What Will Happen if Danny is Mayor -In His Own Words

At the weekend in a televised speech San Pedro mayoral candidate Danny Guerrero said the following about a Belizean citizen and prominent PUP supporter (speech was in Spanish so please accept our apologies for the less than perfect translation):

“M**o is a fat whale. When I win on the 7th of March I have a plan to get revenge on M**o.”

He said some other things, some of them quite angry and nasty.

At Ambergris Daily we wonder, does Danny Guerrero have to wait to become mayor of San Pedro before enacting his vengeance on his sworn enemy? Isn’t that a conflict of interests? Doesn’t it suggest that his will use a tax payer funded public office to settle his private matters? Whatever happened to the conciliatory post election “I am here to serve all of you even though all of you did not vote for me” speech?

At Ambergris Daily we have said that we worry about Danny’s financial woes and the fact that he will have his hands on the public purse (our money, YOUR money) if he wins today. That’s bad enough…but it looks like he plans to run a personal vendetta using public office and taxpayer funding.  Is this what it will be like to be a private citizen in “Danny’s San Pedro?”

Truly frightening.

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