Why Insure your Residence or Business on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday there was a fir in the DFC area of Ambergris Caye. Betsys store and house was engulfed in flames, and everything was lost. It appears that the owners did not have insurance as the insurance companies are loathe to offer insurance cover to buildings in this area,and if they do the premiums are prohibitive.

This leads to people self insuring which for some works out fine as nothing happens to their buildings but to the ones that have a catastrophe happen it is disastrous. The general public and friends then rally round to help their unfortunate friends which is great for the community. However maybe the San Pedro Town Planning Committee should not allow buildings to be erected that are basically uninsurable, and stipulate that like the banks who give mortgages that the building must be insured.

This would save a lot of grief, and be good for the community at large.



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