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Charlie and Jambo’s Weather Report for tuesday

Well all our visitors appear to have left as Dumbo and I patrolled the beach last night and not one bar-b-que was in evidence. We searched everywhere for foodstuffs that had been left behind but the people who ate on the beach obviously were very hungry as they left absolutely nothing as the beaches were the same as before they arrived. The boss was very pleased with this, and commented on how good it was to see people looking after the environment. (more…)

Lights up North-A letter from a Resident

Here is a letter from a Harriette Fisher (copied from¬†who has lived here for the last 8 years bought a condo in the pre-construction stage, has built another house and a half completed building. She also owns the largest type of golf cart., and everything she has is north of the bridge. It is also interesting that she has a seawall on her condo development, a fact she bitterly complains about others doing . We believe that she rents out this condo to tourists which she obviously does not give a fig about. (more…)

Businesses For Sale in San Pedro

The Ambergris Daily has recently noticed a number of relatively new businesses that have started in San Pedro are now for sale. Why is this people ask and the real answer is that it is very difficult for foreigners to come here and make money. (more…)

Easter Egg Hunt at Caribbean Villas

The Ambergris Daily has never seen so many children. They were everywhere and the xcitement was palpable. The kids were split up into age groups and then they were sent off to various parts of Caribbean Villas to hunt for their egg. When they found an egg they brought it back to the organisers which were SAGA to claim their prize.

Charlie and Jambo’s Weather Report for Easter Monday

Charlie here we had a great Easter and went for lots of walks on the beach. Amazingly the rain held off and all we saw were happy people. There were lots of bar-b-ques to visit and Dumbo and I managed to snaffle lots of delicacies without the boss noticing.

Today the weather appears to be changeable, and the humidity is on the rise.

The Exodus

Wow! We have just visited the water taxi stations and they are so busy. They are so many people trying to leave, and they are in total dissarray. Howevere we are sure that they everyone will figure out.

The Ambergris Dai;ly is glad to report that Easter was hugely successful, and it apeared that all visitors and locals alike had a great time.

Charlie and Jambo’s Weather Report for Easter Sunday

Splat here. Charlie and the big boss got back at 5.00am and are fast asleep. It is a great day to go hunting .

Weather is great.

No News is Good News

The Ambergris Daily is totally hungover. Therefore there is no news today.

The Mama Vilma Easter Party in Central Park on Sunday

This sunday is Easter, so why not spend it with some good people, having some good fun, raising money for a GREAT cause? (more…)

Mayan Island Resorts-Update

Yesterday the Ambergris Daily interviewed Scott Mallick, and found him to be a very charming and personable person.

He has said that his marina plans are not going to go ahead as it has become increasingly obvious that the boats would not be able to sail or motor into the marina due to the depth of the surrounding water. He pointed out he had not sold any of the berths or indeed any of the residences surrounding the now defunct marina. We, at the Ambergris Daily, are amazed that some of the older realtors in town did not point that the marina development plan was an impossibility at the outset of his grandoise developments.

He is going ahead with his buildings and expects to have a number of them ready in the next three months, and a Cayo Espanto type resort to be ready by christmas. He said that he is going to provide regular updates to the readers of the Ambergris Daily.

The Ambergris Daily wishes him and his company luck but reserves judgement because as the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding.

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