Crime stats show figures going down

The latest crime figures have been released. The good news is that in the month of October, hard crimes such as murders went down compared to the September numbers. The statistics also show a decrease in carnal knowledge, rape and theft. But don’t hold your breath because there was marked increase in the number of robberies and with Christmas drawing closer, this is no time to let down your guard.

The October statistics are out and they show an overall decrease in crime of fifteen point two percent compared to the September figures. There were a total of five hundred and forty-seven reported crimes; ninety-eight less the previous month’s six hundred and forty-five. While less offenses is good news, there was also a decrease of twelve point three percent in crime detection, meaning that there were fifty-four less arrests made in October than in September. When compared to the same two month period in 2008, the number of crimes was two hundred and eighty or nineteen percent less this year.

Taking a closer look at the major crimes, there were eight murders in October compared to the eleven recorded in September when the country saw a spike in homicides. Last month also had three rapes and four carnal knowledge reports. When it comes to the more common offences, there were twenty-four Robberies, ninety thefts and ninety-four burglaries countrywide.

As per norm, the Belize District reported the majority of those incidents, one hundred and fifty-four of the overall figure. Cayo had the second highest number of reports with a hundred and thirty-seven. The districts with the least reported crimes remain Toledo with only twenty-nine and Corozal with fifty-seven.

For the period of January to the end of October 2009, there have been a total of one thousand and seventy-three burglaries and four hundred and fifty-eight robberies. Those figures indicate increases of point nine and five point seven percent respectively when compared to the same period in 2008. All other crimes are on the decrease. There were a total of eighty-three murders, one thousand one hundred and thirty-one thefts, nineteen rapes and fifty carnal knowledge cases up to October thirty-first of this year. Murder is down by the least with only a two point four percent decrease and carnal knowledge shows the biggest fall with thirty-nine point eight percent less reports. Source:

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