Unsavoury characters in San Pedro

Surprisingly enough there are more and more new faces that are appearing in San Pedro that obviously do not have employment and yet they are sitting in various bars spending money with no visible form of income.

What do the police and authorities think these people do for a living? Is their job selling drugs? pimping the illegal young ladies of the night? or just straight, honest-to-goodness burglars??

The police are at a loss what to do, as their job appears to be to protect the rights of the nefarious and to penalize the law-abiding. It is crazy that the police have yet to arrest any of the local drug dealers that have plagued our island for the last 10 years. Every night they are seen talking to the man, in a happy jocular way giving 5 minute handshakes. If one was of a suspicious mind, one would have to conclude that the police and criminals are colluding, but the Ambergris Daily would never say something that is so obviously false.

The mayor is doing his best but with little help from the GOB and the honorable minister of tourism Manuel Heredia Jr., who says it is a national problem not just a localized one. The AD does not see these problems in Placencia, Hopkins, Punta Gorda etc. Is it because the GOB have personal interests in these places? The AD requests and demands that the minister starts to do what he promised and what he was elected to do, and that is to bring down the crime rate on Ambergris Caye. The people have had enough of false election promises, they want to see him stand up and bring in a police that is going to do it’s job and guard the public and their property.

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