You can’t make this up.

The photo shows the scene at the foot of the San Pedro bridge at about 2:45pm on Sunday afternoon. Your eyes do not deceive you. There is a stage erected and various local political dignitaries are seated underneath tent shelters waiting for the arrival of the Mayor and Minister of Tourism. The road is closed. The bridge is closed. All of this so that officials could officially open the road. Really.

We assume there would have been a long and drawn out ceremony with lots of self-serving and boring speeches. The various politicians would have implied they personally built the road themselves using their own cash even though sensible people know that the money came from the few people on Ambergris Caye who actually pay their property taxes. After that there was a political parade all the way through town.

Ambergris Daily congratulates all property tax payers of our beautiful island for building this much needed new road. May the construction of new roads continue apace especially once the San Pedro Town Council actively starts going after the many deadbeats who refuse to pay their property taxes.

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