Who Owes the Town Council Monies in San Pedro?

Sounds are emanating from the town council that they are owed millions of dollars and the town overdraft which is handled by the Atlantic Bank has hit gargantuan proportions, and the bank may not provide any more working capital. This would prove disastrous for the town as a whole and it would seriously hurt the tourist trade.

One answer would be for the town board to publish a list and it is suspected that it would be a mighty long one of ll those people who have not paid their property tax, liquor license fees and cart taxes. It would also behoove them to start prosecuting the total deadbeats who have not paid a cent in the last 5 years.

This would do two things provide enough money for our badly dilapidated infrastructure and prove to the government that the island as a whole is trying to do the correct thing. This would then enable Belmopan to allocate some extra funds to help with the roads,fill and grading of the same.

This list should be put in the public domain and not treated like super secret document.

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