What is going on with the sailing clubs

Yesterday, Tammy Peterson’s sailing club intentionally sailed (on orders) directly through the San Pedro Sailing Club’s racing course in the middle of a race (which was clearly marked with buoys). This women, with the dubious reputation, is trying to pit her kids against other kids. He popular expression is ‘I’m a hockey mom and the kids have to be tough”. The Ambergris Daily thinks this is absolutely crackers. Why does an adult want to create a war between children. She has said she does not want her kids to talk to the other kids, and to sail through someone else’s racing course is the worst display of sailing etiquette possible.

The San Pedro Sailing Club’s course was set up 200 yards either side of the dock at Caribbean Villas, and the other sailing club could have easily plotted another course that would have avoided confrontation. Peace, Harmony and good Sportsmanship should be championed, but at this point it is almost become a hate crime – only from one side.

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