WHOA! Capt. Morgans Causing Other Businesses Harm on Barrier Reef Drive?

If you are a tourist couple or family and you happen to be walking, cycling or golf-carting on Barrier Reef Drive you will probably pass the Captain Morgan’s Timeshare booth there. Or, you’re TRY and pass the Captain Morgans Timeshare booth. In reality you’ll be shouted at by the timeshare guys who will offer you “free assistance.” It’s impossible to get by them without being solicited and many tourists are sick of it.

What does this mean? It means tourists will go out of their way to bypass this part Barrier Reef Drive in order to avoid being harassed by the Captain Morgans Time Share bullies. This costs other nearby businesses big time.

Here’s the thing…other businesses such as gift shops, stores, real estate offices, cafes and bars don’t have teams of young, loud men calling over at tourists to offer “assistance.” Captain Morgans should not be permitted to have this sort of sales trap in a public place and especially not on the main tourist street. If they want to sell timeshare and condos they can open a regular office up, display their signs and if people really want “assistance” they’ll walk in.

Ambergris Daily would like to see the San Pedro Town Council take steps to protect other trade-license paying businesses on Barrier Reef Drive. They can start by asking Captain Morgans to open a conventional office up and by shutting down this eye-sore of a time-share booth without delay.

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