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Charlie and Jambo’s Weather Report

Well I have got rid of Dumbo and Splat as I am tired of their little games, and I am in a particular grouchy mood as my ears hurt from my surgery. The problem is Lady Boss is not here and the big boss is not giving me enough drugs. He tries but he is not as bright as he thinks he is, and due to this I am suffering more than I should be. I suggest an extra slice of pizza every night would be a good idea to keep the pain away but he seems uninterested with this idea.

Anyway it is a little overcast but I suspect that this will blow over, and we will have another sunny day with a fair bit of breeze. A good day to do nothing but read a book on the beach or by a pool.

Fido’s Follows the Laws of Belize

Well the Ambergris Daily had some guests that ate at Fido’s yesterday and were pleasantly surprised to find that their bill was easy to understand and explained how GST was assimilated into the bill. The guests enjoyed their food and remarked on how good the service was.

A big well done to Fido’s.

San Pedro Lion Fish Festival and Hunting Week-Dates

The San Pedro Lion Fish Festival Committee met at Pedro’s Sports Bar, and decided that the Lion Fish week would start on sunday 10 july 2011 and finish on july 16 with a massive street party. (more…)

Bicycles on Seawalls and Beaches

The Ambergris Daily asks all bicycle users that when you use the beach and the seawall. Please remember that you really should you use the road, and if you do not please watch out for the dogs and people who have as much right if not more than you do to use the beach, and seawalls.

Rubbish! Please Train Your Owners

Molly the dog reporting here – it’s my day off. On days such as these I take my owner (Cindy) for a nice long walk down south. I always find it hard to find her things to do when we’re at the beach as I spend quite a lot of time chasing coconuts. (more…)

Charlie and Jambo’s Weather Report for Monday

Jambo here. I am in trouble, and all I did was go and have a little bit of extra breakfast. I mean you should see what delectable morsels that people just throw away, and I was brought up to believe in,waste not want not. However Big Boss has shouted at me and locked me upstairs in the house which is now called Dumbo’s prison. My guess is that I will just have to look soppy and contrite ,and I should be forgiven by lunchtime. Then I will  figure out how to visit the trash pit again-every golden retriever deserves a good hearty lunch.

Anyway from my vantage point on the balcony I can see blue skies, a little cloud and a breeze which should get stronger as the day progresses.

Name Your Own Price for a Cheap Vacation in San Pedro Belize

April 18th, 2011 – San Pedro, Belize – April showers bring cheap Belize Hotel rooms in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye!

Pedro’s Hotel, located on the tropical island of Ambergris Caye in Mother Nature’s best kept secret, Belize is please to announce the first ever ‘Name your own Price’ special offer. Come scuba dive, sail, snorkel and have the adventure of a lifetime in Belize and tell us how much you want to pay!

Just email with your offer (including dates), and valid credit card information. You will be notified immediately if your offer is accepted. It’s as simple as that. This offer is based on double occupancy and some restrictions do apply. For more details call (212) 796.4897 from the US & Canada or (011) 501.226.3825 from elsewhere. (more…)

Money Needed to Build Crocodile Sanctuary-ACES

The Ambergris Daily has been asked by ACES to appeal for monies to build a crocodile sanctuary. They have come up with an idea that will work and for citzens of the USA it  is a tax deductable contribution. (more…)

Footprints at Grand Caribe

Well it is needless to say that Footprints which is the restaurant at Grand Caribe does not have their price in usd or do they charge GST as an afterthought. Another restaurant that follows the laws of Belize. The Tacos by the way are delicious.

A New Festival For July

The Ambergris Daily has heard on the San Pedro Underground that a new festival is being set up for july of this year. Considering the success of the Lobster Fest which is the biggest in Belize. It is hoped that this event will, over time, become as least as popular. (more…)

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