Weekly Up-date from Pedro’s Poker Club on Ambergris Caye

Hello Poker Club Members and Friends,


We are going to kick off this awesome week of poker with something a bit unusual and fun and then finish the week off with a special Ladies Poker Night in honor of Ruthie’s annual departure from paradise.




This week our Bad Beat Jackpot goes up to $4500.  You want to be sure to stay in action so you get paid when it hits.  Also, there is only one more week to beat Drew’s High Hand for April of a 9 High Straight Flush.  Drew is set to win either a Kindle Fire or Acer Iconia Tab if you don’t beat his hand soon.


Sunday Tournament


We’re going to kick off Sunday with a special tournament at 5pm with a really fun format.  It is a $10bz tournament with $5bz re-buys for the first four levels and a single $20bz add-on after the re-buy period has ended.  Every time you knock someone out during the re-buy period, you will get a $5 bounty if they re-buy.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that the only moves allowed in this tournament are all-in or fold. When it’s your turn to act, no calls will be permitted… just all-in or fold.


This should be a really fun diversion from the same old tournament format and I really hope everyone comes to give it a try.


Cash Games


This week our 1/2us No Limit Hold’em cash games will start Sunday after the tournament (approx 6:30pm) and continue Monday and Wednesday at 7pm each day.  As always, we provide the free food and drinks.  Oh, and don’t forget about the limited time free room promotion.  If you are staying at Pedro’s and play more than 3 hours of cash poker for the night, we pay for your room.


Ladies Poker Night


Thursday night at 7pm we will be holding another of our very popular Ladies Poker Nights.  This week we’re saying “adios” to Ruthie who is heading home for the season.  She asked that we send her home with some dough, so be sure to come and give her lots of chances to win or send her home penniless.  The ladies game is a 1/2bz No Limit Holdem with a $50bz minimum buy-in.  We pay for the pizza and rum/beer drinks.  Ladies Night is always a fun and relaxed night for poker so be sure to give it a try. And don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of poker experience.  We give a lesson at 6:30 if you want to come a bit early and have cheat sheets for everyone during the game.  We would love to see you all there!


We hope to see everyone this week at Pedro’s and as always,


Best Regards and Better Cards,



Jason @ Pedro’s

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