Wet Willies – Do Not Go

On wednesday which is the famed ladies night a lady was attacked by a couple of local hoodlums. Fortunately (we say this as it could have been far worse) she just received some bruising and cuts around her face. The hoodlums are the well known drug dealing brothers Jaimie and Junior who should be spending the rest of their lives in jail.

The Ambergris Daily heard of this attack which happened on the beach by Paradise Villas, and called the new manager of Wet Willies, and he refused to talk to us about this incident. We are apalled by his attitude and call on the Town Board to cancel the late night liquor license which is granted to Wet Willies every wednesday night.

A few weeks ago a couple of hotel owners went to this venue and could not believe how many of the flotsam that hangs around San Pedro were present at this bar. The number of drug dealers and pushers numbered over 10. The management states there are none, and the whole town knows that this is an untrue statement. Well our advice is to the owners is get new management as it is clear to the savvy business owners that this is not the place to reccommend visitors to the island to go to.

Hopefully Junior who has just been arrested will be sent to Hatteyville which is the only prison in Belize and receive some  of the medicine that he dished out to this young tourist. We also state that the liquor license should be revoked until the management of Wet Willies make the surrounding area safe for all of our visitors to the island.

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