What is going on at the Town Board Licensing in San Pedro

As usual, at this time of the year the Town Board is out of money and they have asked people to pay the application fees for businesses to apply for their trade licenses. After all Mayor Danny’s promises, there are certain people that just refuse to pay. The Ambergris Daily says come on, close these businesses down – or are votes that important to you that people can break the law.

Why is is the privileged few that don’t have to pay their property taxes, their license fees etc yet they are invariably the first ones to complain and ask for free stuff from the Town Board. What would happen if nobody paid their taxes? The town would come to a stop, tourists would cease to come and the question has to be asked, why does the Town Board not collect all of the taxes and fees? Come on guys, this is why you were elected – on your promises. Some which are not being fulfilled.

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