When is your home not your home on Ambergris Caye?

Purchasing a Condo on Ambergris Caye can be a great investment or an absolute disaster. One just has to look at how successful the Palms, Belizean Shores and Grand Caribe are. Now we get to the Belize Yacht Club and the Sands where people who have purchased over the years have been allowed to do long term rentals, have their friends and family use the Condo as and when.

Because the management owns the common grounds and the hotel license, they refuse to allow long term rentals, they refuse to let friends stay, and if you are not immediate family and can prove it (and what do they determine as immediate family?) you have to pay the full short term price so they get their ludicrously high commissions. When you consider that this particular company can’t even get a BTL number, and everything is done on Cell Phone, it stands to reason that something is not right in the State of Denmark.

The Ambergris Daily cannot believe that people can manipulate the laws so that the owners are not allowed to do as they wish with their Condo within the law. How can someone say that you cannot give a Condo to a friend to use as a Christmas present? It would be interesting which local Real Estate agent will actually sell the Sands Villas as they were meant to open 4 years ago, and low and behold they won’t even be open for this Christmas.

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