What are Curio Hilton’s Standards for Hotels Worldwide and Mahogany Bay,Belize in Particular

The AD has to go back to Mahogany Bay which according the powers to be is a Standard Bearer for the Hilton Curio Hotel chain. The AD has to ask them the following questions.

  1. Why did the self employed IT engineer walk-out when he tried to follow the Hilton Hotel chain guidelines on IT,and was informed that it was too expensive to comply, and just to do the cheapest job possible-apparently he was not prepared to risk his reputation on shoddy work.
  2. Why is there no sound-proofing between the walls of the various units-it is understood that a conversation can be heard in adjoining rooms as if there is no wall in place.
  3. Only one swimming pool for up to 400 guests and monthly pool passes are available to the general public.
  4.  Is everyone happy with the security plans as it is a big resort and the self-employed security expert walked out,and was heard to say the Hilton Curio chain was going to pull out of their deal
  5. On top of hotel tax(9%)there is a mandatory charge of 13% which is a colossal amount-this is to pay for internet and the staff.
  6. Mahogany Bay has the most expensive rates in the country-let’s see what they provide-no views except views of dirty canals and sewage ponds and mangroves in the distance-noise from the heavy earth moving equipment that keeps making land out of the sludge that is being dug up. No breeze,no views of the reef which at their pricing a customer would expect to be on it-no beach except for a 20 minute boat ride away.
  7. No foundations which in a hurricane zone is a normal precaution to take A good strong wind could possibly lead to a fair amount of destruction.
  8. The way the wind generally blows (east to west) so if there is a fire at the start of one of these fingers no-one will be able to stop the fire as it will race through the buildings like a knife through melted butter.
  9. Work permits so many foreigners have worked there and without a doubt not all have had work permits-some were overheard to say that they were being looked after by connected people.
  10. Loan(s) from social security-while Mahogany Bay are saying how great they are for the people,and the country of Belize-they are using the peoples monies to build their wooden shacks-the claims are every building is sold at vast amounts of monies -where has all that money gone and surely some of that should come back into the country,and therefore why would they need to borrow from the Belizean people-also it would be a good thing to publicize the amount of all outstanding loans as the money belongs to the Belizean people.
  11. For all the town houses that have been reputedly sold not one title deed has been issued,and they started getting full payments over three years ago, and blaming the lands dept and the government for not issuing them is incorrect.
  12. Stamp duty has on a real estate sales has risen in november from 5-8% -a significant rise and all the people who paid in full before november should have had their taxes paid at the lower rate-as no titles have been issued or possibly not applied or paid for .The investors now have to pay the extra 3% which in some cases amount to in excess of 15,000usd – a lot of money for non-income producing property.
  13. Non-dislosure contract-threatening people with jail -threatening foreigners that they can be thrown out of the country-where do they think we are Saudi Arabia.
  14. Jim Jones sold 113 unfortunate people his Kool Aid -The AD wonders how many people have fallen for the equivalent in Belize.

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