What Happens to the Belize Casino on Ambergris Caye

If the rumours are true and it appears that they are with auctioneers,banks and bailiffs knocking at the Belize Casino’s door,and they are surely not there to gamble-perhaps they feel that they have gambled and lost already.

The Island Club Resorts which own the complex which includes the Belize Yacht Club,La Voile Rouge,Sands Villas and the casino appear to have problems with the local  government tax authorities which is not a wise thing to let happen. There are people complaining about their titles in the new but yet completed Sands Villas. The purchase of land which is way behind the due completion date- a general mess which is not  a good advertisement for our island.

We have to look how they got a casino license as they had to have 50 hotel rooms (by law) that were fully operational before the casino license could be given. This was obviously not the case in this instance as Sands Villas was included and these apartments are still not completed, and the ownership appears to be under some dispute-surely they followed all the legal steps in acquiring the requisite license.

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