Vehicle Permits only when you pay your Property Taxes, a Fair System for Ambergris Caye?

In Belize if you buy a condo or a house or a piece of land the seller can’t transfer title to you unless the property taxes are paid in full. This alone sets a precedent, and a fair one too, for linking renewal of vehicle permits to payment of property taxes first. If anything there is more linkage between Property Taxes and Vehicle Permits as in both cases the money remains on the island. In the case of Property Taxes and Transfer of Title, the Stamp Duty for the title transfer goes to Central Government.

We note that some people believe that liquor licenses and trade licenses should only be renewed when the business owner has paid their property taxes in full. On the surface this seems reasonable…but it is a fact that many bars and businesses haven’t paid their licensing fees for years and continue to operate with impunity. Until the law forbidding operation of a business or bar without a valid license is enforced, linking licensing to property tax payment is pointless.

On the other hand you can’t drive an unlicensed vehicle on the island without being busted right away. It’s one of our few enforced laws.In our opinion this is the best way for the Town Council to collect property taxes from everyone.

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