Which Banks to use In San Pedro

There are five different banks in San Pedro and we are listing them by their customer service. This is a personal point of view but in the Ambergris Daily’s view a very accurate one.

The Belize Bank this is the biggest and busiest bank in San Pedro. While we do not agree with the owner’s, Lord Michael Ashcroft, modus operandi, and the way he rides roughshod over the interests of Belize. We do think this is the best bank on the island with the best customer service. They are totaly professional and treat all their customers with the same attitude as they would like to be treated by others.

The Heritage Babk. This bank used to be owned by Belizeans but was sold to a foreign entity last year. It a very good bank and has as good a customer service as Belize Bank. The best part of this bank is that there is almost never any queues which means that their customers are in and out in moments.

The Atlantic Bank. This bank is owned by Hondurans and has a good foreign section but the queues are huge, and the wait for a teller takes forever. They are also very quick to bounce cheques which is not a good sign. The excuse used is that the Belize City branch did not contact us first. The customer service is good but most decisions are taken by faceless people, at least to the island, in Belize City.

The Royal Caribbean Bank. This is a very small bank and the wait for a teller can be a long one.

The Scotia Bank. This bank misses the plot. The queues and wait are as long as the Atlantic Bank’s but without the customer service. A prime example is that just recently Pedro’s Inn sent one of its employees to pay a bill to James Brodie’s which is a large shopping conglomnerate on the mainland. The employee waited for 30 minutes in line and when he reached the teller she asked what is the account number. He did not know this but had the bill in his hand which stated please pay in any branch office belonging to Scotia Bank. They refused the money and said it is not their place to know their clients bank account details. The Ambergris Daily will not go to this bank again.

All banks change usd dollars and travellers chewues. Only Belize bank takes sterling and euros.

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