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Seagrape Drive, Road Improved by Residents

Seagrape Drive a road running to the east of Coconut Drive which has been in a sad state of repair for many years has finally been upgraded to a reasonable surface. Also all tributary roads leading from Coconut drive to Seagrape.

This project was undertaken by some of the businesses (not all) situated on the road. The businesses to be thanked although not all are “C’s” woodwork shop,Roger and Fran,Tropic Air,the Shabat family,FC’s aluminum,Harmouch,and Pedro’s Inn. Others have contributed but are unknown to the AD. Hopefully the GOB will now spend the money to keep the road in a decent state of repair. The Town Board provided the machinery and the workers who repaired the road{s).

The AD congratulates all the civic minded residents,and Town Board who helped to make this project happen.

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When Is a Hotel ON a Beach and NOT on a Beach (Mahogany Bay)

We should have a prize for this one -it is obvious to our eagle eyed readers Mahogany Bay. They have purchased a lot further south on the lagoon and are calling it their beach club. It appears that one can only get there by boat which means that many or one person could be stuck there especially if the boat breaks down (please check with all boat owners on the reliability of said vehicles).

The way to this beach resort  lot which has nothing on except mangroves (we wonder at the AD how long they will last) is to travel ,on a boat that has yet to be purchased,west and south on the lime green colored canals(this color is often seen in the Simpsons, emitting from Mr. Burn’s nuclear power plant),sail past the old dump which is still a haven for mosquitos and then to an unfilled swampy lot which is still on the lagoon side. Perhaps pictures of Victoria House should yet again be utilized as they look spectacular and a place that everyone would want to visit.

The AD has yet to meet anyone who has actually purchased at Mahogany Bay and would love to hear from purchasers who have received their land titles from the GOB. Their views will be enlightening as we are sure at the AD they must be somewhat confused as how their money has been spent. Also how much they think their investment is now worth-also how much they think their wooden cabins cost to build.All answers to

The AD cannot understand how anyone can think or believe that a room near a sewage treatment plant can get around 400usd a night when not on a beach and only has one large communal pool which can be a long hot walk from some of the rooms. It would also be interesting to see if a staff member would actually swim in one of the canals,and if indeed their insurance company would allow this to happen (if the staff and guests are insured).

Live Music at Caribbean Villas Hotel June 3 2017 5.00pm

Sunset Rock ‘n Roll on saturday night at Caribbean Villas Hotel at 5.00pm. They are called the Sensations and are from Cayo and they produce great sounds.

Pedro’s Birthday at Pedro’s Hotel Tonight June 2 2017

It is his birthday again(no doubt he will be wearing a particularly awful,rude “T” shirt. Apparently he has brought a rock band to play (the sensations). The one good thing is that he will no doubt buy lots of drinks,and I will get to play with his dogs,as they are so much nicer than he is.

The one thing that is guaranteed is that he always holds good parties.


Splat,Jambo and Jager’s Weather Report for San Pedro Belize June 2,2017

It is overcast and the dogs are being major pains in the butt. Somehow Jager and Jambo are getting on really well which leaves yours truly as the object of their attention which means they continually chase me around the garden and pool areas-I do not need exercise as I am perfect -lazing in the sun and eating is what I am on this world to do.

The weather is overcast and I suspect we will have some rain-a good television day.

Jim Jones Reincarnated in Mahogany Bay San Pedro Belize

Years ago an american,” hell fire and damnation “preacher took his flock from the USA to Guyana where he made them drink “Kool Aid” which was laced with arsenic and they all,sadly, perished. Thus comes the saying they drank the Kool Aid. His name was Jim Jones.

This sad story has to reflect the purchasers of Mahogany Bay which amazingly enough is part of the Hilton Curio collection albeit the opening date changes as often as a politicians promise.A new manager has been installed and more gobbledegook has come from the heart of the organization stating that they are 75% sold out and it is the best investment since the writing and selling of the bible. The AD wonders how so many foreigners working there manage to get work permits especially as some only last a week or two.

The new opening date is october 1 but you cannot make a reservation-obviously they have a brilliant marketing plan that does not need reservations. Also one has to admire that along with Baron Von Hausmann (he designed the modern day Paris sewage system in the early 1800s, and that Mahogany Bay,like Paris, are going to make the sewage ponds a tourist attraction(remember the sewage ponds are next door to this development).The AD is not convinced that this will work but who knows as one could not ever have thought that one could sell small wooded studios for 290,000 usd in Belize on the promises of an annual net profit of 30%.

The AD thinks that Bernie Madoff who is currently a guest in the USA’S federal system where he has free accommodation and three square meals a day courtesy of the American taxpayer is the unpaid consultant for this project.

Splat,Jager and Jambo’s Weather Report for San Pedro June 1 2017

It is a little hazy but I am sure that I will be able to get lots of rays later on today. The boss made me a super breakfast today as he had for gotten to order the canned stuff. He cooked bacon and a juicy steak which I gobbled down in a flash. I am going to make sure he forgets to buy the wet food and keeps me healthy on a real meat diet.

It is 9.00am and the sun has burst out and the skies are clearing up-life is good.

Splat, Jager and Jambo’s weather report. Tuesday May 30th, 2017

It’s a bit gloomy today, hoping it will burn off so the dogs can head to the beach and I can get to tanning.

A cat can only dream.


Skydive Belize makes number 1 on the insane places to jump in the world!

This is from the Red Bull Sky Diving Site. Red Bull have two of the most extreme skydiving teams in the world and a few months ago one of their team members jumped into the Blue Hole with her friends to celebrate her birthday.

1. Blue Hole, Belize

Ever wanted to skydive into crystal clear tropical waters before going scuba diving? Skydive Belize will drop you out of a plane at 10,000ft over the Blue Hole, a large underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize. You’ll land in the water, climb aboard a boat and don scuba gear before diving into the World Heritage Site reef. It’s not cheap but guaranteed to be one of the best days of your life.

Sky dive Belize returns December 19th- April 10th

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