Yolanda Parham Running for San Pedro’s UDP Council

What a mess for the UDP in San Pedro. The UDP standard bearer is caught between the unforgiving rock and an oily place. The mayoral candidate is suffering from personal financial disgrace. Now, as we look through the lineup of candidates for the UDP Town Council another whammy jumps out.  Our archives show that UDP City Council aspirant Yolanda Parham seen in both her incarnations above, was charged and indicted in “what amounted to be the biggest cocaine bust so far in the country” reported in the September 28, 1997 edition of the BELIZE TIMES.

In fact, in May 15 of that year the issue was picked up by a front page exposé in the Amandala, with the title “Zeke and baby meet bail”. The article reads: “Street speculation that the American military operation NEW HORIZONS had to do with drug trafficking, has been strengthened by last week’s seizure of 1183.4 kilos of cocaine, which followed the March 24 capture of 1322.75 kilos of the white powder near South Caye. .” The article describes the “two largest seizures of Columbian cocaine ever in Belize…” The bust that scooped up the UDP Town council candidate included a ring of ten persons: four Belizeans, four Columbians and two Mexicans.

Yolanda Parham, “Yoli” aka FM 2000 or Yolanda Cardenas (which ever this UDP politician uses on the ballot paper on March 7) was charged with drug trafficking of cocaine, possession of radio communication equipment, conspiracy to export controlled drugs, conspiracy to possess radio equipment; conspiracy to import a controlled drug and possession of controlled drugs.

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