B.N.E. Trust to build classrooms

25367Belize Natural Energy (B.N.E.) wants to be known not only for the oil it extracts from Belize’s soil and the estimated three hundred and thirty-four million dollars it profited in sales from 2005 to 2008. It also wants to be recognized for its contribution to the society. In 2008, the B.N.E. Charitable Trust was established to assist community organizations, and on March twenty sixth several communities and organizations received substantial monetary donations. Others institutions like St. Margaret Primary School on the Hummingbird Highway received not funds but a commitment. St. Margaret’s Principal, William Castillo, thanked BNE for the four classroom building that BNE has promised to construct at today’s ground breaking ceremony.

William Castillo, Principal, St. Margaret Mary R.C. School
“Perhaps it is no coincidence that our school motto reads investing in the future through education. And perhaps, it is also not a coincidence that the same concept is complemented by the B.N.E. charitable trust motto “Unlocking the Potential”. Over the years, the student population at our school has increased dramatically. Consequently, the situation brought about the need for additional classroom space. Presently there are a total of 12 classe, but only 11 classrooms. Thankfully, the local catholic community has allowed us to used church building as classroom. In light of this situation, for the past years, we have been seeking assistance. It was until this year that a Good Samaritan, in the name of the B.N.E. Charitable Trust answered our plea and pledged to construct four classroom building at our school.”

Deborah Sewell, General Manager, B.N.E. Trust
“In our country, it is no secret that we have a serious issue of overcrowded classrooms. The obvious solution would be the construction of more classrooms. However, in areas where there is a shortage of resources, that is easier said than done. Today, we are beginning the construction of four much needed classrooms. The intention of these classrooms is not only to alleviate the space issue, these four classrooms are also intended to act as an option for those students who simply cannot make the journey to Belmopan to pursue a high school diploma. It will also serve as a multipurpose center for village and other community activities. As well as an adult learning centre for parents and other members of the community who wish to engage in activities geared towards upgrading basic academic or life skills. I ask you, “Is this not what we speak of when we say value for our money?” This is what happens when all faucets of a community come together for the common good of each other.”

The BNE charitable Trust came into being as a result of a production sharing agreement signed with government. One million dollars has been allocated for distribution for the 2009 cycle.


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