When Is a Hotel ON a Beach and NOT on a Beach (Mahogany Bay)

We should have a prize for this one -it is obvious to our eagle eyed readers Mahogany Bay. They have purchased a lot further south on the lagoon and are calling it their beach club. It appears that one can only get there by boat which means that many or one person could be stuck there especially if the boat breaks down (please check with all boat owners on the reliability of said vehicles).

The way to this beach resort  lot which has nothing on except mangroves (we wonder at the AD how long they will last) is to travel ,on a boat that has yet to be purchased,west and south on the lime green colored canals(this color is often seen in the Simpsons, emitting from Mr. Burn’s nuclear power plant),sail past the old dump which is still a haven for mosquitos and then to an unfilled swampy lot which is still on the lagoon side. Perhaps pictures of Victoria House should yet again be utilized as they look spectacular and a place that everyone would want to visit.

The AD has yet to meet anyone who has actually purchased at Mahogany Bay and would love to hear from purchasers who have received their land titles from the GOB. Their views will be enlightening as we are sure at the AD they must be somewhat confused as how their money has been spent. Also how much they think their investment is now worth-also how much they think their wooden cabins cost to build.All answers to

The AD cannot understand how anyone can think or believe that a room near a sewage treatment plant can get around 400usd a night when not on a beach and only has one large communal pool which can be a long hot walk from some of the rooms. It would also be interesting to see if a staff member would actually swim in one of the canals,and if indeed their insurance company would allow this to happen (if the staff and guests are insured).

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