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Is the Belize Tourist Board Worthless?

Has anyone seen the latest BTB’s website it is a disgrace and a total embarrassment for all those that have invested in tourism in Belize. We at the Ambergris Daily have decided that this is the BTB’s way of keeping Belize as the “Undiscovered Jewel of Central America” , because if anyone ever sees the photographs and content of this site they will never contemplate visiting this country.

Here are a couple of emails sent by a stakeholder in tourism.

To:  Seleni  Matus, Lindsey Garbutt, Yankick Dalhouse and Maynor Larrieu

Good morning all!!! 

So ok, ok… you got us all… Good one I say!!!  We get it it, “April Fools!!!!”
Boy, did you have us fooled into thinking that what is up now at was ACTUALLY for real!!!!
Ha Ha… you guys are awesome, who would have thought that you all had such a wry sense of humor!!!  Here we are all getting in a tizzy, thinking that it was some grand “redesign” of the BTB site, and worrying that whoever is making decisions about the site is utterly clueless or perhaps left the job of redesign to their 8 year old child to do after school or such, when in actuality it’s just a harmless little prank.  Brilliant!!!
Picture silly me yesterday, while working yet another 15 hour day tending to all that I have invested into this country by way of this resort, actually worrying that the site was the cumulation of millions of dollars of tax money and the fruit of the BTB’s recent restructuring!!!  Hysterical!!!
Say…. Was Junior in on this too??? I bet he was!!!  If I see him around San Pedro, I’ll have to be sure wink and say “nice one” to him.
Too funny.  Again, you guys are awesome.

ps… but hey, don’t forget guys, it’s already April 7th.  Better roll back to the old site, I dunno, today I’d suggest, otherwise folks might take you seriously!!!

Subject: GRAVE CONCERNS about changes on BTB’s website….

Date: April 6, 2011 9:36:15 AM GMT-06:00


Hey, good morning… So I’m not sure who best to address this to so I thought I’d shoot a note your way.  In short, as an “industry stakeholder” here in Belize, I have some MIND BOGGLING concerns about what has been done to the BTB’s website recently.

check out the thread:

…I mean it would be funny if it were a joke.  It’s downright TRAGIC in that it appears not to be.

Look forward to an explanation from the BTB.

We at the Ambergris Daily think that the photographs displayed on the website were taken by a child aged 6 1/2.


Obstacles on the Road Up North, and Wild Dogs

Here we go,the government pay for the road to be improved and owners of properties put ropes over the road without any signs to say that owners of the nearby properties have done this.

The Ambergris Daily has no problem with people putting “sleeping policemen” in the road to slow the faster driven vehicles but it is a disgrace that no signs have been erected to inform anyone.

There are a number of dogs with collars that appear to be allowed to run free in packs and their object in life appears to be to chase bicycles and golf carts especially those with dogs traveling as passengers. This is for the people who live between Journey’s End and Tres Cocos would you please keep your semi wild pets under control. It is not cute and you as owners do not have the right to allow your dogs to misbehave.

To Charge or Not to Charge Service Charges

The Ambergris Daily say NO -service charges should not be added to hotel/restaurant  or any other bills. The total should be the total. (more…)

Grand Belizean Estates

Who has not seen the on-line advertisments of Grand Belizean stating, “that buy today and save 70% of appraised value”. No-one who lives in San Pedro can possibly believe this drivel. (more…)

Mayan Island Estates brings American laws to Belize

Mayan Island Estates the company run by Scott Mallick a united states citizen that lives in Miami is threatening to sue anyone that writes in a negative way about his under performing building/investment company. (more…)

Charlie and Jambo’s Weather report for April 10

Well the weather seems the same as yesterday which was an absolutely glorious day. We went up by Golf Cart to Rojo Lounge and had the most magnificent lunch. Uncle Jeff came out from his kitchen and gave Jambo and I some absolutely marvelous treats, and we both cannot wait for the bosses to take us again.

I have noticed that it appears that some of our guests to the island do not appear to realise how hot, and how quickly one can get sun burned. There are two ways of not getting sunburned one is to grow a big fluffy coat like mine or  two use a very strong suntan lotion.


ED Gardner and Mike Campbell

Reading about these people running for public office. The Ambergris Daily was emailed and told by an avid reader that the Ambergris Daily will lose all its integrity if it asks to prove where their monies have come from for the last 25 years. (more…)

Shamed Restaurant of the Day-El Patio

Situated in the middle of town. This restaurant has recently changed its billing practices. They charge GST after the fact which as we at the Ambergris Daily point out is gouging the customer and against the laws of Belize.

Jambo is gross



Splat the Cat here reporting – for once, I have to agree with Molly – Jambo is an uncouth oaf. Ladyboss went into the office to show Cindy what Jambo had just puked up – here is a photo so that it can ruin everyone’s Sunday breakfast.

He is a disgusting dumpster diver that this time has surpassed himself – he has eaten a piece of pillowcase! When your pet eats a pillowcase, please call the San Pedro Animal Hospital on 610-DOGS

Mayor Paz presents UNC a gift

Dr. Dennis Kubasko of UNCW (University of North Carolina Wilmington) has been coming to the island with students to do their teaching internship and volunteering their services at schools on the island for a couple of years now. (more…)

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