What are the BTB doing About Scam Hotels in Belize

When one reads trip advisor -it is understood that not all nthe reports are true as the writers nay have a grudge or a dislike of a certain person-this is definitely true at Pedro’s who have had a number of posts printed by people who have never stayed there. One person has posted 5 posts saying that he would never stay there again BUT he comes back every year to complain-crackers. It takes time but with proof tripadvisor will erase the provable fake posts.

The problem is when there are obvious scams where people do not get what they paid for and are threatened with the police or kicked out of their appt. by the use of threats and various other underhanded methods. It is up to the BTB to cancel the hotel license of the resort and tell them to get their act in order or it will never be replaced.

The AD expects the BTB to do its duty which is to both hotels and their customers by getting rid of the criminals IMMEDIATELY.

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