Belize National Heroes and Benefactors honored

Belize’s Heroes and Benefactors are being honored at the House of Culture. Exhibits honoring Baron Bliss, Belize’s greatest benefactor, and Belize’s heroes opened this morning. Love News spoke to Nigel Encalada, the Director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Research.

Nigel Encalada; Director, Institute of Social and Cultural Research

“The holiday was yesterday but March 9 is recognized as National Heroes and Benefactors Day. This was a small effort to begin to put together in an educational way information that is attractive and highly visual four our young people and for the public about Belize’s heroes and benefactors. We have two named national heroes but it goes without saying that we have a number of other individuals named and unnamed in our country who have made sacrifices for Belize. It is one of the ways NICH tries to educate people; our young people and this is something we will do continuously in terms of choosing those individuals whose information is available so that we can put together exhibits that highlight their lives as heroes. Highlight their lives as of service; highlight their lives of having made contributions to Belize.”

Encalada says that the exhibit is also a way for the National Institute of Culture and History to develop archives of all the Belizean men and women who made many selfless sacrifices for Belize and Belizeans.

Nigel Encalada

“There is the opportunity as we explore our history that there are more but the main benefactor is Baron Bliss who left this endowment. Then in terms of heroes today we are looking at two national heroes; the Honorable George Price and the Honorable Phillip Goldson. We chose two other who represent different facets of development in Belize; one being Samuel Hanes. Samuel Hanes went to war, recognized the oppression when he came back and leads this emerging consciousness of the injustices that befell Belizeans during the colonial era. There is Cleopatra White; the woman, the pioneer, the community service nurse whose lifetime of sacrifice made a difference. There are many others that we could have used. We did not exclude them because they were not worthy of anything. It is a part of the process. The next time we do it we will do another five or as many as we can until we can develop a full scope of who our heroes are.”

The exhibit will run until the end of the month. Source:

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