Update on Maya Islands and Star Resort on Ambergris Caye

A new road has been built and the cabanas have yet to be finished. The opening date was dec 2011, and it is hoped that something will open by this xmas but who knows. They are only 5 years behind schedule.

There is a new sales girl from Canada on the islands who has started working for Maya Islands who considers Scott Mallick a saint and that Pedro’s Bar is evil due to a certain Pedro who is blamed for all the ills that have befallen Mayan Islands and its subsidary companies. Of course it is always easier to say that what has been promised is someone elses fault rather than the ones who collected the money and spent it on everything but what they were meant to.

The Ambergris Daily could not contact Pedro for his comments but feel that maybe Maya Islands should open its books and show all the investors where the monies have gone. That would in our opinion be an interesting read .

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