Update to Ramon’s Rebuilding

Richard Headricks is pushing strongly to rebuild Ramon’s Village Resort in the same style that I was previously. Local businesses are up in arms about this, as they believe that by building a major fire hazard (which is un-insurable in Belize) will have a very negative effect on the island.

The insurance companies are looking at raising their rates for buildings near Ramon’s, because obviously if high winds happen and there is another fire, buildings within a half a mile in any direction are gravely at risk. For example, Pedro’s Hotel on the night of the fire had pumps going from the swimming pools wetting down their buildings as hundreds of burning¬†embers were floating into the premises.

The AD states that it is 1 thing to buy a clock and use it for advertising their resort (which they said they would never do), but to put other major businesses at risk for the sake of saving a few pennies is without a doubt riding roughshod over the local populaces wishes.

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