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San Pedro Animal Hospital -Update

Innes has just completed 6 months in the hospital and has proved a great catch for all the pet owners in San Pedro, She is originally from Croatia and then worked in Ireland and came to Belize 6 months ago. She is currently the only full time vet on the island and is a total peoples person and her love of animals is obvious to all.

She,of course, has a work permit and is hoping to stay for at least 2 years. The AD is very pleased that we have a very on the island and for all those who need her services the phone no. is 610-3647. When not working she is seen on the beach with her dog Toby. She also is available 24 hours a day but the clinic’s hours at 9-5 mon-fri,9-12 on sat.

Jager,Splat and Jambo’s Weather Report for San Pedro Belize

The weather is fantastic -it is going to be an absolutely marvelous day to do nothing except lie by a pool or lie on the beach. This is the type of day which made us move to San Pedro.

The boss appears to be going away for a couple of days as he has two suitcases already packed and waiting to go downstairs. We will (all of us) when he comes back on monday. He is going to a couple of places called London and Auckland. I personally have not heard of them but I suspect they are close to Pl;aya del Carmen.

Hilton Curio Hotel Executives arrive in San Pedro

It has been reported that the executives have turned up to see the buildings of Mahogany Bay situated on the canals, and built on recently reclaimed land. The AD wonders if this construction would be allowed in Mexico or the USA,as we believe that a certain time period for settlement has to be allowed for. The avid AD readers,and most locals, know that the construction is different to the way most hotel are built on the island. Although the furnishings are of a spectacular quality it reminds the AD of the proverb,”You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

The AD went to see the beach club, a true haven for mozzies and it will take months and months to make it useable which will make their opening date of october 1 a very difficult proposition.

The AD will take bets on the opening date being changed yet again,and indeed is starting to believe if it will ever happen-does Reef Village ring a bell,and that after many years is making a resurgence as it is far better built and a group of very determined owners who took the developer Jeff Pierce, to court many times. They have won every case and there are more to come.

Coco King in Caye Caulker

Wow Charlie and Jimmy of Ragamuffin fame have developed there property which is north of the Split and on the lee side. It is incredible,great beach,sun loungers chairs,huge pool, some shaded areas,restaurant and bar over the water with good food-cheaper and better than the Lazy Lizard at the Split. Free inner tubes a raft in the sea and much more.

To get there there is a free water ferry service from the fuel dock-if you do not eat you have to pay to return (a great idea).Also cushions cost extra as does the pool-well worth a visit.

A brilliant idea and well done to both of them.

New French Restaurant in San Pedro

Last night a french restaurant opened opposite the Spindrift hotel and where the old First Caribbean Bank was situated. It is very small but well air conditioned,and seriously expensively decorated. The food is interesting and was surprisingly good although the potato thing was a little bland-just needs a little jazzing up. The wine by the bottle a little high but not too bad.

What is with french people are they coming like the chinese to takeover the island,as there is the new French Bakey in the Sancas building (pop Tropic Air) which provides the best bread in Belize-the baguettes are a connoisseurs delight.

Jager,Jambo,and Splat’s Weather Report for San Pedro Belize

Last night was a shocker we all stayed under the boss’s bed as there was lightening thunder and we expected a serious amount of rain. It went on for hours but virtually no rain.

Today looks a lot better as we already have blue skies and a pretty constant breeze which will make a great day for tanning.

Sewage at Mahogany Bay on San Pedro

An interesting point was brought up by an ex-salesman for Mahogany Bay-this person worked for this organization for over a year and,needless to say,did not have a work permit. His argument on not getting one was that the management promised him that they were dealing with it-when he resigned he was not paid his final payment as he was told that he had been working illegally- the AD says go figure that logic.

The size of Mahogany Bay means that there should be a major sewage outlet and pumps to send the effluence to the road (where the main sewage pipe for the town is). While the AD is not an expert on this it seems that there is something sorely missing in the design of this resort-maybe they are just transferring the crap  directly to the sewage ponds which are nearer to the resort than the road. The AD wonders what aromatic smell surrounds the resort when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

Zip Lining @ Caribbean Villas Hotel

The zip line jus finally open at CVH -although small at a 120 feet it is great fun and costs little tho use it,along with the water park and water slide -it is open for everyone but children must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Pictures will be published on monday when the author figures out how to print them.

Tsunami Sushi Restaurant Opens 6 nights a week at Caribbean Villas Hotel

Finally the Tsunami Sushi restaurant which is situated in the grounds of Caribbean Villas Hotel is finally open and the only day it is closed is monday’s. The opening hours and from 6.00pm till 10.00pm except for sundays where it opens from 5.00pm.

Chef Melecio has been involved with sushi restaurants for the past 15 years and worked for 10 years for the famed Nobu franchise. He says that anyone who is unhappy with his offerings will not have to pay,and he,as are others,that his offerings are the best in the country.

A further note to other resorts Chef Melecio has a work permit,and it is available for all to see.

Spat,Jager and Jambo’s Weather Report for San Pedro june 3 2017

The wether is really strange as yet again it is overcast but my guess is it will improve as the day progresses. The boss is going on holiday and those stupid dogs think that they are going with him. They do not realize that I am going to hide in the suitcase and he will be delighted to see me when he reaches New Zealand which is a country ac couple of hours from here -I think.


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