshare units for three years and collecting maintenance fees but as yet have yet to put one building block on top of the other. Also the timeshare law in Belize only protects owners on completed apartments and villas.

With the rumours that the Belize Bank is very heavily involved with Reef Village mortgages, and the owners forming associations and contacting a multitude of lawyers regarding non production of  title deeds on villas and apartments. Also that Reef Village is being very lax on completion of their homes, and even more so in the handovers. 

No-one at Reef Village was available to answer any questions regarding titles.

Poisioned Dogs in Tres Cocos Again

Last night a panic telephone call came to Dr. Laurie Droke at the San Pedro Animal Hospital. It concerned a posioning of Harriet Fisher’s dog. Unfortunately before she arrived at the hospital the dog died but her other dog, Blackie,was also poisioned and Dr. Droke managed to save him and he will be going home sometime today.

Dr. Droke saw some similarities with the poision that was used by an unknown person last year but cannot be 100% sure that last nights poision was the same type. Also during the day another dog, who lives just north of the bridge came in and it appeared that he  had found and eaten another poision. This dog when he arrived was very sick but he went home late last night much to the delight of his owners.

Developments that have been successfully built in San Pedro

Over the past few years a number of developments have been built and sold and we at the Ambergris daily wish to congratulate the ones that have been successful. All of the following have sold off plan and have all been completed and the investors have received the titles to their properties.

Tara del Sol, Grand Caribe, Ambergris Lakeside Villas, Pelican Reef Villas, Lakeside Villas, The Phoenix, Coco Beach, Belizean Shores, Miramar, Belizean Cove, Tara del Mar, La Perla Escondida, La Perla, Sunset Beach, Seascape, Solaria. There must be a couple more and we will gladly add them to the list. We have left off a few that were built a long time ago.

We at the Ambergris Daily would like to congratulate all the developers who brought their visions to the islands and built exactly what they said they would do.

Good Morning by Charlie

It is 7.00am and there is not a cloud in the sky. The bosses are asleep and myself and Dumbo want to have breakfast and go for a walk on the beach. Splat that funny looking cat is just yawning at me and implying that it is way too early and would everyone just go back to sleep.

Well life is just not fair everyone has rolled over and gone back to sleep. For all of you who are planning to come down to San Pedro this year let me tell you all that going for a beach walk early in the morning is one of the best and most enjoyable things that anyone can do. Myself and Dumbo will gladly join anyone that wishes to be guided on a beach walk, and you just have to come to Pedro’s Inn and pick us up. Incidentally we do not charge for this service, and if by chance we are not here you can always nip over to SAGA and take one of their tribe out. It really does make a great start to the day.

Trivia Thursday night at Pedro’s – Guest Quizmaster

The incomparable Forrest Jones is tomorrow nights quizmaster at Pedro’s Inn. All our welcome and Cindy the muppet is going around saying that she will win all the money . Please will someone prove her wrong.

Remember all are welcome and the show kicks off at 7.00pm promptly Belize time.

New Mexican Tourist Taxes on Coming to Belize

Last week the Mexican Immigration started charging all who cross their Chetumal border 20usd and 160 pesos which must be paid at the bank. The bank issues a receipt and this is handed over to the immigration authorities. The 20usd is handed over at passport control.

According to our sources this is in retaliation to Belize immigration charges for Mexicans entering Belize.

Property Taxes in San Pedro

Every year the town board cries that it is broke. Every year the town board collects less and less. Last year less than 40% of what was due was collected. The town board then goes to Atlantic Bank and borrows monies against future collections. This cannot go on as the people/citizens/residents who pay tax will just simply stop and then San Pedro, as an entity, will cease functioning.

The mayor and her board have to start taking people to court and not just 50 but everyone, and they will collect approximately 10,000,000bzd which is owing to them and us as a community. It is their job to do what they were elected for, and everyone who owes monies are equally guilty of evasion.

The Ambergris Daily would like every concerned citizen to go to or write to the Town Board or email us asking for an explanation of why they are not looking after the town.

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