Why do Golf Carts Cost so Much to Rent on Ambergris Caye

Golf carts cost on average around 11,500usd to put on the road. That is a brand new cart and then they are designed to drive on grass on beautifully manicured lawns which are sometimes called golf courses.

Ambergris Caye is totally different where the roads are not like golf courses, and are full of pot holes and craters that make Mount Vesuvius look small. This leads to the destruction of the cart and it costs a fortune to maintain and spare parts cost an arm and a leg. Then there is a problem with rust as even plastic rusts in San Pedro.

The only golf cart that appears to survive is the Club Car which is designed and made out of aluminum, and this seems to work although the spare parts are still ruinous. The carts themselves will last for years and years.

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