We Own the GOB -Which Resort thinks this?

As usual the BYC and Island Resorts are continuing to make their owners feel like second class citizens with half truths, and outright lies they continue to bamboozle the BTB who had through the auspices of the Hon. Manuel Heredia a private meeting with the Torres family and as yet nothing has changed.

Guests of owners are not allowed to visit,kids,of owners, are not allowed to play on the grounds,the swimming pool has no water, and yet the owners of the common grounds which is headed up by the Torres and the legion of their private bodyguards continue to put one finger up to the poor owners. They say we own the government and we can do what we like. We get casiono licenses withoutfollowing the laws (50 rooms minimum to operate a casino). No-one in this GOB will do anything as we are the law.

The Mayor Hon Danny Guerrero and the Deputy Mayor Mito Paz with Chief Superintendent Castillanos have also met with the Torres family to try and find a solution and also to tell them that they must allow access for friends and owners alike to have unhindered access according to the laws of Belize.

We await further details and hopefully solutions will be forthcoming.

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