What is going on at Belize Yacht Club

Long time tourists, people with rental contracts are all being thrown out of the Belize Yacht Club. People are being threatened with arrest by the Police, the BTB tells tourists to stay and the owners of the common ground are telling everyone to leave.

This, without a doubt in the words of Clint Eastwood, is a total clusterf***.

The law states that all rentals should be done through the hotel operator. However the BTB have allowed for many years for people to do long term rents and are still allowing this, however the Belize Yacht Club believe they can make more money, even if it’s against the owners of the condo’s wishes to operate the way they see fit.

The operators say that with all the gun toting guards, and that everyone has to sign in if they want to go onto BYC property where they seem to have to pass a major IQ test. The Home Owners Association are absolutely furious at this heavy handed action, and in the words of 2 long term owners, anyone who purchases at Belize Yacht Club or the Sands Resort next door has to be a total lunatic as the operators treat all owners like dirt.

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