Who Should be Mayor in San Pedro,Ambergris Caye

The obvious choice for business owners and propertyy tax payers is Melanie Paz. A fact that was realised by both main political parties (the PUP and the UDP), as she was courted by them both to be their mayor. However she decided to run as an independent which is viewed by many as a mistake and shows political naivity as many of the larger families on the island vote as a block (blue or red).

Melanie has led the Lions Club and during her term as president they performed many charitable deeds and helped the local community when nec essary.

Melanie has been woman of the year-not many can say that.

Melanie’s family is a staunch UDP Belize City family and is wealthy but she has lived on the island and with her former husband built the largest and best run dive center in Central America.

Melanie does not put up with fools and her word is her bond. She will work tirelessly for the people of San Pedro. She has proved herself many times over and is able to read and understand  accounts. Her character has never been questioned.

It is time that San Pedro put a successful person in as mayor and one who will do what is best for all of San Pedro rather than the favoured few.

People can still vote blue or red but hopefully they will think before entering their X on the mayorial spot, and maybe give her and San Pedro a chance that they both need.

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