Why do Businesses Close-Maybe They are to Successful

It is crazy the utility companies close for lunch. Surely to goodness they could figure out how to stagger their working hours and then they would be able to serve their customers with a greater degree of professionalism-could anyone imagine  a hotel closing so that their employees could go to lunch.

Other businesses that close on sunday and saturday-Why? . It is a fairly common occurrence to hear in various bars that I came here and bought a business,and we are not making as much as we thought we would, but I have to have at least one day off and close. This leads to an automatic 13.38% loss of income and double it for any other day off.To reiterate the last paragraph-fancy having a hotel and closing down for a day a week-Wow that would be a successful model for others to follow.

The problem of having a business is that the business owner has to work far more hours than the employees and some miss the point.


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