Unemployment on Ambergris Caye

It is becoming increasingly evident that we as an island are getting more and more people arriving from foreign and local shores who are incapable of work and/or speaking english or in deed a good dialect of spanish. These new residents bring their families and want and demand a good standard of living (far better than where they have come from),schooling,housing etc.

Unfortunately we as a community cannot let this happen as the number of jobs basically depends on how many tourists come to the island and it appears that we may have a 25% unemployment. This is crazy and we cannot afford to carry a bunch of freeloaders who are incapable of working to the standard that business owners expect.

The amount of children on the island is reaching heights that no-one could have dreamed about even 10 years ago. While we cannot blame the children for being on Ambergris Caye it is hard to see how our taxes and community efforts are going to be able to look after them all as we live in the most expensive part of Belize by a considerable margin.The parents have to find work but it appears most are totally incapable or laxadasical to do so.

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